Terry Crews and the “Uncle Tom” stigma

Terry Crews is brave

I think Don Lemon tried to use his platform to shut down Terry Crews but he didn’t succeed. He ignored Crew’s valid point that Black Lives Matter failed to address the issue of black on black crime. Lemon tried to fall back on the rhetoric that Black Lives Matter is a movement that’s solely about police brutality against black people, but that’s not BLM’s only agenda. Terry Crews pointed to that fact but Lemon strategically ignored his point and continually interrupted him.

Don Lemon, stop interrupting and start listening to Terry Crews who is a rare voice of reason in a sea of celebrity cowardice and insincerity.

Labeling any black person as an “Uncle Tom” is such an obvious ploy. It’s like labeling feminists, man-hating lesbians or ridiculing people who question the mainstream narrative by branding them as conspiracy theorists. This tactic of smearing the voice of dissent is used to attack, discredit and silence. Terry Crews is not an “Uncle Tom”, he’s an anti-racist voice for true equality. He has courageously put his career on the line to speak out, despite the looming prevalence of cancel culture. Racism has always been about fear, hatred and division.


    1. I agree, every time I see Don Lemon, he’s being rude to someone or he’s angry about something. He couldn’t fairly debate Terry Crews so he tried to talk over him. I hope Terry Crews doesn’t lose work because of the brave stance that he’s taking.

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  1. The first thing that came to mind when I first heard black live matters outcry was that we are assaulting and killing our people on a daily basis. It should be preached in the communities. All of human life matters. Thank you for sharing, Judy.

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    1. Thank you, Sylvester. I’ve been realizing that many groups that profess to care about black people seem to hold them back instead. I’ve been listening to Thomas Sowell and Candace Owens and my mind has been opened about many backward, racist, liberal policies (which are a classic White Savior tactic/diversion, in my opinion). I wish Thomas Sowell would be the US President, he’s brilliant. We need good leadership to create positive change and I don’t see any intelligence in BLM. They’re received generous donations from the public, but they funnel the money to the Democratic Party not to black causes or the communities that were vandalized during riots that BLM inspired. I know the majority of protestors have good, peaceful intentions but the core of BLM is anti-police, anti-patriarchy, (all the founders of BLM happen to be lesbian). I’m for LGBTQ rights but the BLM agenda isn’t solely about racism against black people as they pretend it is. Sorry for the long rant!


      1. You’re very welcome, Judy. We do need more intelligent, level headed thinking at the head of our government and not the same recycled candidates and their numbskull associates. If you notice and I’m sure you do, BLM speaks out loudly when it’s police involved incidents, that’s what bothers me. I am for equality but I want it to be a legitimate cause. The racism I have experienced is nothing compared to what my parents/grandparents experienced but it is still racism and some of it is from my own race. Appreciate your rants, btw.

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      2. Yes, I think the same recycled, career politicians have profited from doing nothing of value. The worst states/cities are led by extremely wealthy politicians who keep their cities impoverished while pretending to care. I used to dislike police too but then met them during a self defense workshop, it showed me that there were good cops and I started seeing the misinformation that was spread by BLM. I believe there are bad cops and they need to be fired and imprisoned. I believe that racism needs to be addressed but through the root causes of unequal advantage/opportunity, bad public schools, welfare system dividing families intentionally; so many components. I think racism has to be resolved not through slogans but through actual direct empathy, real relationships/connecting with all people of all races, genuine learning and valuing differences and similarities of cultures and histories, not just virtue signaling. It’s the worst to receive racism from within, that’s the injustice of the Uncle Tom label. In the novel, the character is killed for protecting escaped slaves, he was ultimately a hero but the term is still used to describe a “sellout”. It’s like people don’t bother to know what they’re protesting about or labeling people with. Even if the racism you’ve experienced is lesser than what your parents and grandparents experienced, I’m still sad that you had to experience it. I appreciate the positivity that you consistently share, it’s a testament to your strength of character. 💖🙏🌹


      3. The politicians are nauseating with their by the numbers speeches. When you think of all those cities that went down after the factories shut down and how they could never recover but as you said, when wealthy politicians are involved it’s money in their pockets and the poor become poorer. I do know some police officers and I get to hear things from their point of view. It is unfortunate that racism will continue to exists as long as we have narrow and closed minded people who believe in this sense of entitlement because of skin color, culture or their standing in society. There is so much bandwagon jumping without having a clue as to what real cause is. What does destroying and defacing property have to do with peaceful protests/ BLM? I have experienced racial profiling but I didn’t go out break windows. We just have to really rise above it all and treat each other better as human beings. Thank you so much, Judy and as always I appreciate your posts, your topics and all that you share. 💖🙏🏽🌼

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      4. Thank you too, Sylvester💖. I very much agree with you. I wish more people would think things through vs following a bandwagon. Rising above the low vibration of hatred is truly powerful, I appreciate your wisdom💖🙏🌼🤗

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