WH Summit on Human Trafficking

Bella was trafficked at age 13; she’s an inspirational survivor. “Nurture Hope, it’ll save you….You’re not alone, you’re not alone, you’re not alone.” —Bella

Statistics: in 2018 there were 25 Million victims worldwide, 23,000 in North America, 65% are female and more than 1 in 5 are children. Slavery has to end now, this should be a priority. Why isn’t it?

I didn’t even know this Summit happened on 1/31/2020. Media silence. Regardless of how you might dislike Trump, (I’m not a Trump supporter), this summit is worth watching because this issue is important. This is a summit, it’s not the Trump Show, he speaks at the end (after the break if you want to avoid seeing him). I think the way it was framed on YouTube was purposely designed so people wouldn’t watch it. The image of Trump and the title focuses on him speaking but he takes up a fraction of this video.


Some of the things I liked from the summit: survivors shared their moving stories, Delta Airlines trains their flight attendants to recognize victims, (UPS does this also), schoolchildren in Florida (which receives the third most calls to the hotline) will be educated on this issue.

Trump Signs Executive Order Combating Human Trafficking, Create New WH Position

National Human Trafficking Hotline 1(888)373-7888


  1. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (who was the first to expose Pope Francis covering up for the pedophile homosexual predatory Cardinal Theodore McCarrick back in the summer of 2018) had recently wrote a letter to President Trump in which he thanked Trump for hosting a summit against human trafficking.

    I was puzzled when reading that line in the letter because like you, I hadn’t heard anything in the media about this summit.

    But this must be it.

    I’m not surprised because I suspect most of those high up in both the print and television news media spend their time in places equivalent to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island or stay at home and order pizza from Hillary Clinton’s favourite pizza delivery service.

    They don’t want any dent put in their supply so they cover up mention of summits against human trafficking.

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    1. Pope Francis seems suspicious to me, not just covering up for others I think. I think it’s sad that there was almost no mention of this summit, I happened to see it on YouTube and the marketing for the video only focused on Trump, which would turn many people off immediately. It’s puzzling to me how people can profess to care about victims of racism but they ignore victims of human trafficking which is modern slavery. I agree that many of the elites that own the media don’t want any information about trafficking to be released. It’s very profitable, drug and sex trafficking go hand in hand. I think there’s sketchy things about the modeling industry and fake businesses (like Voodoo Donuts and Comet Pizza), it’s amazing to me that the cover up has gone on for so long.

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