Poem: Destruction

Martin Luther King led peaceful protests

He understood that destruction isn’t justice.

Breaking windows, burning cars, throwing rocks

what does that resolve?

Protest racism, protest inequality

but do it peacefully.

Don’t you understand

that filling up with hatred

is a poison that kills you.

Cities are burning

Glass is shattering

Rubber bullets vs makeshift grenades

Minneapolis was burning

and a woman shouted,

“Shoot the white people!”

What the fuck is next?

I thought covid-19 was the worst of it

but now the world’s gone psychotic

insane with months of lockdown

it’s the perfect storm

where madness is the norm.

MLK Jr understood that you can’t protest violence with more violence.


    1. I have no issues with peaceful protests, it’s clear in my poem if you read it. I’m against violence and destruction. MLK promoted peaceful protests, that’s my point.


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