37 Strange Resemblances + (haiku in 3 variations) 🧐:Final Part/Five: Historical Dopplegangers



I think that it’s possible

Doppelgänger twins


Do famous people

get extra bonus lifetimes?

It doesn’t seem fair


Maybe the famous

are continuously cloned

Rollover talent?

1) Bruce Willis and Douglas MacArthur

2) Johnny Depp and ?

3) Conan OBrien and ?

4) Eddie Murphy and ?

5) Shia Lebeof and Albert Einstein

6) John Travolta and ?

7) Nicholas Cage and ?

8) Maggie Gellenhall and suffragette, Rose Lane

9) Peter Dinklage and ?

10) Sylvester Stallone and Pope ?

11) Orlando Bloom and ?

12) Matthew Mconaughy and ?

13) Keanu Reeves and ?

14) Jimmy Fallon and ?

15) Vladimir Putin and Matthias Shoenaerts + ?

16) Ellen Degeneres and Henry David Thoreau (again, I couldn’t resist)😂

17) Alec Baldwin and Millard Fillmore

18) Jack Black and Paul Revere

19) Jimmy Kimball and ? 😅

20) Leonardo DiCaprio and Judy Zipper 😅

21) Rupert Grint and David Wilkie

22) Charlie Sheen and ?

23) Jay Z and ?

24) Zora Neale Hurston and Queen Latifa

25) Adrien Brody and Issac Newton

26) George Carlin and Charles Darwin

27) Matt Damon and Ivan Kozhehub + ?

MD and IK

28) Glenn Close and ? 😅

29) Mark Zuckerberg and ?

Prince Philip of Spain and MZ

30) Tommy Lee Jones and Andrew Johnson

31) Donald Trump and George S. Patton

32) Williem Dafoe and John Calhoun

33) Brad Pitt and Herman Rorschach

34) Justin Timberlake and ?

35) Jennifer Lawrence and actress ?

36) John Steinbeck and Paul Walker

37) Greta Thurberg and ?


Are These Celebrities Time Travelers? 28 Stars And Their Almost Identical Historical Look-Alikes


    1. Thanks, Sylvester. I found the resemblances amazing, Keanu had several lookalikes in paintings, he has a classically handsome face. He was a time traveler in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure too! 😀
      I liked George Carlin’s role😎. There’s a 3rd sequel that’s just been released, I’m curious to see it but will wait for DVD.


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