Watch this documentary with me 🤓 (edited with a new link-audio version)

Edited: I’ve uploaded a new link to the film, (YouTube censored the other link). This new link has only the audio version of the film but at least it’s still available to hear, (like an audiobook). 🤓

I’m only 24 minutes into this viewing, but I like it so far. It has the mood of a docu-drama. I think it’s informative and engaging. Let me know what you think of this film.

Edit: I liked the film because it was both informative and entertaining (Dinesh D’Souza has a good sense of humor). My apologies for no visuals/only audio but in a way it’s better to only hear the film because some of the dramatized portions were very violent (showed torture of the slaves).


    1. I’m sorry that they’re censoring the video in Canada. It was worth watching, went through the history of the Republican and Democratic parties, eye opening but not controversial. Mentioned eugenics advocate, Margaret Sanger who was Hillary Clinton’s self professed idol/mentor and outed the Democratic slave owners, focusing on Adams. I thought it was criminal that Dinesh D’Souza was prosecuted and imprisoned for donating funds for his friend’s campaign.

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    1. Hi Sue, I figured Youtube would censor it. Censorship is rampant on social media, lots of YouTube channels are being shut down. It feels like we’re living under a regime at times. The documentary covered very eye-opening historical information about how the Republicans were the ones to abolish slavery in the US and the Democrats were pro-slavery. I distrust politicians in general but some more than others. Life seems to be getting crazier by the minute!

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  1. So maybe you can’t really trust too much of either side, unless you really believe in politics and the good of it. I believe one day we might move closer to the truth of most things, and not sure what that will lead to: it might be something good, but it could be something bad, also.

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    1. I feel the same way. I distrust both parties, but hope there are good people in politics. I’m worried about a collapse of government and a totalitarian regime shift. There’s many parallels between now and other times in history, it seems like an orchestrated shift. I know I’m being dramatic, but it’s happened before and none of the people expected it.


      1. Yeah, that is one of the big problems. As much as governments seem/are corrupt, not having a good government is a much more scary thing. Total freedom sounds good, but it’s really not something the world could ever handle. And complete oppression is just as bad. Too many things of late o seem “orchestrated”, but perhaps if we look at history they always were.

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      2. I guess there’s no perfect system but somehow the people on top will always have the upper hand. I think the corruption was always present but now there’s more leaks of info. The majority of us are good people just trying to survive and have moments of happiness. Life is quite a ride.

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    1. Hi Kritaka, thanks for trying to watch the video. It’s a shame that YouTube is censoring the film’s viewing. Sorry it won’t play.

      Maybe they don’t want people to know that it was the Republicans that voted unanimously to free the slaves and give them the right to vote. The Democrats were against this, only a very small 20-30% were for freeing the slaves and no Democrats wanted slaves to vote. The same was true of Suffrage (women’s right to vote), which only the Republicans supported.

      There are many political ties to the KKK (white supremacy) and the Democratic Party. I was surprised with the information.


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