This is why people hate cops

I’ve been posting mostly about the rioting but it would be wrong to ignore that there are cops that are assholes. Whether this situation is making them crazy or not, they can’t disregard innocent people like this.

This family was protecting their store and the police pepper sprayed and shot them with rubber bullets. They didn’t ask why they were out past curfew, they assumed they were rioters and attacked them. You can see them take their frustrations out on these innocent people and the press.

I think the cops are shell-shocked and there’s bound to be more beatings and deaths on both sides. I don’t know how this will stop.

You can see that the business owner and his family at first trusted the police but now feel betrayed by them. I would’ve been furious too to see the police attack my family and friends, without any provocation.


    1. Thanks, Queenie. I know what you mean about asian silence, I often felt like the only asian at protests or at lectures about racism. I went to a lecture when I was in college by Maya Angelou decades ago (I’m so old now 🤗) she spoke about unity between all races, she shared a story about how she stood up for white hippie kids who were being harassed for being in front of a store. She said, “these are my kids!” I’m probably misquoting, but her point was that race didn’t matter to her. I loved that. When I looked in the audience, I think I was the only asian there, it made me sad. I have a different opinion than most liberals about what’s going on right now, but my intention is for racial unity, support and peace. Thanks for your comment.


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