Joe Biden’s a racist (haiku, video and articles)

Look beyond the smiles
Actions speak louder than words

Who’s the true racist?

“But it was just ten years ago when Biden was praising KKK member and Democratic Senator Robert Byrd as a “mentor” and “friend.” The Trump campaign is serving up the reminder:

“To me…for a lot of us, he was a mentor and a friend, and for a lot of us, he was a guide,” Biden said at Byrd’s funeral…

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who recently accused Senate Republicans of being in on the murder of George Floyd, had similar things to say.

“Senator Byrd’s service and leadership are more than worthy to be remembered for many generations to come,” she praised. “He was a great American patriot.”

Biden delivered a eulogy for KKK Grand Wizard, Robert Byrd but Trump’s the only one that’s labeled a racist? 🧐 (The link above contains a clip of the eulogy).

The video below is compilation of examples of Joe’s inherent racism. Whether he realizes that he’s a racist or not, I think he’s dangerously biased against minorities. He constantly stereotypes Blacks, Asians, Jews, (refers to them as “negroes, orientals and shylocks), while elevating Whites as being the smart and civilized group. Something is wrong with his man. I find it ironic that Kamala Harris is bi-racial, (she’s Black and Indian), I guess she’s not offended by his comments because she thinks she’ll become the President if he’s elected.

By the way, I don’t think Trump is a racist, and if he is, then he’s doing a bad job at being one. He’s done more for the black community than Obama/Biden ever did. Here’s an informative article comparing the two.


“The black vote will be the swing vote this year. And right now, it’s looking like it’s Joe Biden’s for the taking. This is despite Biden’s history, which is riddled with policies that have historically and devastatingly disenfranchised African Americans. For example, the 1994 crime law, which Biden helped author when he was a senator, incentivized local police departments to lock up as many black people as possible, creating mass incarceration of African Americans, along with more prison cells and more aggressive policing. In addition, Biden was responsible for a provision in the 1986 crack law which came to be viewed as one of the most racially slanted sentencing policies on record: a rule that treated crack cocaine as significantly worse than powder cocaine and ended up disproportionately punishing African Americans and sending them to prison but sparing white Americans who typically used cocaine.”


“I personally do not agree with everything President Trump says or does, and I often find myself on national TV as a conservative pundit saying exactly that. But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that Trump has been one of the most impactful presidents for African Americans from a policy perspective — and that’s what matters.

His recent police-reform executive order, the First Step Act, released thousands of people from jail (90 percent of whom were black). He has promoted “opportunity zones” that incentivized private investment into marginalized communities, and also increased federal funding to historically black colleges and universities by 17 percent — a total exceeding $100 million, more than any president in history. Meanwhile, the Obama administration infamously removed a two-year Bush-administration program that annually funded $85 million directly to these prized institutions.”

I’m not a supporter of the Proud Boys but for the record, The Proud Boys aren’t white supremacists:

Enrique Tarrio, the international chairman of the Proud Boys is both black and latino.

Enrique Tarrio insists that the Proud Boys aren’t White supremacists, and he would be in a position to know. For one, he’s the international chairman. For another, he’s Black.

“I denounce White supremacy,” Mr. Tarrio said in a Thursday interview with WSVN-TV in Miami. “I denounce anti-Semitism. I denounce racism. I denounce fascism. I denounce communism and any other -ism that is prejudiced toward people because of their race, religion, culture, tone of skin.”…

“We are in no way, shape or form White supremacists,” Thad said. “We have a vetting system that gets just those guys out of our hair. We do not have anything to do with White supremacy. We do not have anything to do with the Ku Klux Klan. We denounce those organizations.”
What gives Joe Biden the right to tell black people if they’re black or not? He’s a racist who supported racist policies and a white supremacy KKK leader.


  1. An excellent essay summarizing Biden’s inherent racism.

    Many of these Biden statements I was familiar with, some I weren’t.

    I had also heard that Enrique Tarrio the international chairman of the Proud Boys is both black and Latino.

    By far the biggest surprise when reading this was to find out that Nancy Pelosi had lavished praise on KKK Grand Master Robert Byrd at his funeral.

    Yet another reason for me to loathe and despise the woman to now be added to the many other reasons I loathe and despise the woman.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. Biden’s had several decades worth of dumb statements so there’s many to choose from, I particularly thought it was funny and disturbing that Pelosi also spoke at the KKK leaders funeral, I loathe and despise her too, she’s got her hands everywhere. I think the Proud Boys started as a response to Antifa, they’re not perfect, but they’re not white supremacists.

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      1. Yes, Obama disappointed so many of us. I thought he was going to fulfill his campaign propaganda but he betrayed our hopes, bailed out Wall Street and the racial division and BLM riots began with his presidency.

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      2. I wish you were a news commentator because you tell it like it is — no sugar coating and I appreciate that. America would be in such a better state if we weren’t constantly being fed leftist propaganda. I hope if some of your readers do not agree with you that they are not unkind and nasty as so much of the internet can be. If I didn’t mention it, you would probably like to listen to Michael Savage. We seem to be on the same page. 🙂

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      3. Thank you. I think the news format is changing slowly more are watching YouTube vs the msm, it would be great to have real news again. I remember when Dan Rather has to apologize after exposing George Bush (he never served his military service). Now it’s worse, a staged program. I get angry comments every once in awhile (mostly raging about Trump), I post them/comment (or I delete them if they’re too nuts). I’ll check out Michael Savage, thanks!

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      4. Yes, please do check out Savage while he’s still on the air. I can tell he’s absolutely disgusted with the Left and what is happening in America including dictates and censorship. The country needs him now more than ever. I think you’ll find him in our camp…or us in his (as he’s in his late 70’s I believe). 🙂

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      5. I watched a few of his YouTube clips, he’s pretty intense! Very direct and vocally expressive! He was on a tirade :), he’s a tough 70 yr old ha! I’ve been watching Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, I think they’re both brilliant conservative thinkers.

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      6. Yes, Savage, can get on a tirade but he’s also quite educated. Glad you’ve given him a try. I also like Owens…and Carol Swain I absolutely love…along with Bob Woodward and Shelby Steele. If people would listen to these successful black conservatives the narrative would become realistic with some positive solutions…

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      7. Savage seems smart, he has the radio host style of telling it like it is, I much prefer that to the smiling lies of MSM. I’ll look up the people up mentioned, there are many knowledgeable people that aren’t promoted in the public, but I agree that if we’d listen we’d learn a lot from them. I also like black conservatives like Thomas Sowell and I regularly watch political/social commentary from Anthony Brian Logan and Brandon “Officer” Tatum (they have YouTube channels). They say what the MSM hides from the public. They’re like an anti-brainwashing cure.

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      8. Me too, I get nuts when I hear the latest news. I should stop watching the updates :), I heard that the rioters are planning to riot if Trump wins, it just seems like endless violence ahead either way. I need to take a vacation from the news, I only watch YouTube updates though.

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      9. The rioters will riot no matter what. Even dear old Kamala has stated that — she supports it and she encourages it to continue… Yes, everyone needs a vacation. Let’s cuts the news. Cut Big Tech. Cut out politics and give everyone a time out to chill.

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    2. Thank you for the informative post. This is the type of information that needs to be publicized more widely yet we know the dem-controlled media will not do so. I wanted to know more about the Proud Boys too. Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Thank you for reading the post, I’m glad you appreciate the information. I sometimes worry that some readers get upset by my posts. I think the Proud Boys are controversial mostly because they’ve conservatives. They’re falsely considered misogynists but they don’t hate women they’re just against the feminization of males. Their use of the word “chauvinist” is also what sends the negative misinformation but it’s actually not an offensive word within itself. They do advocate the use of violence but I think it’s in response to Antifa’s violence.

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      2. No, and isn’t it interesting how Biden/Harris/Dems will not denounce Antifa yet over and over and over they attack Trump for standing up against them. Hearing Savannah Guthrie’s relentless attack on Trump about white supremacy was sickening…to be so disrespectful to Trump and the persons who wanted their questions answered.

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      3. It’s a bizarre thing that MSM is doing, and only some people can see their tactics. I didn’t watch the townhall but I can imagine. Trump should just say, “For the hundredth time, I repeat I’m not for white supremacy groups.” I think he shouldn’t say anything else about it, it makes him look unclear about his stance.

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      4. No it wasn’t and I continue to become more aware of the deep workings and power of elitism, money and control. Mainstream is bought and paid for. Presumably, you’ve heard the schemes by Big Tech too. It’s quite sickening actually that we live in a supposedly free country yet so much is censored and propaganda…

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      5. It’s shocking to realize! I remember that’s how things were run in the old days, the newspapers, police, etc all censored information in favor of the elites/celebrities, but I thought it had ended, but apparently not. I think it’s actually gotten worse.

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      6. Yes, but, unfortunately, that will not happen with a Harris/Biden win…they will be taxing EVERYONE to death and the elites will have an escape plan — one way or the other, one offshore account or the other, etc., etc.

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  2. I’ve worked with racists. It doesn’t make me one. I think Trump is a racist based on his own statements and actions his whole life including the last four years. Others are free to disagree.


    1. I don’t support Trump but I don’t like the misinformation that MSM bombards him with, their actions actually make him seem sympathetic. I don’t know if he’s as racist as Biden, but he’s helped black people with his policies. I voted for Obama and he did absolutely nothing to help black people.


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