1. Probably for the same reason they go around wearing face masks even though prior to the great plandemic of 2020, medical authorities before then noted that other than wearing N95 masks (which are those worn by medical personel), face masks don’t really stop the transmission of viruses.

    It’s a magical talisman much like that worn by the Lakota Sioux Spirit Dancers in the spirit dancer rebellion of 1890 which they thought would make them impervious to bullets.

    Instead it resulted in them being massacred by the U.S. Army at Wounded Knee, South Dakota in 1890.

    So likewise today’s Dr. Anthony Fauci approved talisman isn’t really going to stop transmission of the virus.

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    1. I completely agree, the labels on the cloth masks even state that they’re ineffective against viruses, probably to avoid being sued, but everyone disregards the message, similar to the warnings on cigarette boxes, it gets ignored. Recently the CDC site stated a warning that cloth masks weren’t protective against smoke particles (from ongoing wildfires), and since viruses are much smaller than smoke debris they’re admitting that cloths masks are useless against covid. I like your metaphor of the talisman, so accurate. It’s amazing to me how so many people are so incredibly naive, deaf/blind to logic/facts vs propagandized fear. Fauci flipped on masks, he’s so untrustworthy, part of the plandemic club and connected with diabolical Gates for sure. Today I saw young people in groups, sitting in the park without masks, it made me have hope for the future.

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  2. Just the worst election in the last 30 years, and definitely the worst of my lifetime. It feels like nobody wants to vote for either of these candidates, but I”m not really into politics so maybe I’m wrong.

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    1. Totally, the elections seem to get more dramatic and bizarre. The 2016 election was the worst for me, I “threw away my vote” to Jill Stein because I couldn’t vote for Trump or Clinton. I still distrust Trump but Biden is so inept and I think he’s corrupt (Hunter Biden scandal). I suppose they all are though. I think Trump fans love him and Biden voters hate Trump, it’s become a big circus of absurdity.

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      1. Agreed. Everything has just become hate. But, maybe it was always like this. Most people just hate the other side that they’re not on no matter what, without even knowing really why. This is part of the reasons we have wars. Too many are we’re wiling to fight others that did nothing to them in the first place. There’s too much corruption and confusion in everything, it seems. When you really think about it, it all becomes disheartening. I try to stay away from politics as much as I can for this reason.

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      2. I understand how you feel, and why you stay away from politics. I used to think it was boring before but now I’m kind of obsessed with it because there’s constant drama going on. It gets me down and makes me angry, I’m shouting at my tv like it’s a football game. I don’t know what else to do but write about it but that doesn’t really change anything either. 😞

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      3. Yeah, you’re right. It’s definitely a constant drama now. I think people might be more interested in politics than they have been for a long time. But, a lot of what the media is focusing on is just like things we don’t need to know too much about. Haha, that’s funny shouting like football game; think this happened to me a bit too. Everything you write has an impact; even if it’s just one person it’s a big impact. It’s very true. Stay safe!

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  3. Also I think clips of comments taken out of total context can be misleading and everyone makes mistakes.
    If they/we don’t want Trump to win they/we have to vote Biden. If it were me, as I said to my US friends in 2016, I’d be voting for the candidate most likely to win who will also be most likely to preserve the democracy (so there’s a chance we could vote again next term). In 2016 that would’ve been Hillary and in this case imho that would be Biden. Lots of love to you for all the good work you do Judy. It’s great to try to bring awareness and open discussions like you are. 💛🙏🌷


    1. Sorry for the “also,” there, which made no sense… am using my phone unusually to tap these comments and I’m not much good with it. 😅🙏

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    2. Thanks Lia, I appreciate your compliment. I watched the full clip and it was very long and boring 😄, so I didn’t include it but I know what you mean. In the full clip, Biden praised the troops along with insulted them, it showed that his mind was scrambled/confused in my opinion. Lots of love to you too 🙂🙏🌷

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