Social Media’s Censorship + Poem: Hunter Biden (haiku in 5 stanzas) + videos

Hunter Biden (haiku)

Knocked up a stripper
Dated his dead brother’s wife
Won’t pay child support.

Like father like son?
Within a week he married
Got her pregnant too.

Dad got him a job
Paid $50,000 a month
Which he spent on crack?

Cocaine and hookers?
Rehab didn’t work 8 times
Might be a pedo?

That’s not a surprise!
They all seem to be pedos
Rich and famous creeps.
Crack pipe much?

Recently released photos of Hunter Biden (which were found on his laptop, which he never reclaimed from a repair shop), have surfaced. The repair shop sent an invoice letter to him, stating that the laptop would be forfeited if it wasn’t claimed within 90 days, but Hunter never paid for the repairs or retrieved the laptop. Allegedly there’s even more incriminating evidence on his laptop that’s being investigated by the FBI.


In full damage control mode? YouTube deleted about 25 channels today. Each channel had thousands of subscribers, now all their work is gone. Many alternative media creators depend on their channels for income through Ad sponsorships. Amazing Polly, Joe M and many deleted channels are still on Bitchute. I’m new to Bitchute but will be posting links to their site now since YouTube is aggressively policing information. What country are we living in? 1984 is alive and well in 2020.

YouTube’s official statement was bogus. They claimed that rules were broken but they wouldn’t go into specifics, they also claimed the various channels were guilty of harassment, (lies, all lies). The MSM gets hardly any views, they know this so they’re shutting down their competitors, and that’s only part of it. But enough of the public is already awake or is starting to wake up, we’ll keep searching for the truth. Censorship will not stop the revelation of truth.


  1. Nobody is paying attention any more to the mainstream media so they’re using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google to crush the competition alternate media.

    The latest example of the MSM being nothing but propoganda is all these opinion polls they’re touting that show Joe Biden supposedly so far ahead of Donald Trump.

    If that’s the case, then why does Trump have huge crowds at his rallies (which are shown on both MSM and alternative media) but on MSM news you only see close-up shots of Joe Biden at “rallies” while on alternative news, you see long shots of Biden “rallies” and you see only 8 to 10 people at most attending the “rallies”.

    The MSM are only interested in propoganda and not truth.

    They’re covering for the Bidens even though Joe’s son is a crackhead and a pedo.

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    1. Nobody attends Biden’s rallies but the staff and staging crew, it’s pathetic. They pretend that it’s about social distancing, with those ridiculous circles around the chairs. The MSM are bought/owned just like the politicians. Trump’s definitely ahead or at least he has an actual fan base, Biden supporters are just Trump haters.

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  2. This is 1984, 36 years late. Money buy protection and your children are the example of you. People forget. Congress is majority Democrats. Biden and his rich friends in the congress couldn’t pass the coronaviras bill. Hard election dear friend.

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    1. I think it’s like 1984 and the time of the rise of the nazis too. People do forget and history is being rewritten too. Many young people don’t know the truth, they think they’re doing something good in the name of justice but they’re ushering in Marxism and totalitarianism. Biden isn’t mentally able or a good candidate, the Democrats are unreasonably extreme. I don’t like Trump either but at least his brain is still functioning. The rioters have said they’ll riot if he wins again, but our divided country is at the breaking point.

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