Arsonists, not Climate Change: part 2

This is a great video, so much information about arsonists setting fires along the California, Oregon, Seattle coast, all democrat run cities. Australia is also mentioned. I feel validated, I knew things weren’t right. My coworkers didn’t question the constant wildfires. I always wonder why people don’t question the given narrative. How many coincidences are needed for a theory to be recognized?

Fireworks harassed my city every night for several months before July 4th, they finally stopped but are they now being used to start wildfires? I’m so tired of this anarchy. I’m angry and depressed, but I’m not shutting up. 🧐😤🙏

Instant karma. I know compassion is the goal but I can’t help but laugh.


  1. I had heard on the TV news here a couple of nights ago that one of the California fires police had said were started by fireworks.

    And from above there, one of the Oregon fires as well has been noted.

    That’s terrifying the Facebook posts- where people are deliberately setting fire to people’s homes.

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      1. I wouldn’t be surprised.

        I just saw a late breaking news story on-line from KTLA Channel 5 News in Los Angeles about 2 policemen being ambushed and shot for no reason.

        I wonder if that’s the latest from Antifa and BLM in upping the ante as far as they’re concerned as well as starting fires.

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      2. It was horrific, 2 police officers were shot in the face while they were in their patrol car. Onlookers laughed and celebrated them being shot, and purposefully blocked them at the hospital. One of the police officers was a young mother. It’s disgusting that attempted murder would be celebrated.

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  2. Most people say they want the truth and to live freely. But in reality it’s easier to follow and do as you’re told. So must of us just follow blindly whatever we’re told and don’t question it. This is why poetry and philosophy has been stifled throughout history, and now is nothing much more than a shadow in classrooms. These things always made us question the truth and that’s not something a controlled society can have. The truth has be contained to keep everyone in line. People who find the truth don’t stay quiet for long. They eventually rebel. And rebellion is always the end of a certain way of living, for better or worse.

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    1. That’s a great point, Benjamin. I agree with you totally about how poetry and philosophy aren’t really taught much in school and they should for the reasons you mentioned. I’ve realized that schools don’t really teach kids to think for themselves, just to memorize and obey. I think the truth is leaking out through many leaks online and it can’t be repressed for much longer.

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      1. Yeah, it’s harder to keep truth down these days. But on the other hand I’ve always heard it said: “they only leak the things out that they want to leak out”. So still very hard to know fact from fiction. You’re right about schools. Never even learn to think for myself until freshman year in college.

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      2. That’s true, disinformation is a tactic. I think sometimes the truth is leaked out along with false information (to discredit the truth), so it gets confusing to separate it all. It’s getting mind boggling on purpose.

        I started realizing that I could think for myself in college too, as long as I could explain my thought process I’d receive credit/good grades. That was a surprise for me, that there wasn’t one right answer anymore but I went to college a long time ago though, colleges nowadays don’t seem to allow for free speech or debate anymore, they seem very radicalized.


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