Mask Mandates are a Fraud and so is Fauci/Pelosi (Tanka poem + articles and videos)

Each of these spherical shapes represents a specific virus, look at how tiny they are in comparison to the fibers of a cloth mask

The Corona Virus is microscopic in size much smaller than a red blood cell, which is much smaller than the diameter of a strand of human hair. Cloth masks will not prevent the virus from passing through. This is plain, common sense logic not rocket science.

The surgical mask’s woven fibers are slightly better than the cloth alternative

Mandatory masks remind me of: burkas, muzzles, censorship, oppression, anarchists and thievery. I want us all to take off: the masks, the costumes, the propaganda and see each other’s faces, we need to see each other smile and laugh again. Smiling and laughing are uniquely human abilities, they’re essential to our humanity.

Poem: Occams Razor (Tanka in 5 variations)

The masks are a hoax
The masks are a sugar pill
For the dumb and woke
The masks are a scam to coax
The masks are a gag to choke.

Masks don’t protect you
Masks are a smokescreen, folks
Masks for the naive
Fearful, hoarding dopes, brainwashed
Fake, virtue signaling joke.

All those sell-out stars
Disappear when they’re needed
Bloated with money
But they ask for donations
For BLM/Antifa

Which goes to the Dems
Millions of poor folks’ wages
Into the pockets of wealth
It’s an old game that they play
Pretending, concocting lies.

The White Savior Myth—-
A ploy to alleviate
Guilt and Privilege
Is inherently racist
Be free—-Leave their plantation.

*(Tanka is similar to Haiku but the syllables are patterned in 5-7-5-7-7 lines)

Why do all the masks come off when they think the cameras are off? Watch a video clip of Fauci taking off his mask immediately when he thinks that no one will see his hypocrisy.

Mask-less Fauci Enjoys Baseball Game — Fans Replaced With Cardboard Audience

“For Speaker Pelosi to frame herself as a victim under a total false narrative while small business workers…suffer and struggle is beyond shameful.”
Pelosi is an elitist hypocrite, a career politician that’s done nothing for the taxpayers who’ve paid for her 3 decadent mansions and lavish lifestyle. (I think that anyone that wears their sweater like a scarf is pretty much guaranteed to be an asshole).🤮

For the record, I’m not a follower of QAnon but I have been reading the Q posts out of curiosity. Some of the information is very fascinating and revealing. Here’s a Q post of statistical totals of US Deaths from all causes from 2017-2020, (the source was from the CDC site):

In 2017 total deaths were 2,814/month

In 2118 total deaths were 2,839/month

In 2019 total deaths were 2,855/month

In 2020 total deaths (from Jan-Sept 26th + 3 months assumption) were 2,838/month

This is the data that MSM won’t provide even though it’s from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
The average age of death is 81.5 years for non-covid deaths vs 82.4 “covid” deaths hmmm 🧐,will logic eventually prevail?

Yesterday walking back home from work, I was relieved to see several groups of young people sitting by the lake on blankets, laughing together and socializing without masks on. I see it as a sign of sanity, it gives me hope that people are aware of the mask hoax.

“Occam’s razor is more commonly described as ‘the simplest answer is most often correct,’ although this is an oversimplification. The ‘correct’ interpretation is that entities should not be multiplied needlessly.”


  1. All that you say here is spot on, Judy.

    Speaking of Sweden and Covid, a recent Kim Iversen video said that Sweden seems to be the only country in Europe that isn’t experiencing a second wave.

    I guess allowing a population to develop natural antibodies to the virus makes more sense than locking people in their homes where they don’t develop any antibodies to the virus.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I think Sweden was the voice of reason. Herd immunity is the natural way, most would survive covid. Making us overly sanitize, mask and isolate actually weakens our immune system.

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    1. Hi Pat, I think especially cloth masks aren’t protective against covid, the surgical and the N95 masks are better but don’t provide the protection that everyone seems to believe in. Look at the cloth mask packaging, there will be a warning label that states that the masks aren’t effective against viruses. I suppose they provide that disclaimer to avoid being sued. Theories of how germs are spread and how the immune system works are being ignored in a large scale. About 99% of people would survive covid I the same way that most of us don’t die from having the common cold. More people will die from having the flu. The majority of covid deaths have devastated the elderly, many of which were purposefully exposed to it in nursing homes where Democratic mayors sent sick covid patients to raise the death count. Look at the CDC data that I provided, the overall death rate from 2017-2020 have not changed. The CDC admitted that their previous covid death count was false. Only 6% of the stated covid deaths were actually because of covid. My mother died of cancer and she would’ve probably been falsely labeled a covid death. I’m not sharing this information to upset you Pat, my intention to share information that the mainstream media will not broadcast because it goes against their narrative, against their agenda to ruin the economy, break down the system to build a new one. This goes far beyond Trump, this is a worldwide agenda called Globalism. You can wear a mask if that makes you feel safer but if actually not good for your health on a long term basis. Doctors wear masks because that’s the history and culture of western medicine. but the viruses can pass through. A typical virus is microscopic, it’s like pouring water through a sieve, the cloth fibers have huge gaps on a microscopic level. The best way to protect yourself to is strengthen your immune system, that’s the message that MSM will not present.

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  2. Interesting post you have here. I like your fearless style. I have been suspicious of the mask wearing and eventually the timing of Covid, BLM protests, and every other thing the far left can throw as an attempt to win the election. While I do wear the mask only indoors in public, I find it offensive, and a sign of submission and censorship. Add in the propaganda of mainstream and social media doing the bidding of power mongering legislators who command lockdowns and I am even more disgusted. While Trump has his faults (as we all do), truly, he is the only thing standing between us and a Marxist government promoting discrimination against whites. I wonder if you listen to Michael Savage on the Savage Nation? May we stand in unity. Best of wishes to you.

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    1. I really appreciate your supportive comments I’d love to be considered fearless. :). Doctors have always said that we need germs to strengthen our immune system but now we’re all OCD re-washing our hands and constantly sterilizing, along with the useless masks that we’re forced to wear…slow brainwash and torture. When outdoors if I pass the few people that aren’t wearing masks I feel relieved to see their faces and I’m scared of the anger of the mask wearers. I wear masks at stores and work only because I have to, not because I think it’s helpful. I think masks can make us sick. MSM is so corrupted and powerful. I’ve heard that after 2 months of propaganda, people will no longer believe the truth even if clear evidence is presented. Scary but I think that’s what’s already happened. I think Trump is arrogant and imperfect but he’s not the monster that MSM created. TDS is real. I distrust politicians in general but some are much worse than others. The Clintons\Omama\Bush are truly corrupt. I haven’t seen the Savage Nation. I’ll check it out. Best of wishes to you too. Thank you.

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      1. I am not afraid of the anger of mask wearers because, thankfully, I live in a more conservative (rational) area. People abide by the rules but they don’t condemn you if you don’t. I’ve also heard that masks can create more health problems so my wearing one is very limited and only as mandated (indoors in public). Totally agree about Trump but I am unwilling to blame him for everything wrong in our country, and to not acknowledge any of the good he has done. And quite frankly, after seeing what he’s been up against from Day 1 from the far left and swamp overall, I’ve gotten to appreciate his strength and determination to plow through. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump truly loves America just as I’m certain the Dems hates this country and all whites.

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      2. I wish I could move to a more reasonable area too. I’m in CA and it’s torturous here. I cross the street and etc to be polite but still get looks or comments at times. We’re not meant to be re-breathing our air, some doctors say there could be long term damage. Funny thing is I protested Trump when he was elected :). But after years of seeing the bullying and lies of MSM I started moving away from the liberal party. People will not quit hating him, its kind of scary, total brainwash.

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      3. So sorry to hear you are in CA. I doubt the weather can compensate anymore for the idiocy of the state’s government. Michael Savage is in the SF Bay area and tells of how much the state has been ruined…businesses permanently closed…illegals paid for votes…bums vandalizing and defecating in the streets…sounds totally disgusting and I wonder what the government will do when too many leave. (Same for NY.) I hope they get 0 $$$$ to rebuild the damages from the anarchists.

        I’ve never been to CA…it was once on my dream list but is now in the nightmare column (along with the other sanctuary cities/states).

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      4. I’m sad to be living in California now. I had no idea it would be a cesspool of political corruption, insane cost of living, so much homeless funding never reaches the homeless. I blame Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom especially. I work full time with decent pay but will never be able to afford a house, renter forever here. It was my mistake to move here after college, I was an idealistic liberal fool. It’s a beautiful state but so broken because of corruption.

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      5. Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve heard. What a shame how the “liberals” can destroy what was once beautiful. I’ve long thought CA’s governing is basically insane and it’s alarming that they would like to be the model for the rest of the USA. You could come back east but NY is becoming as bad with Cuomo and DeBlasio. Amazing how many out of state plates we’ve been seeing.

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      6. It’s shameful how they’re destroying CA and NY too. I’m against career politicians who do nothing to help the people they were elected to serve. They get insanely wealthy for being corrupt. There should be term limits. No accountability. I hope to move after my child finishes high school, until then I’m stuck here due to my job and his dad also wants to stay here. Everyone seems to be leaving CA for Texas specifically. Poor Texas’ll have to deal with the CA liberals.

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      7. I wouldn’t be surprised…the high costs are higher for the elderly… And they have the nerve to condemn Trump for his handling of Covid-19? Let’s face it, no one was prepared. He was relying on medical professionals (whether I agree with them or not). The Governors, on the other hand, I do believe were simply power mongering…


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    1. Totally! Great point! They do look like that, and they’re feeding us a load of nonsense. Masks make such a difference in appearance, from looking like a normal person to a prisoner instantly. I avoided getting decorative masks with fruit and flowers, hearts etc on them because I don’t want to pretend that it’s a good thing!


      1. The masks do make a big difference. Just watching someone talk and not see the full expressions on their face. So many contradictions and uncertainty. A “new normal” is being forced on us. The decorative masks are part of the mind conditioning.

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      2. Yes, I think the masks dehumanize us, when you can’t even recognize your friends because they’re wearing masks, it makes us all look like strangers. They think putting decorations on the masks make things better? Nope, not falling for that! They also wanted to make a profit from the masks. So sad to see little kids wearing them.


      3. A totally strange atmosphere wearing masks. Yes, it didn’t take long for them to start to profit from this. In the beginning any face covering would do, now you have to have a specific type of mask for the best protection.

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      4. It’s so ridiculous, such a scam. I was asked repeatedly at work about a mask I used that had an anti-fog valve, (it was encased in cloth + had an extra filter insert), I got so tired of explaining it was safe to use that I bought masks without the valve. The new masks I wear are actually less protective, just thin, single layered cloth, but no one questions them. It’s so silly what’s going on.


  4. Great post Judy. Masks are repressive enough but social distancing is very upsetting. It just feels so false and deliberately alienating. I’m seeing first hand how the mental health of people is breaking down, through friends and family, and even strangers in shops who confide with obvious sadness and hopelessness that they feel it will never end. People’s souls and spirits are being crushed. It’s interesting isn’t it, if masks are so effective then why do we need to socially distance too? No-one seems to be worried about the mental health fall-out of this whole thing, which is just as important as physical health. I guess that’s what they’re trying to do, break us spiritually and emotionally and psychologically.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. Yes, why the 6 ft + masks and only certain stores can open like the hardware store but not a hair salon etc. nothing makes sense. I think the masks are just for show, there’s no consistency to the rules. I’ve heard that on airplanes people are getting kicked off for taking them off to eat, but how else can they eat? So much nonsense. I feel depressed that life will never go back to normal. It really is soul crushing, I feel badly for kids especially it’s like their permanently being punished. I think mental health is definitely hurting, we can’t life our lives freely anymore, nothing to look forward to, nothing to celebrate. They’re conditioning us to accept whatever they enforce, it’s scary to me how successfully they’ve trained people. I went to pick up food yesterday and a whole family of 5 came in without masks. They looked so innocent and normal. They were politely asked to leave but I was so happy to see them. Isn’t it amazing how quickly everything has changed?

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      1. It happened a bit too quickly didn’t it, and they got the posters and floor signs designed very quickly. One of the biggest red flags for me was the opening of 2012 Olympics. It was like they were giving us a sneak preview of the future. I can see how it might take eight years to make the perfect plan from start to finish. The scary thing is we don’t know what they’re planning next. They now know that we will do whatever they tell us to do without question. The only good thing about it is appreciating and valuing other people more. At least we can still have conversations! For now, anyway. I like that you call it a Plandemic.

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      2. Yes it did. The Olympics was so strange! It’s like they don’t want to hide their plans, “predictive programming” to prep our brains? Many other things too like Gates’Event 201 in 2019 too. Appreciating each other is a great reminder, Sue! 💖

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