Pandemic and Pandemonium have a common root

This lady represents the true victims of these riots, her neighborhood was destroyed, she names off the stores that were destroyed that she depends on, (including the dollar store), there are no buses running anymore, she has nothing now, she says while sobbing. A non-violent revolution for this woman and all people that endure prejudice and poverty, should be our focus!

(this is very hard to watch, but please watch it). Warning: This clip is horrifyingly violent

History and Etymology for pandemonium

PAN- + Late Latin daemonium “evil spirit,” borrowed from Greek daimónion “evil spirit,” earlier “divine power, inferior divine being,” derivative of daímōn “divinity, divine power, individual destiny” (with -ium probably to be read as Latin -ium or Greek -eion, suffixes of place) — more at DEMON

(I’m not a republican, not a Trump supporter). Our country is being destroyed, I don’t think everyone is aware of what’s happening. They think that because most protestors are peaceful, they focus on that only, but not looking at the horror that rioters are doing, is being blind to reality.

This is a race and class war, hiding behind peaceful protests, it’s not just about protesting George Floyd’s murder or finding justice and police reform. This is Anarchy, glorying violence and hatred. A woman was beaten with ladders because she was trying to stop the looting, a man was gang beaten so badly that his arm was bent like a pretzel. The rioters laughed as they beat people who were huddled on the ground. These riots are hell on earth. I am furious that liberal politicians are blind to what’s happening. I think it’s spreading worldwide. Anarchists are using the peaceful protests as a cover for their agenda. Pandemonium.


  1. I think Judy that you’re one of the few Americans who are actually aware of what’s going on in your own country.

    For the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve been looking on with horror as I noticed what seemed to be happening in the country just south of my border.

    And the terrible part was it seemed to be getting worse with each passing year.

    I remember last November, I commented on a blog post about American politics on a blog written by a New York state blogger.

    I was attacked by all the other commenters on that blog from left and right (in the ideological sense of those words) for those observations and insights I gave.

    Told that I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    I had said back then that America would descend into anarchy and chaos and possibly civil war if she didn’t soon retreat from the path that she was heading.

    Now with the covid-19 lockdown and the murder of George Floyd as the catalyst, it looks like what I said last November is sadly now coming to past.

    But reading even current blogs by other Americans, it seems they still don’t realize what is now happening in the country.

    You’re one of the few Americans who does.

    And that’s rather an unenviable position to be in.

    The prophetess Cassandra was rather unpopular with the other Trojans when she told them and warned them what would happen to Troy.

    And it happened to Troy just as she said it would.

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    1. I appreciate your support very much, Christopher. I’ve been trying to share clips and information that I find here on my blog but I think most readers either just like my posts out of politeness without reading or watching the clips. I don’t want to offend the people here but maybe my posts are disturbing to them. It’s not information that you want to look at, denial or making jokes/the crazy label are all tactics to silence and shame people so they’ll be quiet. I don’t care if people think I’m nuts, pro-Trump or racist etc, because I know I’m none of those things.

      You could see what was going on way before it happened/is happening because you’re observant, I am too. In North America, we’re taught to regurgitate “facts” in school were not taught to really think critically. Americans depend on their government to take care of them and trust in them so blindly, I don’t understand why. Even when facts are reasonably obvious, North Americans will refuse to see what’s happening. I’m worried about the entire world really, covid-19 is the unifying trigger, the self-quarantines are now police state mandated and I think this will spread through the world if left unchecked.

      There’s so much division even people who basically agree! Many of my intentions come from a liberal/compassionate mindset but none of my natural allies can get past their hatred of Trump, as if he controls the world. He’s just one orange-faced chubby man that they conveniently blame for everything as if when he’s gone their problems would resolve.

      I’m flattered that you’d compare me to an oracle/prophetess 🙂, I actually did go to a meditation/psychic school in SF. Clairvoyance means clear-seeing, (the ability to see neutrally is a key component to clairvoyance). I’m not into witchcraft or manipulating people at all. Everyone has intuition, we’re taught in life to shut it down, but I think being psychic is our natural state.

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      1. Yes, I think with global lockdown all over the world, covid-19 has become a unifying trigger.

        Being locked down in the home for a couple of months seems to have made a lot of people unhinged and it just takes one cataclysmic instant to push many of them over the edge.

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      2. It’s seems almost intentional, but maybe they’re not that smart. The protests show that no one including the police, care about covid anymore. The police have head gear but it doesn’t cover their mouths. It’s all insane.

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  2. Agreed. I support the protests. But what is happening with these riots is just not okay in this moment. Not sure why more people aren’t realizing this?

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    1. I agree, protestors are a key component to democracy, I support peaceful protests but the rioters are full of blind rage or greed, I think they think that revenge is justice? I’m not sure why more people don’t see this either. Many are blaming all police and want no police, makes no sense to me.


  3. This is a great blog. I will bookmark it. The post about the family owned pharmacy in the Bronx isn’t too far from where I live.

    I too saw the video of that woman crying. In the Narrative of today she is nothing. She’s a human sacrifice. The Carlson video will go down in history as the most important and necessary at this time. They’ll suppress it of course, which is why your posting it is so important.

    I used this Carlson video on my site today. We think alike.

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    1. Thank you, Douglas. I appreciate your support and compliment. I worry mostly for the poor and working class who are always the ones to suffer the most. I hope you stay safe where you are. I just read your article, I agree with you and we do think alike. I used to be a liberal, but conservatives seem to be making sense, I post Tucker clips too and I always assume my readers won’t bother viewing it but some do. I think Tucker is intelligent and his expressions/reactions are great.


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