Madam Maxwell finally arrested (videos and haiku in 10 variations)


The Madam, Maxwell

elite socialite and pimp

had more than enough


but she wanted more.

Will she get what she deserves?

Suicide’s too kind


for someone like her

daughter of a billionaire

Andy’s BFF—


Epstein and Clinton‘s

hidden assets in reserve

tons of hush money.


Wicked witch, Ghislaine

lured young girls to slavery

and she too, raped them.


Female predator

elites aren’t above the law

our pain funds their gain.


She wants to confess

Rat-fink, singing like a bird

to save her fat neck.


Will justice prevail?

A long prison term is best.

How long will she live?


Will she be silenced

with bedsheets shaped in a noose

like her dead lover?


Death’s too good for her

Let her suffer, imprisoned

slow-motion karma.

Ghislaine Maxwell lived a life of extreme wealth and privilege but now allegedly sits in prison; the very same one that her longtime lover and business partner, Jeffrey Epstein was suicided in; the criminally inept one with shoddy security cameras and sleeping guards. Why is she being detained there? And why did it take a year for her arrest? Rumor is that she had an affair with Bill Clinton too. They’re all in bed together apparently. Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s lawyer was also accused of raping Virginia Roberts. The saga continues… What will happen next? What do you think?


  1. Excellent series of haikus.

    When I first heard the news of Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, my first thought was how long will it be before she’s found dead in her prison cell after having hanged herself after having knocked herself unconscious first?

    Dead men and dead madames tell no tales.

    The world’s elites don’t like the beans being spilled (particularly as they watch their gourmet coffees being made and brewed).

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I was shocked that she was arrested at all but that’s what I thought too, another convenient suicide. I wonder who has the sex/extortion videos that Epstein kept of his elite guests. Why would they even need Maxwell’s testimony if they had those tapes? Some people even think Epstein’s death was faked. Who knows if we’ll ever be told the truth.

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      1. I think it’s probably the Israeli Mossad that has those tapes.

        Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell was a Mossad agent and there’s always been speculation over the years that Jeffrey Epstein was as well.

        As well as Ghislaine herself.

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      2. I think Epstein was definitely working with the CIA whether voluntarily or not. Ghislaine takes after her father, the “honey pot” extortion game has been going on for awhile I think.

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    1. Yes, I think she believed that she’d be protected but hopefully she won’t get a slap on the wrist like in Epstein’s first trial. That first trial might provide her with a loophole unfortunately.

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      1. Money is the true source of privilege. The insanity that the 1% own 90% of the world’s wealth shows that the kings and queens (aristocracy) never died, they just rebranded themselves.

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    1. Thank you very much, I appreciate your supportive comment. I think the more aware we all are, the less power that corrupt people have over society. I think good people outnumber the bad ones.

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