Poem: Anarchy is a wasted revolution

Elias Arias, unsplash.com

They show George Floyd’s murder over and over

but it’s not bringing him back to life

Have some fucking respect for him and his family!

Stop fucking traumatizing us!

That clip is brainwashing us to reach a mindless frenzy.

Mandatory masks are backfiring

they’re a perfect disguise for anonymous violence

stick them up sublime irony.

Anarchy is thriving in North America

in an urban war like never before.

It was a perfect storm that they created.

They caged and made us jobless

the new norm is homeless

months of lockdown deranged us

rearranged our brain’s rhythm.

Shelter-in-place empowered a prison revolt.

Now the guards are afraid of us.

Massive crowds are gathering

foaming at the mouth

baseball bats in hand, burning trash cans

turning the streets into an apocalypse scene

Night of the Living Dead kind of theme.

It’s a total social distancing failure to say the least.

People are sick of the months of conflicting rules and uncertainty

trusting in a government that has no clue what to do.

Fuck the CDC, Dr. Fauci and the W.H.O.’s recommendations.

We’ve let them take us to the brink of self-destruction.

I’m tired of the game too, but be smart about it.

Police aren’t the true source of power

they’re just the soldiers following orders.

The real rulers move countries and people

like chess pieces, they strategize and sacrifice us

to their ultimate advantage.

Stock market’s crashing on purpose

while the mega wealthy hoard all the gold in bunkers.

The jobs aren’t coming back no matter what you’re told.

You can blame orange-faced Trump all you want

but he’s another pawn, one of many puppets

QAnons are waiting for dead JFK Jr to rise up like a GQ Jesus

and Progressives are diverting $ relief to cannabis clubs

because their hands are all over that goldmine profit.

Cannabis is a numbing balm for suffering

but it resolves nothing

it’s the Blue Pill of coping and amnesia.

When I see these anger skirmishes

by white dudes in shorts on skateboards

smashing CNN’s windows and hurling rocks at cops

behind rainbow umbrellas, I think WTF?

I hate MSM too but this isn’t the way to prove a point

but mobs are so easily distracted by the glory of anarchy.

They attack the surface not the deep core.

They make it worse for the rest of us.

I feel sorry for the good cops

the ones who are protectors not the power trippers.

When you’re getting robbed, raped, beaten up

and they’re the ones helping you,

will you thank or blame them?

They didn’t create this fucked up world all by themselves.

Imagine standing in a line shoulder to shoulder

while assholes throw glass bottles and boulders at you.

Everyday cops are shell-shocked by violence

it makes some trigger happy, afraid and angry

those are the deviant cops that need to be fired and jailed

don’t attack all of them.

But Anarchy is full of blind rage

destruction for its own sake hurts the innocent.

It burns aimlessly and hopelessly towards no future.

I grieve for all the innocent victims of violence.

I grieve for workers who have no job to return to.

I grieve for the ignorance of rioters

who destroy their own communities.

I grieve for children who have to cope

with the broken world we’ve given them.

It feels like the end of the world.


    1. I appreciate your support, Lia. Thank you 🙏💖! Some people are misreading my poems, I’m not against peaceful protests at all but pointless violence is what I’m seeing. I have seen good protestors putting out fires started by others, they’re awesome.

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  1. If they could harness the desire for justice that is expressed by the protesters in a productive way perhaps real change could happen– like it did with the civil rights movement. I think there is a real vacuum of leadership and lack of vision. There is an opportunity to mobilize people effectively but there needs to be more activism along the principles of non-violent methods but in order to do this there needs to be identifiable spokespeople promoting these principles like a Martin Luther King or a Ghandi. Where are those people? Thanks, Judy, for your heartfelt poems and much needed perspective.

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    1. Thank you, Kathy for appreciating my poems and sharing your thoughts. You’re right, good leadership is what’s missing in this movement. MLK focused on unity and equality among all races, Gandhi too stressed peace and change from within, that’s the message we need, not blind revenge.

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  2. Riots like these destroy local businesses and communities. Completely unacceptable anywhere in the world – except in Hong Kong of course where they mostly celebrated in the west.

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