California’s Apocalyptic Skies

This photo was taken yesterday which was a bright and seemingly normal day. Today the sun is invisible, the sky looks bathed in an orange glow and it looks like it’s the middle of the night.

It’s three minutes past high noon but my home is enveloped in darkness. It looks like the day after an apocalypse. I slept in because it’s a holiday from work, so I didn’t set an alarm and with the aid of the dark skies, I kept sleeping. I oversleep when I’m depressed. I’m numb from my mother’s death, covid, riots, work stress and now apocalyptic wildfires. It’s like nine months of pregnancy, a marathon of crises.

When I woke up I was disoriented. It was 10am and nearly completely dark in my room. The curtains had a strange orange, lantern-like aura. Is my watch broken? Did I fall asleep through an entire day? No it’s Wednesday morning according to my phone. Is this what it’s like to live in Alaska during the midnight sun, when there are endless days or nights? Or did the world end while I was sleeping? I can see pedestrians with masks on strolling by on the sidewalk outside of my balcony. The news is the same nonsense as before, no asteroids have landed, yet..didn’t they threaten that an impending space rock is hurtling our way, a day before the US election. Really? The news is such a joke nowadays.

The sun is covered up in smoke and haze from burning wildfires in California cities. This is our new normal ever since 2018. Every fall and winter season, devastating fires consume ancient redwood forests that existed during the time of the original Civil War in America, along with rich folk’s houses (you have to be rich to own a house in California, even shacks sell for a million dollars here). Global warming and PG & E (the gas/electric company) were blamed, but I think the situation is highly suspicious. There are three new fires currently burning, this catastrophe has been ongoing for the last few weeks. Firefighters are allowing certain fires to burn, I don’t understand the reasoning. Before 2018 we didn’t have this continuous problem.

“Angela Sollecito asks “is this Mars or Earth?” showing red skies in Vallejo. Sept. 9, 2020

The fires and heat led to another new infamous record: Wednesday marked 23 days of consecutive Spare the Air alerts.”

From Northern California to Southern California the fires are a constant threat. What is really causing them? Lightning was blamed for the latest fires which burned through Santa Cruz all the way to LA.

I think Technology is being used to harm and deceive, not help us.

All of this reminds me of a dystopian future of polluted skies and permanent masks. Here’s a short animated film from Blade Runner that I found the other day on YouTube. Spoiler: It’s not too violent but it does feature a familiar cringe worthy one-eyed hero. Propaganda always shows through in its symbolism. The Tyrell corporation is represented by a huge golden pyramid also! The original masterpiece film had a lot of Egyptian design details.

Screenshot images from Blade Runner 2049 looks like California, 2020

I very much disliked Blade Runner 2049, I found it boring, predictable and unnecessary. I especially hated Jared Leto’s inclusion in the film and the female computer character, what’s her name with the blue hair? was so pornified, objectified, ménage a tois dumb.

In the clip, the concept that Replicants are atheists came up, they are soulless and they represent the enslaved anti-hero? Scary concept. We’re heading towards a technocratic and an autocratic society, it seems inevitable. Sorry to be so gloomy today but it looks a bit like hell outside of my window.

Peace & Hope & Love to you my friends. 🙏💖


  1. That sun and sky do look apocalyptic.

    I’ve always been a big fan of the original Blade Runner film from 1982.

    I did notice the Egyptian imagery the first time I watched it because I had always been a big fan of things ancient Egyptian since I was a kid.

    It was only later I realized how much myths and symbols from ancient Egypt influenced Freemasonry that I realized Blade Runner was probably playing tribute to Masonry.

    I had also read in a Philosophy course I had taken at the time about a dream Friedrich Nietzsche (the atheist who first said God is dead) once had where he dreamed he was climbing up a pyramidal shaped tower and when he reached the top, he found God and strangled him.

    I wondered at the time if this depiction of the Tyrell Corporation pyramidal tower in the film and Tyrell’s death in the film in the replicant creator’s death in his room at the top of the tower wasn’t inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s dream.

    Tyrell was also the name of a Jesuit priest in the late 19th and early 20th centuries who became an atheist but thought he could still remain a priest in good standing in the Catholic Church (thus foreshadowing many of Pope Francis’ associates and cohorts in the Catholic Church today).

    Tyrell’s ideas and those of others like him were condemned in a 1907 encylical called Pascendi issued by Pope Pius X.

    I’ve never seen Blade Runner 2049 but the fact that replicants are atheists is mentioned in the film is interesting in lieu of Nietzsche’s dream (that I’m pretty sure influenced the Tyrell Corporation head’s death scene in the 1982 Blade Runner film) and the early 20th Century atheist Jesuit priest George Tyrell.

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    1. Your mind is full of gems! Amazing connections. Thank you, Christopher. Nietzsche’s dream was immortalized in film, with Rutger Hauer’s expertise. I’ll always remember Tyrell’s multifaceted spectacles, his eyes were obliterated in that scene, so intense! Films served the same purpose as commissioned paintings, propaganda and ego like MSM news, the message is contrived like a commercial. I never noticed the message until I was aware of the symbols. Your knowledge is impressive and appreciated. George Tyrell sounds so modern, fascinating information!

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    1. Thank you, Pat. The first photo I took, the others I found online. It does have the sepia tinted look from old photographs, very ironic how it looks both old and new (dystopian future).


    1. Yes, I’ve lived in Ca for almost 30 yrs and the wildfires only began in 2018. Before then there were a few small fires that were out immediately. Now the fires burn for weeks.


      1. Someone connected with Antifa was arrested recently for arson, he allegedly started a fire started on a highway. Arsonists make more sense to me than the other lame explanations.


      2. I agree, I think arsonists started the fires in Australia, California and now Oregon too. I don’t understand some people, how can they cause so much destruction with a clear conscience? The skies aren’t orange today thankfully.


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