Covered up Covid data: Nashville Email Leak

Low Covid-19 transmission rates via bars and restaurants in Nashville were covered up, but the truth is surfacing.

Will there be a domino effect in the rest of the US? Government officials knowingly kept these “non-essential” businesses shut down, 60% of those businesses will never reopen.

Will the Nashville Mayor and Dept of Health be held accountable? Nancy Pelosi knows she doesn’t need to socially distance or wear a mask indoors that’s why she illegally had her grey roots presumably colored at an SF beauty salon. The only “set up” has been against the American people. Why are we still wearing masks? The CDC has once again changed their data about covid being “airborne”. Are you as tired of this as I am? The Covid plandemic shutdown needs to end. Now.


  1. Many politicians like Nashville Mayor John Cooper seem to like seeing small businesses destroyed.

    Aiming for a society where most people are equally poor and there’s only a small wealthy elite at the top.

    Totalitarian societies don’t allow for a large middle class.

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    1. I agree, Sylvester. It never made sense to me how shopping at a grocery store or clothing stores) with people touching all the products) is somehow safe vs restaurants/bars/beauty salons etc.


      1. Exactly. I think the end goal seems to be about ending the middle class, rich vs poor. The rich have made $$$, Amazon especially. The self-sufficiently of small businesses was taken away so easily. The severe lockdowns were almost exclusively in democrat run cities, I think it’s criminal what’s been done.


      2. The agenda for quite some time now has been to elimate the middle class whete the line between the so called poor and middle class becomes blurred. Remember how Blockbuster video put a lot of ma and pa video stores out of business then streaming services put an end to video stores basically.

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      3. It seems to be working 😞, I read somewhere that it people are exposed to fearful information for at least two months, they become conditioned to the information and even if it’s debunked, the people won’t believe the facts even if it’s very clear. Sad.


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