Epic Poem: Truth is not a conspiracy

Fighting in subterranean sleestack ruins researching marathons and YouTube memes just in time for hallows eve rising macabre gloom gallows ready candy spiced Electra sleeves glass hill ruptures on yer knees inertia panting glory hallelujah killer smile models yachting is a psychopathic crime scene it’s all in pedocode.

fool regalia formula one foundry enbolds the mobs of invisible harm Fists rise in invisible Nazi salute All racist supremacy is wrong radicalized reverse racism We’re surrounded by highlighted hate on all sides verbatim

War won ton to zero five thousand throttle to Mars in a spaceship bottle burning too close to the sun like Icarus melted waxen bravado or Black Cube’s Satanic Saturn cult in a hulk smash overthrow slow motion Lord of the Rings literally

roaring crowds disperse megaphone chants explode in fireworks euphoria webbing new confoundations to swear on guilty of pride triggering violence renegades throwing bricks and fire grenades on marble and bronze carved art stone everlasting need unfathomable greed no reprieve from the butchery of riots

Commemorative corona bat coins are already in the folklore dangling upside down frown like silver yin yang twins hanged man style Crowley the devil worshipper inspired the Rock and Roll stars in the pentagram that we unknowingly worshipped with heart and soul innocently consumed mind poison.

Truth is ignored as fantasy because it’s too disturbing. They feed on us silently trade our peaceful vision for false pearls and fake saviors devour our already limited power. New paradigms to discover uncover we are their guinea pigs while they open CERN’s portal, no it’s not fiction look it up.

They excavate and desecrate in the name of fortune shifting rewriting history as they go Westernlike future porn imagining mingling shameful nuts and bolts jingling undiscovered underaged virgin starlette waters. Epstein was the crack before the pyramidal crumble. They’re all involved implicated or complicit.

Pointing to the obvious questions detective sensing muses reveal clues. Steer horn chairs draped low like a basset hound arts and crafts shell serving tray ruse. Virginia Dufrie was their underaged sex doll modern day white slavery sex drug mules. Child trafficking is a billion dollar business but They canceled that information with liberal censorship.

Media presents the opposite of truth. #Savethechildren is gagged erased deleted just like the children 800,000 go missing every year like a factory and nobody does anything to stop this? We’re distracted, disturbed and disrupted mumbling privacy rights vs zombie pornography. Ask your heart seriously about the stolen golden world. They’ve eradicated our innocence.

Children with no future. They’re killing them or Worse than that, the things they do you don’t want to know the details it’s every horror movie actualized, torture for Hell’s pleasure and profit.

Most Slaves don’t know they’re slaves conditioned churning the metaphorical wheels keeping in pace stunted life in space running on a hamster airhead maze a treadmill wheel at the roll of a dice the karmic ring of life the wheel of fortune partitions the steal

the underhand feel the unfair deal aristocratic landowner zeal with Pat Zajak and Alex Tribeck in Jeopardy Heather O’rourke was killed there allegedly dancing on an empty game show grave then raped backstage her murder falsely was reported as a natural death. “They’re here!” she screamed in a fantasy realized premonition, red shoes dancing possessed is the grotesque fairytale.

The way out of this devil’s deal is to expose them We the good people are our only hope. Be brave, what you are is naturally good. Being what you aren’t is artificial evil and misunderstood, self-rejection is no good. No one needs plastic surgery.

Every fault can be overcome keep gravitating to the good is righteous the good is powerfully just the good in within all of us when we embody it. Good is love is God is not outside but everywhere exists when good is acknowledged good is prevalent. I’m not speaking in tongues I’m speaking plain clear truth is knowledge language.

Free thyself of mental slavery Self-Enlighten to what you and they are, lift the veil, lift the spell Knowing releases us from the programming terror. The worldwide web sounds so nefarious. They mine our minds, our data, our thoughts on their streaming screens.

We must take back control of ourselves we’re not their brain dead drones, burning our own homes in the name of the ghosts of skeletons and false freedom is found in hatred is victimhood and revenge is not justice.

Love is the ultimate power, nothing is stronger or wiser. Take back your power with love or be devoured by the demons of hatred.


  1. Excellent poem.

    That line “New paradigms to discover uncover we are their guinea pigs while they open CERN’s portal” reminded me of a connection with Pachamama the Inca earth mother goddess (whom I wrote about in my own blog post that I wrote last night).

    Pachamama (whose wooden statues Pope Francis brought into the Vatican Gardens and the altar at Saint Peter’s Basilica last October) used to have guinea pigs sacrificed to her (as well as llamas and small children).

    Your mentioning “we are their guinea pigs” has a double entendre to it in that the Coronavirus spread across the globe within 6 months of Pope Francis performing the Pachamama (to whom guinea pigs are sacrificed) abomination of desolation at the Vatican.

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    1. Thanks for your informative comment, I heard that Pope Francis did a ritual to an earth goddess, I didn’t know the details about the guinea pigs. That’s very synchronous. He creeps me out, all of the Popes look ghastly with their pedo triangle robes and blood red shoes!

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    1. Thank you. I think WP is better than the other sites, but I heard that the censorship is getting worse everywhere. The fact that they would censor anti-trafficking stories shows their collusion and corruption.

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