Video (proof!) of Biden using the hateful N word & a rant about a WP blogger who tried to use me as a topic of ridicule

I don’t think you’ll ever see this clip of Joe Biden on CNN or even Fox News. People say that video clips of Biden saying idiotic or racist things are “taken out of context” but please watch this clip and judge for yourself. Have you ever accidentally referred to a black person as a N*****? Maybe he was quoting someone else, but the whole collection of examples of his racism tells the bigger, consistent picture.

And as always I have to mention that I’m not a Trump fan, I’m not part of QAnon, I’m weary of all politicians, I think they’re all corrupt, but some are worst than others.

YouTube is actively taking down videos for no reason and deleting accounts, so I recorded the first 2 minutes of this video compilation just in case they deleted the original.

Here’s the original clip in it’s entirety:

Biden gave the eulogy for his mentor who was a KKK grand wizard.

Here’s how Joe Biden handles a difference of opinion. I’m not a gun lover but the second amendment is our constitutional right whether you like it or not, we have a right to defend ourselves. I expect more tact from a Presidential candidate. This man will be our next President? No wonder he supports Antifa/BLM they use the same tactics. Trump is also tactless but at least he’s not a career politician. Biden should’ve learned how to control his temper after being in politics for 47 years.

I honestly think that Biden is not only racist, he’s also mentally incompetent.

Zeducation is a hilarious YouTube channel, here’s Joe fumbling over his words and inventing new ones like “Cunity College”:

My Rant:

A few days ago I saw a post of someone that I used to follow on WP. This person used me as the initial topic of his post which made fun of QAnon and conspiracy theories. He essentially described me as a permanent victim but I bet he thought he was giving me a compliment. He labeled and defined me, not in exact words but by inference, as a victim which is a disempowering concept, just because some of my poems are about witnessing domestic violence. I now intuit that my posts were triggering him. He couldn’t handle the possibilities that I was presenting so he chose to belittle me in order to silence me. I can’t stand condescension, when people think their pity of you is a compliment, it shows their shallowness and lack of awareness.

Survivors of violence aren’t weak people and they’re not damaged “victims”. I’m not a victim because I choose not to be. Metaphorical Victims are people that feel sorry for themselves and refuse to heal. They expect handouts and make excuses for their own mistakes or failures in life. I’m far from perfect but I’m a survivor. I’m independent, self-confident and at times I’m fearless. I’m not a victim because I chose to keep evolving.

This person, “Jeff” tried to box and label me into a victim role, I think he preferred my poems about abuse because he thought it defined me. I had a difficult childhood but I have many other life experiences, that I write about here on Seoul Sister. What he tried to do is what many other liberals do, it’s what I call the “white savior role”.

I appreciate South Park’s lack of political correctness.
This is the back cover of a Danielle Steel novel, I can’t help but include this image of privilege, but I’m not implying that she’s racist.

The “white savior role” is not about having respect for/or honoring minorities as equals, it’s about having a sense of superiority over “the poor minorities” that need white people’s unsolicited help. This is the same deluded attitude that I see happening in the ongoing politically sponsored race riots. But guess what? People of color are stronger than they’re given credit for, do you think that people who have thrived despite living within racism are weak? Racism does exist but it’s not in the form of the current narrative. The majority of people who are killed by the police during arrest are statistically white. Black on black crime is the cause of the majority of death among black people. BLM fails to acknowledge true reality.

I saw this posted in my neighborhood awhile ago. A raffle to win tech gear for donating to BLM? None of the donations actually benefit the black community.

As a person of color let me announce this clearly: We don’t need your help. We don’t need your charity, we don’t need your permission to succeed, we don’t need your validation, we don’t need your stereotypes or the victim label. We don’t need anything from you. Take your worthless white guilt and sense of entitlement, we don’t care about your virtue signaling. If you’re a white person and you don’t judge people by their skin color then you have nothing to apologize for. But if you’re a radical liberal who thinks they’re going to save black people by shouting and spitting at black (or white cops) then know that you’re the problem, you’re the racist projecting all of your hidden biases and subconscious hatred on others that you’ve been brainwashed to attack. Wake the fuck up. We’re equal, stop dividing and labeling, stop filming yourself in your car screaming about Trump, you’re going to accidentally kill someone while you’re filming. All of this energy is madness.

I am not a one-dimensional cartoon character because I write about abuse topics. I write about what’s happening in the world on a micro and macro level. I’m interested in many topics: both low brow and high brow, pop culture, hypocrisy at work, ageism, philosophy—it’s all worth writing about and discussing. On my blog I write about: politics, feminism, hypocrisy, corruption, racism, bravery and compassion. I also sometimes write memoir stories and a variety of poetry about love, spirituality, abuse, injustice and yes I also write about the possibility of hidden truths and the censorship of “conspiracy theories”.

The Disney resort was suspiciously near Epstein’s Little St James island and their tours included visits to nearby islands.
What is MSM really afraid of? YouTube allows videos about Bigfoot, Aliens, Ghosts, Sea Monsters, Flat Earth etc but they selectively delete videos about child trafficking or Hunter Biden’s laptop. Why?

I work in an extremely liberal environment so writing on this blog is both a therapeutic and a risky thing for me to do. I often change the status of my controversial posts to be password protected after a month or so for this reason. I know that several of my coworkers read my blog anonymously. I think it’s a strange thing to do, remind me of a “peeping Tom”, (it feels similar to stalking) to regularly read a blog that you don’t follow. It sucks that I have to censor myself to protect my peace of mind but we live in such strange times; I think our freedom of speech is in serious jeopardy. I don’t want to be unjustly fired or secretly black-balled at work because I have an alternative viewpoint to the status quo.

Anyway, this person, “Jeff” wrote in his post that he was sick of my conspiracy theories so he unfollowed my blog a month ago. But was he still secretly reading my blog? Why else would he still be upset about my blog a month after unfollowing me? And who gave him the editorial right to dictate the content of my blog? I think what he did was the equivalent of Joe Biden saying, “You ain’t black” if you vote for anyone other than him or like trashy Chelsey Handler insultingly “reminding” 50 Cent that he was black and offering him a sexual romp to change his vote to creepy Joe. Just like those racists, “Jeff” probably doesn’t realize how ignorant and offensive he is. A few days ago I wrote a reply to his light-hearted, smug post, then I unfollowed and blocked him on WP. It’s taken me this long to gather my thoughts, I even wanted to take a break from WP because of him. But this post is my comeback whether he secretly reads it or not.

Candace Owens gives an impressive summary of Chelsey Handler’s racism:

I appreciate all of the people who read and follow my blog, I think WP is a cool community with the exception of a few rare trolls. If you dislike my blog or any of my political or controversial posts about alternative theories; please just unfollow my blog. It’s such an easy thing to do. Block me if you need to, no problem. But don’t try to use me as a topic of ridicule on your blog because you want a handful of likes for the day. This person, “Jeff” also happens to have a brain disease, so maybe it’s finally taken hold of his judgement.


    1. Thanks for your comment, 🙂 Ashok. Politicians always find ways to benefit themselves, they’ve not really “public servants”. I wish we had a real choice of good candidates but we always get the same jerks.

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  1. You’ve written about a whole variety of topics the whole time I’ve been reading you, Judy.

    And your writings on conspiracies are generally well researched.

    They’re more conspiracy fact than conspiracy theory.

    That photo about Facebook blocking Save The Children.

    Isn’t that the organization founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. whose father was probably the last Democratic party candidate for President I ever liked.

    A tragedy for America that he was assassinated.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher 💖. I try to have some variety but I think what annoyed me most was that this guy tried to be the editor of my blog. It seemed like he wanted to approve of what I posted. I think people get triggered by things that they’ve never considered before, instead of being open to the information they shut down. I guess I’m the opposite, I can’t unsee things or ignore what comes to my attention. I’m not sure who started the save the children slogan but it was connected with a charity group. I’m suspicious on those groups too (like the Clinton Foundation that stole donations from Haiti relief and tried to traffick kids through Laura Silsby) but the QAnons didn’t invent the phrase. Beau Biden was involved with the charity Darkness to Light which the QAnons also constantly say. It’s confusing. JFK wasn’t perfect but he was an inspirational President that no other president after him could compare to.

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      1. Yes, that’s very true, Judy.

        JFK was the most inspirational President in the last 60 years.

        A lot of charity groups seem to be involved in child trafficking.

        I remember there was a news story I was following last year about a children’s charity in Argentina headed by a man who was the best friend in Argentina of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) when the latter was Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aire.

        There was an Argentine former adult film star Natasha Jaitt who saw too much child trafficking going on in the Argentine porn industry and so left and turned against it.

        But she said she had evidence that this man (friend of Francis) and his charity were responsible for most of the child sex trafficking in Argentina.

        She died rather mysteriously from a drug overdose a couple of weeks before she was to testify to a Special Prosecutor’s committee.

        Her brother said she had given up drugs years ago and had been clean since.

        He said he didn’t think she’d suddenly go back to it prior to giving such important testimony.

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      2. It’s very devious. The traffickers never get prosecuted, Laura Silsby is still involved with the National child trafficking hotline, so it’s a closed circle of corruption. The child protective services and orphanages also seem involved. Sad story of Natasha Jaitt, I think many whistleblowers and investigative journalists are suicided. The Vatican seems like a cesspool of evil. Decades of coverups.

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  2. Enlightening post, Judy! I’ve always appreciated the information you share on your blog. It’s always bold and insightful. I learn new things from you all the time and share your content with my friends.

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    1. Hi Theresaly, thank you very much 💖. That’s a wonderful compliment. I sometimes doubt myself and wonder if I should stop posting certain topics, so it’s really validating to hear that you like my posts. 😘❣️

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      1. It’s your space, Judy. 🙂 I think it takes a lot of guts to post what you write. Bloggers should post what interests them. You get to decide what you want to share and attract the community you want. Your tribe! There will always be naysayers and instigators.

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  3. I searched out his post. I think you’re right about him being triggered. Also, I thought it odd that he considered you one of his favourite blogging friends. No-one would unfollow a friend just because they didn’t ‘like’ a post or two. That’s hostile. Perhaps he was jealous and jealous people are always controlling like that. Your content is very comprehensive, intriguing, interesting and thoroughly researched, so I can see why he might be jealous and to have to mention you in a post like that…bit creepy.

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    1. Thank you, Sue 💖. I really appreciate your compliment. I could probably research a bit more (I’m not using “AP format” I’m not a journalist), I’m just blogging and sharing about topics that I think are interesting, hidden truths have always fascinated me. That’s very true, jealousy is a form of trying to control others. It bothered me that he was condescending, like he was disappointed in me. Thank you for the validation, I thought he was being creepy too.

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      1. I thought it was so hypocritical when the post he did was about a conspiracy theory he had! Why mention you like that when he’d already unfollowed you a while ago? It’s like he can’t let go. He’s passive aggressive. I must confess, this upset and annoyed me. I don’t like bullies and cowards. I know you are the same. I think I got fired up a bit more because when it’s happening to someone else, you feel protective. My nurturing instinct is coming out! Lol. Glad you are stubborn Judy. Don’t be discouraged. Please keep posting! You’re blog is amazing.

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