Survey of the public perception of COVID vs the actual CDC statistical data as of Sept 4, 2020

Question: There are 350 million people in America. What percentage of Americans have died of COVID?

People guessed: 14-21%, 15%, 1%

Answer: .056 % is the correct answer (according to the CDC)

Question: How many children in California have died of COVID?

People answered: “a couple of thousands, maybe a couple hundred I don’t think that many“

Question: How many people under the age of 25 have died of COVID in America?

People guessed: 40,000-10,000

Answer: 360 people under the age of 25 have died from Corona virus, 2 children in all of California.

Question: Percentage of deaths aged 55 yrs +?

People guessed 20-25%

Answer: 92% of COVID deaths are over the age of 55

Question to a nurse from Indiana: Were the ICU beds ever full?

Answer: No, they were never full.

Fact: Only 6% of COVID deaths were actually caused by COVID…the other 94% of people had pre-existing conditions. COVID has a 99% survival rate for people aged 55 and under.

Why was everyone quarantined vs a logical quarantine of the sick or the vulnerable elderly? Were the nursing home victims killed to elevate the COVID-19 death tally? Isn’t that why the sick covid patients were forced into nursing homes in the Democrat-run states?


  1. Thank you. This issue is driving me crazy offline. It’s hard to talk to people about it locally, because those who think like this (and check the facts like this) are the rare few.

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    1. You’re welcome, and thank you, Lia. I can’t talk to coworkers or anyone offline about these facts either. I don’t understand why people aren’t questioning this over-reaction to this “pandemic”.

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      1. Exactly!! And ironically, in the very offline issues I am dealing with, it’s the elderly that suffer the most. Loss of access to grandchildren (due to everyone trying to “protect” them), loss of human touch and contact (normally we hug or shake hands to greet here), loss of contact with whole, real, expressive faces. The propaganda that gets sent around via personal emails is astonishing. It’s like a cult. Thank you for shedding some light, Judy.

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      2. It’s a relief to communicate with you about this, Lia. It’s isolating to have to censor my thoughts everywhere else. You’ve brought up the sad truth of this crazy situation, the elderly aren’t being protected and it’s cruel that they can’t have loved ones with them if they’re sick or having surgery. The masks are demoralizing, dehumanizing and most probably don’t protect us against microscopic viruses (it’s clearly stated that they don’t protect against viruses on the packaging!) but we’re still forced to wear them. I have to wear them at work and I literally feel like I’m suffocating. I think it is very much like a cult, I always wondered why people joined cults, I guess some people are easily tricked?

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      3. That last question is a very good one, and I was just talking with the kids about that this morning. I think people join them because they want firm direction, and they want to feel a sense of belonging. It’s hugely relieving for me to talk about this with you as well. You’re very brave in what you post and share so kudos for that. I feel so so so bad for those that have to wear masks all day. I once had to wear one somewhere for a couple hours straight (only!) and yes it felt like suffocating. On a ten-hour plane ride we also had to wear one, but I have since then found a very lightweight plain white cotton mask that is much more comfortable then the first black ones I bought, which were the only ones immediately available at the time. The white ones are not fashionable but they are far more comfortable. I love to be fashionable but I’m almost rebelling against making a mask part of my fashion statement. Wearing what looks like a maxipad on my face reminds me continuously that I feel its wrong. We’ll see how long I hold out haha. ;)) Hugs and love.

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      4. Yes, cults do bring a sense of direction and belonging! I think I’m resistant to them because I’ve always felt like an outsider and I learned to adjust by seeing non-conformity/self-direction as a good thing🙂. Thank you for your compliment, Lia💖, I think you’re also brave and aware. Being a a 10 hr flight is bad enough but with a mask, I imagine it’s awful! I’ll try the white masks, I bought plain black masks (don’t love them, cotton fibers get in my mouth constantly). I’m also rebelling against getting the fashionable masks because it seems to try to normalize wearing them. The color coordinated mask + outfit is so sad and funny in my opinion. I was contemplating writing “mandatory” or “freedom” on my masks but that would get me in trouble at work. Hugs and love to you💖🤗🌷

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      5. I think we’re on the same page here, and it’s so awesome to connect with you. Let’s love-warrior on another day, each in our own way. 🥰🙏🤩💖👯‍♂️💞🤟

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      6. I’m sad for the world world, for once we’re all battling the same issue. I wonder how accurate the death rates are in all countries, and if we’ll be told the truth about the errors in the statistics.


    1. Thank you, Christopher. I figured that many people don’t want to watch the video so I transcribed it on my post. The reaction to the stats was interesting, many people seemed shocked at the reality vs perception.

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      1. Yes, perfect. I used to do a lot of transcription, for the same reasons, and I prefer to read than watch most of the time; mainly since it takes less time. :)) (Some of mine are on the bloomwords site. :))

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      2. I had it offline for a day and a half-ish, it has been up for a few hours now though, hope it words, maybe a browser refresh if not? Thank you for letting me know!! :))) xoxoxo 🤗

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  2. Never want to downplay the Covid-19 virus much and people have died of it, of course … but right now it is being way too blown out of proportion with the media, calling it things like “plague” and “apocalypse”. This is nowhere near that level at the moment; maybe it will get to that level but right now it’s just not. I mean the Black Plague killed like 75-200 million people. And the Little Ice Age killed lots of people too, not to mention a million other catastrophes, such as famines and wars. And The Flu of 1918 killed 17 to 50 million. This is not an apocalypse right now. An apocalypse means the end of the world. I don’t think this is the end of the world right now. We need to give people accurate information and have some kind of perspective. Throughout history when anything happens we always have a tendency to say it’s the end of the world. But the world has not ended yet, because most things just aren’t really then end of the world. This is a bad situation, but we’ve made it much worse with misinformation.

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    1. Totally, I don’t mean to say that the deaths that have occurred aren’t tragic, but the reactive fear-mongering response has been I think worse than the actual virus. It’s like we’re being preemptively punished, assumed sick under all circumstances. The over-reaction to this “pandemic” is what has made me suspicious, huge red flag! 🧐


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