Poem: Healing the fragments: (haiku in 10 variations)


I see in patterns

The three dimensional chess

We’ll overcome this


The joke’s not on you

Inflicted with illusions

Clues will reveal truth.


They want us to know

They’re running the show although



It’s their power trip

Their orchestrated movie

Kneel down and conform.


Don’t think, believe us

Don’t learn, memorize our thoughts

Don’t speak, just listen


Fear tactics false flags

Safety versus privacy




Through intuition’s wisdom

Embody the real.


Healing the fragments

Ask yourself what’s true or false

By hearing both sides


Truth can be tested

Investigate it deeply

The lies won’t survive.


When you’re young you think

Life gets somehow easier

But no, it’s doesn’t.

This photo reminds me of the twin towers


      1. Yes, Epstein on his New Mexico ranch was trying to create a supposed Master Race by using underage girls and himself plus the collected sperm of Stephen Hawkins and other alleged “geniuses”.

        I wonder if Gates was part of that motley crew of “geniuses”.

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      2. Exactly, Gates is a dropout who stole programming and renamed it Windows and Epstein had no business teaching at a prestigious school. The Master race of evil idiots! Hawkins is a mess they wanted to use his sperm? I don’t think he’s as brilliant as he’s propped up to be.

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