The whole truth not half (video and haiku in 3 variations)

David Patrick Underwood

Why is there hardly any media coverage or public outrage about David Patrick Underwood? He had a fiancé, family and friends. Why doesn’t his life matter to Black Lives Matter? Is he no longer considered black because he was a Federal security guard?

The quotes below are from his friends:

“He didn’t care if you were white, he didn’t care if you were black, he didn’t care if you were rich or poor if you were his friend he treated you the same. That’s what I loved about him the most.”

“His smile, he was charismatic he just— he was that dude, when he walked in the room, you know, his spirit just lit the room up.”


Take a knee for him

David Patrick Underwood

Don’t ignore his death.


All black lives matter

Rioters aren’t protesters

Stop protecting them.


Such hypocrisy

We need: Change not Anarchy

The whole truth, not half.

“I’m outraged, but not by the looting. I’m outraged that people care more about someone looting, then about a man being murdered on film…Some people have expressed their rage in a variety of ways, but every—we need to stop focusing on the tactics and tools, and we need to start focusing on the end goal…”

Quote from Chivona Newsome, Black Lives Matter co-founder.

The rioters aren’t just looting, they’re killing, attacking, burning down businesses that people rely on for work and basic needs. Rioters aren’t protestors, there’s a huge difference. The difference between the two is: opportunism, greed and violent hatred. Rioters are destroying people’s dreams; it’s not just about property or material damage. What she calls tactics and tools is also known as violence, crime and murder.

I don’t understand how Chivona Newsome can champion only certain black lives, that she deems worthy to defend. George Floyd’s life mattered and so did David Patrick Underwood’s. He didn’t deserve to be murdered either, but he gets no mention and none of her sympathy. Black Lives Matter started in Oakland and Underwood was killed defending Oakland. It’s so tragically ironic.

Just one example of the rioters at a family owned pharmacy. Justice isn’t about an entitlement to riot, that’s how terrorists think and rationalize. Peaceful protestors are admirable, I’m not referring to them.


    1. I think liberals think or pretend they’re helping but they’re usually part of the problem. I do want police reform (get rid of bad cops) but there are good police that protect us.

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      1. Exactly! Saying there should be things like “police free neighborhood”, and a cut in the budget of the very organization tasked with protecting lives and keeping order all over the nation is just absolute stupidity!😹

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      2. Jane Fonda and almost all the celebrities have stunted intelligence, most didn’t finish school. They have handlers that do everything for them, but they act like they know better, they might be influencers but it doesn’t mean anything really. They’re not experts on anything but acting, performing/or sports.


  1. I don’t know anything about Chivona Newsome but from that one statement there, she comes across as quite Marxist in her thinking.

    She may not even be aware she’s Marxist in her thinking.

    It shows the sheer genius of Gorbachev and his KGB compatriots in allowing Central and Eastern Europe to go free and even ultimately allowing the USSR to collapse in order to lull the West into thinking that World Communism had collapsed.

    Even though the People’s Republic of China and North Korea still existed.

    And plenty of Communists were still safely ensconced in global organizations like the UN, the WHO and the Vatican.

    And there were plenty of Marxists in major educational institutions in America who were churning out hordes of Marxist thinking students of which Chivona Newsome is probably one.

    There’s no real true empathy in a person with a Marxist mindset.

    Everyone and everything must serve the cause.

    George Floyd’s death serves the cause (which in this case is the cause of Marxism whether Chivona Newsome is consciously aware that is indeed the cause or not).

    David Patrick Underwood’s death does not serve the cause.

    An ubercapitalist sexual assaulter like Donald Trump does not serve the cause.

    However a sexual assaulter like Joe Biden (whom Lenin would probably describe as one of the biggest “useful idiots” for the Marxist-Leninist cause if Lenin were still alive today) is useful for the cause.

    Hence Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota (a woman with very much a Marxist mindset) says even though it’s most likely that Biden was guilty of doing what his former aide said he did in the early 1990s, she’ll still support him because in her words, “At least Biden isn’t Donald Trump.”

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    1. Well said, Christopher, brilliant and hilarious insight into the true agenda. Biden is so brain dead also, there’s a funny meme of him as a Wheel of Fortune contestant, he has to guess what the missing letter is in RA_IST (racist or rapist? but he’s most likely both). Trump seems less dangerous to me because he’s so obviously an ass, but the progressive liberals are devious they hide behind a facade of caring about minorities while owning mansions.

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