Arsonists, not climate change: part one

Arsonists are setting the wildfires in California, (now in Oregon too): not climate change, not faulty power lines, not careless campers or gender reveal parties. They think we’re all brainwashed but not all of us are stupid.

Who are the true fascist? Blackshirts are the new Brownshirts.

I could only find a few MSM stories about arsonists, I’m surprised I found any at all. The temperatures haven’t risen enough for this to all be blamed on climate change.

Q drop on 9/9/20 from the Praying Medic

Gavin Newsom is an idiot. If there’s ever a time for him to wear a mask it’s during a wildfire! He’s trying to portray the hero, giving prisoners a second chance to seem heroic. How many Antifa or BLM are paid workers, not volunteers? I think they’ve been setting fires at least since 2018 in California. Arsonists were also responsible for the wildfires in Australia. This is not a coincidence.


  1. I saw news footage last night of California Gov. Gavin Newsom looking his usual pompous arrogant self and proclaiming like some self-proclaimed deity, “One can no longer deny climate change. If you’re a climate change denier, I have no use for you.”

    I guess climate change deniers will be inside the wicker cages of Wicker Men at arson style Burning Man festivals held in the forests of California.

    I was ROTFL @ “If there’s ever a time for him to wear a mask it’s during a wildfire.”

    And I’ve noticed how today’s Antifa and far left Democratic politicians seemed to have adopted the symbols and methods of Hitler’s Nazis (I guess they’re not bright enough to come up with symbols and methods of their own so they swiped them from the people who were ultimate in proclaiming White Supremacy ).

    I was also ROTFL @ the Happy Holidays photo of Newsom and Pelosi.

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    1. 😐Newsom makes me cringe, I can’t watch him for more than a few minutes he makes me nauseated. I was friends with burners but never attended. I was a liberal for a long time until recently. It grossed me out to understand the inspiration. The “Wicker Man” film with Christopher Lee was so creepy, lots of unnecessary nudity too. I didn’t understand what BM was doing I thought it was an art and rave festival for hippies. The other creepy Ca festival in the woods is at Bohemian Grove where the elite burn the effigy of a baby, they’re pure evil.

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      1. True, Newsom was related to Pelosi by marriage, they’ve been bleeding California dry, they make a diabolical team of corruption while they pretend to care. Thanks for your comment.🌸


  2. I did read something awhile back about how 99% of these fires are started by people, not climate change or other means. And climate change is a real to an extent, but it’s also a natural thing that occurs with the planet. It goes through phases of heat and then ice ages. However, we could be bringing on the change much faster. But there’s always something going on much deeper than is being told. It truth always comes out later and perhaps too late.

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    1. Yes I read that the fires in Australia were started by arsonists. The disaster seemed timed in a way. So much has been happening in a rush of events, Epstein’s arrest than “suicide”, impeachment, covid, riots and now fires. It seems like it’s all been scheduled distractions to cover up something else. I do think the truth may come too late, unfortunately. I hope not this time.


      1. I agree, I think they took it for granted that people tend to not question the given narrative, but enough people have started questioning. Too many things don’t make sense that we’re supposed to accept as fact.

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