Poem: Midlife blues (haiku in 7 variations)



Feeling sad today

No particular reason

How did I get here?


When we’re young we think

We have infinite chances

Then we realize



Comes once or twice then is gone

Time won’t wait for you


It’s the same with love

When you’re young and beautiful

Everyone wants you


Then one day you see

an unrecognizable

reflection that’s yours


Suddenly you’re old

Your body hurts, no one flirts

anymore with you.


Snap out of this mood

I want to age gracefully

make everyday new.


  1. Absolutely right Judy. Nobody get ready to accept you when you gets old. The only successful relation is the wife and husband relation if it is pure and free from fraudulent.

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      1. Yes, we waste our youth sometimes with people that aren’t mature enough to love us and maybe we aren’t mature enough to learn that lesson while younger.


  2. I don’t know dear Judy. I know many who found love late in life. Sometime we find our soul mate later in life after we learn. What we truly need. I enjoyed the words shared.

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    1. That’s true, John. I think my priorities are more about companionship vs passion now that I’m older, maybe a healthier partnership would happen in later years.

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  3. I hear you Judy. Nicely done with the haiku – you are not the only one that has these days I hear ya. I love your honesty on line. I find myself crying for no reasons some times and to be honest I think with everything going on in the world everything is just bigger then life. It is a bit overwhelming. Another thing I did to help with the aging gracefully thing was get rid of all my magazines and quit buying them. I love fashion although I hardly ever buy any new clothes. So I enjoy looking at magazines but I only do it now when I get my hair done. I think the unrealistic women in magazines don’t help with our own view of how we look. The truly sad thing about these magazines is that women are the ones who publish them. Hope you have an amazing day today Judy. Sending you lots of sisterly hugs my friend. Love Joni

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    1. Thank you, Joni. It’s a very tumultuous time, I can understand why the tears are coming. I really hope we can unite together, division causes more problems. I like your idea of not reading magazines. This models are anorexic/not healthy and they are also photoshopped, their legs are lengthened etc. It’s a false image meant to make us buy more products I think! I went through a long period of not buying fashionable clothes, just staying basic almost as a statement against the pressure that women are supposed to look a certain way. It’s ironic that women run these magazines, sad. I think soon they’ll be out of business. Recently I’ve been buying new clothes because I’m starting a new job within my work, (office type clothes vs jeans and tshirts), it’s kind of fun to dress up again, but this time I feel like it’s for myself not to please others🤗. I hope you have a beautiful day too, hugs to you Joni 💖

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      1. Judy thank you for the kind and long response. I have found it is very helpful to stay away from the magazines. You are right about the photoshopping of models. I think they lengthen necks too. I am excited about your new job – maybe it will be a welcome change for you. I think it is great to get dressed up for yourself and yourself only. Congratulations on the different job Judy. You will hopefully let me know if you like it after a while. I hope your week is going well and sending love and hugs 🤗💕Joni

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      2. Hi Joni, they lengthen the model’s necks too😅! It’s funny and disturbing, how false advertising is! I’m both anxious and excited about my new position, it starts in August. I’ll update you, thank you for supporting me😘. I hope you’re week is a good one, love and hugs to you 🤗💖🌷

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      3. I know you will be fabulous at what ever the new job is because I am sure you work very hard Judy. Please do let me know how you like your new position, meanwhile I will say a prayer that you love it. Honestly I can’t imagine having to work these days. We live fairly modestly and I am grateful for that. I know that things don’t make us happy beyond the obvious. I do like the idea of you treating yourself to a nice word robe though. I always dressed up for work but I am an excellent sale shopper too.

        Thank you for your support too Judy. Sending you love, hugs and wishes for a kind and compassionate work week. 🌺🌸❤️Joni

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      4. Thank you, Joni💖 I appreciate your prayer for me 🤗, I do work too hard and want to relax more! I live modestly too, I think it’s a beautiful way to live. My confidence seems to be shifting towards more self-love, maybe it has to do with my mom’s passing. She always wanted me to dress up and look my best but I rebelled against that. Anyway, you’re really kind, Joni. Love and hugs to you my friend💖😘🙏

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      5. We all did our share of rebelling I am sure I certainly did. Thank you for your kind words Judy and I can’t wait to hear great new experiences from you. Love to you my friend. xoxoxoxo

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  4. Life is so special because there’s always another opportunity tomorrow, or even today. I like to think beauty is always beauty; it ages, yes, but it doesn’t fade. Hope you’ll have a great start to your week!

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    1. I like your positive view, you’re right you never know what’s around the corner. Hope is very beautiful. Inner beauty will never fade and it does create a glow. I hope you have a great week too!

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