South Korea helps the Navajo Nation 🇰🇷❤️🙏

❤️South Korea sent supplies to help the Navajo Nation donating 5,000 lbs of supplies, saying that they’re returning the help that Navajo soldiers gave to S. Korea during the Korean War. Koreans value loyalty and will not forget kindness received. This is why I say often that Koreans have much soul. This is what my Seoul Sister blog title refers to. We’re connected like family, we call each other brother and sister and we will risk our lives for those we love. I know this from personal experience and from my heart.

“To not forget them (the Navajo Nation)…They’ll be always our heroes, we’ll continue to support them.” —Insang Hwang

USA needs to do more to help them, there’s barely any coverage about this, all the focus is on NYC. It’s typical of the media to follow the political hype and not the real stories, shameful.


  1. It was in a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in either Washington state or Oregon that I visited about 30 years ago that I first read about Navajo soldiers fighting for South Korea during the Korean War.

    Navajo was also the language the U.S.Navy used on radio transmission in the Pacific during World War II because the Japanese could not crack it thinking it was a code of some sort.

    I’m glad South Korea helped the Navajo.

    They’re a great people with a great culture.

    Stories in their mythology and folklore do provide compelling evidence for the presence of beings from other dimensions visiting our world.

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    1. Thanks for sharing that information. I heard about the Navajo language being used as code during the war, I don’t know too much about the Navajo tribe but I admire Native American culture. Yes I think many ancient cultures talked about alien visitors which makes sense to me. People paid attention to the stars back then, lots of lost wisdom in modern society.

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