SF Outdoor Dining closes a small family-owned fishing business

Scoma, a family-owned fishing business was given 5 days notice to shut down to make way for outdoor dining spaces in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf which is predominantly a tourist attraction, (but there are no tourists because of COVID-19). All businesses in the area have been suffering due to the shutdown but it’s not fair to close a small business to support big businesses. Scoma’s was donating their fish to Glide Memorial’s food pantry. That food went to the homeless and poor. San Francisco is known as a liberal, compassionate, Sanctuary city, but in reality it’s not a refuge for the poor: it’s an elitist’s paradise.

Jez Timms, unsplash.com


  1. I agree with you Judy, it isn’t fair and can mean the end to a small business, whom many people might prefer to do business with as do my husband and I. Unfortunately that seems to be the case in many States. Love and hugs, your friend – Joni

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      1. I agree. It is confusing as well. The rules keep changing. It has to be very difficult for small businesses. I honestly don’t know how they are surviving. I feel a lot of empathy for their owners. Love and hugs my friend. ❤️💕🤗Joni

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  2. Oh my! That is tragic news! I am so sorry this is happening to a business that does their best to give back! Lord knows we need more of those! I agree 100% with you — it is NOT right to shut down small businesses in favor of big businesses that have the money to throw around. I pray there is enough response to this that the tide turns and their business succeeds!

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  3. That is very sad.

    I’ve never been to San Francisco.

    I’ve only spent some time in southern California not in northern California.

    But I remember when I visited the Oregon coast, towns up and down there had a lot of family owned fishing businesses and restaurants that I enjoyed eating in.

    It’s sad when a business like that goes under.

    It’s even sadder when it was forced to close to accomodate for bigger businesses.

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    1. I agree with you, it seems greedy for big businesses who have $$ to fall back on to push out this business that was giving back to the community, it seems especially wrong.

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