Poem: BLM (haiku and video)

If Black Lives Matter

really cared about black lives

They’d stop the riots.

This black business owner who was sympathetic to protestors was cleaning up her looted business when she noticed that her husband was lying outside unconscious, he was being attacked by rioters and 911 wouldn’t answer. She ran to help him, shouted for the rioters to stop, and she was also beaten with a crowbar. Her husband is still in the hospital.

She said that she came only to clean up the damage to her gym, and to show support for peaceful protestors; she wasn’t there to “protect” her business but the rioters still attacked them. It’s amazing to me that she had to explain that she wasn’t trying to protect her business (as if that would’ve given an excuse to be beaten).

Rioters are committing hate crimes, there’s no need to sugar coat it, labeling riots as a protest is propaganda. Her business was a gym, not a grocery store, the looters were there out of greed and hatred, not hunger.

Why was the female newscaster so cheerful at the end of this depressing story. How clueless can she be?


  1. It’s really very sad.The so called educated and civilized people of the strongest country is behaving in an uncivilized way proves that the rioteers have lost all hope in themselves.They are practicing hate crimes because they are far from humanity hence they are preparing for disaster.”He who sows injustice will reap disaster and the rod they wield in fury will be broken” -Proverbs 22:8

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    1. I think we’re at a breaking point, I’m very depressed about the senseless violence and I don’t understand how the majority make excuses for rioting.


  2. I think an answer to your query lies in the fact that the media treats as every story as if it was sensational garnering views online or for the channel. Thanks though as I get to understand the issue from another angle.

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    1. Thank you for reading or viewing my post. I’m glad to share a different perspective than the norm.

      It’s good to hear from you. I always appreciate your comments. I hope you’ve been well, especially in these times. Such insane times, disasters upon disasters.

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      1. Hello. Thanks for your comments. I have been able to overcome the long lockdown in my country. I am well and I hope you are too.

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      2. Great to hear, I’m glad lock down has passed in your country and your welcome Foolchund Saahil. I will always remember how you supported my blog, your comments kept me from quitting because I felt heard by you. Thank you so very much! 💖

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