Normalizing Pedophilia: part 1: “Cuties”

This image says it all. What is this junk? Looks like Fifty Shades of Pedophilia. I cancelled my Netflix subscription about a year ago and haven’t missed it at all, nothing good on there anyway. Aside from documentaries, it’s all social indoctrination/programming.

Twerking isn’t appropriate for 11 yr olds, “Desmond-is-amazing” also did a drag kid strip tease when he was around this age. Adults threw money at him while he danced at a nightclub. “Cuties” is doing the same thing regardless of the stated intention of the film.

Pre-teen girls are being sexualized to promote the normalization of pedophilia. This is a pedophile’s disgusting wet dream. Now in California, pedophiles can rape 14 yr olds if they’re “consenting” and within a 10 year age difference. This new law was just passed. I hate California. It’s a corrupt and disgusting place of extreme wealth vs extreme poverty. We pay the highest taxes in the nation, for what? Homelessness is rampant here.

I just signed the petition “Petition to Remove Cuties From Netflix & Charge Them with Distribution & Exploiting Minors” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 1,000,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

You can unsubscribe from easily, I get too many emails in general so I immediately unsubscribed after signing the Cuties petition.


  1. Exploiting underage girls is disgusting. I had heard about Cuties but since I never had a Netflix account, I did not know much about it, except Netflix’s excuse on why they made the show.

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    1. I agree, it’s ironic that the female director of Cuties said she wanted to fight against the sexualization of girls but she did it herself! I think if she wanted to bring attention to this issue a documentary would’ve been a better alternative. I haven’t seen Cuties but the screenshots and short clips that I’ve seen are really gross; the girls were gyrating and touching themselves while they were dancing in those skimpy clothes.

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  2. As I sit here right now, I literally want to cry. To be honest with you, I don’t even know why I’m surprised seeing as how our culture in general promotes this EVERY DAY. Yet, still, I am appalled and deeply saddened by how this ever got out there.

    I am almost speechless. Believe you me, I added my name to this petition. THANK YOU for bringing it to my attention. We don’t have Netflix and I had never heard of Cuties. I clearly wasn’t missing anything, other than pure evil. (sigh) In our home, we canceled TV for a reason. There just wasn’t anything on we cared to see anymore. This is a prime example.

    Oh my goodness, how I’m grieving over the serious lack of morals. Wow. Is everything just okay now? People are just that numb to vile, disgusting imagery? I can’t get my mind wrapped around how anyone would come up with this idea and then actually follow it through to completion. Oh God HELP US! 😢

    Bless you for bringing this to the public’s attention. I pray enough people get ouraged and start using their voices, as you have, to bring positive change across the globe. Lord knows we need it.

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    1. Thank you, Holly. You’re so smart to not watch tv, or Netflix, it’s gotten worse and worse, even when it isn’t ultra-violent or sexual, it’s still no longer entertaining. Everything is a badly done remake. I only watch youtube now for information. The director of Cuties said she wanted to bring attention to the sexualization of girls but she missed the point that she was exploiting the girls by making this film. I hope the public outcry against this film will bring attention to other exploitative films, there are so many! It’s awful. I’m glad that people are pushing back against this, it’s the silver lining and Netflix’s stock and subscriptions have dropped significantly! 🙂

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  3. Yes, I’ve never subscribed to Netflix but there’s a lot of news coverage about this film.

    I saw a news clip with the director of the film.

    She struck me as a pro-pedophilia type masquerading under the guise of being an opponent of the sexualization of children and explaining she felt “called to make this film”.

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    1. I can’t believe the new law that protects pedos was passed in California! I don’t think the public knows about it or there’d be more of an outrage. Thanks for your comment and for signing the petition. 💖


      1. Yeah. Rather weird though. When I lived in England, girls were being sexualized more aggressively and at a far younger age than in the US. It was disgusting to see outfits that are definitely too sexy for 5 year olds!

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      2. That’s awful, I thought the US was the worst. I don’t know how corps could get away with creating sexy clothes for 5 yr olds! Sick. I think beauty pageants for little girls is so creepy too.

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      3. That was just one example. But yeah, there is merchandise there that’s sexualizing girls, like a pole dancing kit for 8 and up. I see your point about beauty pageants and I often wonder if there’s something shady going on with child models in general

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      4. 🤯! pole dancing for adults already makes me cringe but a pole dancing kit for 8 and up is criminal. What?! is going on? I think child models are easy targets for predators. They were trafficked for Jeffrey Epstein. I think the modeling industry is linked with trafficking in general. Most of the child actors/performers in Hollywood seem like they were raped or molested, no wonder they’re often addicts.

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