11 Strange Resemblances +(haiku): Part One 🧐

Deja Vu faces—

Haven’t I seen you before?

Past life or present?

1) John Trump and Julian Assange


2) Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro

Trudeau and Castro, even their names rhyme

3) Aleister Crowley and Barbara Bush


4) Frank Sinatra and Ronan Farrow

5) Gloria Vanderbilt and Kathy Griffith:

6) Steven Spielberg and Sigmund Freud


7) George Bush Jr., Ted Bundy and Ryan Reynolds (sorry Ryan, you seem like a nice guy but you’re also an A list Pedowood celebrity and you kind of look like Bush and Bundy)

8) Chester Bennington, John Podesta and Rex King (aka Mr.Green the pedophile who was interviewed by Alfred Kinsey)

9) Mark Zuckerberg and James Holmes

10) Jimmy Saville and Charles Manson

11) Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, AOC and an assortment of serial killers (😳haha, I couldn’t resist including this photo).

The eyes are the windows of the soul.


  1. Those are quite striking resemblances.

    Yes, there have been rumours for years behind the scenes in Canadian politics that Justin is Fidel’s son.

    Justin’s mother Margaret once described Fidel Castro in a magazine interview several years ago that “Fidel Castro is one of the sexiest men I’ve ever met.”

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