His Life Mattered

Tom Lake: “One of those guys you could rely on no matter the situation. He’s like the father we all wanted to be around all the time.”

(Reporter: “All he can think about is his friend’s last moments…”)

Tom Lake: “Probably how alone he felt after being injured and not having anybody there, because I’ve been there through that.”

Interview with Tom Lake, former police Sergeant and friend of Dorn, (he was also shot in the line of duty).

There is not enough coverage about retired police chief, David Dorn’s murder. He was a 77 yr old husband, father and grandfather. He was known for trying to help especially young people to have a better future than they were exposed to in their neighborhoods. The same young, black men that he wanted to help, killed him when he was trying to protect a Pawn and Jewelry store that his friend owned. He was found bleeding on the sidewalk in front of the shop. Opportunistic scammers even set up fake Go Fund Me donations for his murder to benefit themselves not David Dorn’s family. How evil can people be?

If black lives really matter to Black Lives Matter why doesn’t His life matter? He survived for 77 yrs, half of those years were spent protecting lives while on the police force, and he was gunned down by opportunistic thieves. I don’t hear BLM mentioning the murder of black police, black shop owners or the black community, (black on black crimes). They only stress that property damage is unimportant as if that’s the only violence that’s happening. They conveniently don’t mention the extreme violence that’s been happening nationwide against innocent people. I consider them to be part of the problem, they create more racial divide with their misinformation.

Truth is very unpopular these days, are liberals purposefully blind? Blinded by hatred for Trump. What a waste of energy. Find the real source of power…the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Clintons just to name a few.

Whether the victims were black or not, all of their lives matter. BLM is hypocritical, to them only CBLM (certain black lives matter), the ones that fit their political agenda. BLM could do the right thing by condoning the maiming and murdering of people in senseless riots and looting but they remain suspiciously silent. Defunding the police is not a solution, police reform is possible but eradicating the entire police system is stupidity. There are good and bad people, it’ll always be this way because you can’t control the choices that people make. We need good police to protect us, it’s not that complicated.

I live in the liberal state of California and I work in one of the most liberal institutions of the government; I’m surrounded by liberal rhetoric all day. I have to listen and pretend that I agree when my coworkers talk about defunding the police and how proud they are of the protestors. One coworker suggested that we march and protest the police. I mentioned the rioters and looting just once and my comment was mostly ignored. Rose colored glasses syndrome makes me feel like everyone’s been brainwashed by the liberal-owned mainstream narrative.

I don’t like Trump and don’t support him but everyone’s so distracted by their hatred of him that they can’t see anything but that hatred. The national guard was called because the local states would not or could not protect themselves, what’s so difficult to understand about that? All 4 cops who helped to murder George Floyd were arrested, the protestors act like nothing has been done. Why can’t people see this?

Everyone hates the Donald, but at least he brought attention to his murder, unlike all of the mainstream media news. Only local tv stations and Fox News covered this story. Media bias is shameful, I didn’t hear about this story until today but I’ve seen looped images of Floyd’s death over and over.

Because of the collapse of the economy first due to covid-19 and now due to the riots; I was told that my paycheck will be indefinitely cut. It doesn’t just effect me, all of my coworkers have to take mandatory leave without pay with no incremental raises. All the “temporary” employees were laid-off indefinitely too. We had to strike last year for a week for get long overdue raises and now what we gained has been taken away.

I think the covid-19 shut down was unnecessary. Most people would’ve recovered from this virus. They should’ve quarantined the elderly and medically vulnerable but not the entire world. I’m angry and tired of this situation. Rioters are too, I think they’re just using Floyd’s death as an excuse for anarchy and looting. When will this insanity stop? When the world’s been completely destroyed? Is that what the Elites want while they wait in safety in their luxury bunkers?

This is not a revolution, it’s potentially the demise of the civilized world. Are we going to let this continue? Our silence perpetuates ignorance. I’m risking people labeling me as a racist to get this information out. I’m not a racist because I seek real justice and change through peaceful methods. When will the voice of logic be heard loud enough to block out the screaming madness of the mob? We the people, are stronger than the rulers, but we need to unite under a just cause. George Floyd’s death was tragic but it shouldn’t cause the end of the world. That’s exactly what’s happening and good, well-intentioned people are helping to make it happen. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.




  1. This is defintely a post that needed to be written.

    That’s awful that they cut your paycheque.

    I agree about the way Covid-19 has been handled.

    This global lockdown was totally unecessary.

    It’s just caused people eveywhere to become mentally unhinged.

    And you’re right the real liberal narrative here is Only Certain Black Lives Matter.

    I hadn’t heard any mention of the murder of David Dorn until I read about it here on your blog.

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    1. Thanks, Christopher. I’m upset about the cut, I work for libraries because they support all people regardless of race, gender, wealth, age… and I guess whoever made the call to slash our pay doesn’t value what we do. Typical. I think now that everyone’s in massive groups the facade of covid-19 danger seems obviously fraud. The police in riot gear at one point didn’t have any masks just plastic that didn’t cover the mouth. So ridiculous that they enforce us to wear masks at the grocery still! I have to wear a mask at work now all day, for what? Most of us have probably gotten it and recovered awhile ago. I’m for police reform but what’s going on now in the name of justice, is not justice.

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  2. I agree with you on all of this. I was on the ground in Ferguson back in 2014. I heard all of the rhetoric that BLM was using and it sickened me to my core. How dare they declare that the lives of black people matter, incite rioting and looting, without once raising a single complaint about black-on-black violence or the outright slaughter of black babies in the womb? Where was BLM as Capt. Dorn lay bleeding to death? Why am I, a Latino, infuriated by that man’s death, while the people of BLM turn a blind eye? According to them, they ought to care more about him than I do, but my wife and I will be donating to his family if we can. (speaking of which, if you happen to know where we can go to donate to them, I would very much appreciate it) How much has BLM given to his family? At their behest, predominantly black communities are being leveled in smoke and ash, the lives and livelihoods of black people everywhere are being destroyed, and none of that takes into account the cost in human lives, black, white, or otherwise. All for what? Because four cops, two of whom weren’t white, forgot themselves and a black man died as a result? I’m sorry, but you don’t pursue justice by committing unjust acts. It doesn’t work that way. I say take those four men, ensure that every piece of evidence against them is meticulously preserved so that there can be no mistakes and no appeals, and give them the MAXIMUM punishment allowed by law without the possibility of judicial leniency, plea deals, or early parole. I’m told that the maximum sentence they face is 40 years in prison, and I say they serve every last second of it. Anything beyond that, i.e. the rioting and looting, is unnecessary and unjust.

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    1. I hear you and I agree with what you’re saying. I recently heard of a phrase CBLM (certain black lives matter), why don’t the black cop’s lives matter? Those 4 cops deserve punishment but these riots/looting are just an excuse to vent rage and steal (I think it’s also anger over unemployment & the shelter in place). Candace Owens posted that George Floyd’s murder was absolutely wrong but he wasn’t the martyr that he’s portrayed as. BLM used his death to incite violence. Most people don’t seem to want to look at the facts, they just follow the crowd thinking they’re doing something important. Peaceful protests is the way, not more violence. Thank you for your comment, here’s a link to donate to David Dorn’s family 💖 https://backstoppers.org/


      1. I think the worst part is that they tend to lionize people who were horrible human beings, while ignoring the unjust deaths of people who had a positive impact on their communities. It’s dangerous and hypocritical. I’m glad we can see eye-to-eye.

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      2. I agree with you, it’s essentially propaganda what they do. The public eats it up readily, never questioning what they’re told and afraid to disagree. It’s good to see eye-to-eye, I often feel surrounded by people with their eyes closed.


      3. Same here. They aren’t all bad, though. I have one friend who is left of center, and she and I disagree on quite a few fundamental issues, but are still friends after we have it out.

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