Poem: California is a Nightmare (haiku in 11 variations)

Wesley Balten, unsplash.com


SF used to be

like a magical city

Hippie haven bliss

Humbolt commune
Burning Man began in SF


Then I realized

I’d been lied to the whole time

CA’s a prison


Diversity scam

A white liberal guilt sham

Mansion palaces


For the Richie Rich

Newsom and Pelosi witch

Run this shithole town



Parks are full of tents

Homeless encampments feed them

Rich are parasites.


Leave their plantation.

Our taxes enable them

Rich are cannibals


I left my heart there

in that faded fantasy

Brainwashed slave and pawn.


Doomsday living here

Everyday tips the scale worse

Makes me want to scream


Madness is the norm.

Constant calamity storm

They want to break us.

The magic of photoshop


Hold your sanity

Truth has to prevail or we

Collectively fail.


Don’t be used, confused

Stop believing CNN

Wake up while you can.


  1. Excellent set of haiku describing today’s San Francisco and California, Judy.

    That badge there seems to show the Freemasons openly boast about controlling the LAPD.

    I had forgotten the Burning Man festival originated in San Fran.

    I remember the news stories every year about doing it in the Nevada desert.

    I always had qualms about that festival.

    It reminded me of the Wicker Man sacrifices performed by the ancient Celts where they locked people and animals in wicker cages inside a giant statue of a man made of wicker and set fire to it burning humans and animals alike.

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    1. I am always amazed by your knowledge, I only realized what wicker man and Burning Man were, I was brainwashed into the SF fantasy of peaceful vegetarian community minded artists, but it was a drug fueled party celebrating a pagan ritual of sacrifice. Very disturbing for me to understand what I didn’t know then, I was caught in a fantasy, a commercial of what it really was.

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  2. Judy, you have done an incredible job with this post! You so eloquently, yet powerfully, describe SF and California. It saddens me, seeing what such a breathtaking state has been turned into.

    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. You are loved ♥️

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    1. Thank you, Holly, your comment makes me feel understood💖. I loved this area so much, the redwoods, the beaches, the creative people but it’s run by corrupt politicians who funnel money for the homeless into their own pockets. I appreciate your kind support. Hugs to you😘💖

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