The Hunger Games: Propaganda works best when you don’t notice it

I’m a stubborn person. When I feel like I’m being attacked for writing about controversial topics, it actually inspires me to post more of them. Unfollow me if you need to, but I’m not going to be intimidated into silence.

I believe that history repeats when people ignore the wrongs of the past. I often wondered how and why so many “good” German people became corrupted by Hitler. Mass brainwashing, but how did that happen? Propaganda. If propaganda is done correctly, the audience won’t realize that it’s being programmed. Movies can be a powerfully effective medium for propaganda.

I studied film critique classes when I was in college, it wasn’t my major focus of study but I had enough credits to minor in it. We were taught to notice everything that was included within the frame and to pay attention to the minute details. The set and film props weren’t just decorative elements, they represented clues and deeper meanings that had a subconscious effect on the audience. Everything from the camera angle/the POV (point of view), to the clothing, the predominant colors of the set and character’s names all had deep significance.

My instructor had a distinct dislike of blockbuster/Hollywood films because she thought they were intended as simple entertainment/escapism vs the political/social commentary and awareness found within foreign “art films”. She believed that Hollywood films were formulaic and brain dead fluff. The audience of mainstream films were supposed to relax into a fantasy world to temporarily leave the stress of reality; whereas in art films you were constantly reminded that you were watching a film and you were supposed to decode the film’s cryptic message. Art films were designed to spark further (philosophical) questions afterwards. My professor thought that Hollywood films were superficial and pointless, but I think they’re potentially devious and full of subversive programming.

Katniss and Prim live in a depressing, grey world. They look like German children from the 1940s, their braided hair and simple, long dresses are reminiscent of that time period.

Films are meticulously crafted, if you’re shown red shoes looming in the foreground of the frame it’s usually there to represent something, it’s not just there randomly. Sometimes the symbols are subconsciously absorbed and sometimes it’s glaringly obvious, especially if you know what to look for. Camera angles can represent the viewpoint and perspective of the characters (and the audience) and the editing of films are deliberate; jump cuts, fades, montages and the soundtrack can all create a mood that can subtly manipulate an audience’s feelings and perceptions. The use of colors and music are powerful tools, they’re both known to affect people’s moods. Artists can expertly inject anger, fear or joy into a scene with great effect. Clothing can also say a lot about the characters of the film; often the clothing styles of the characters change as they evolve within the film to represent their inner growth and change.

When I first saw the dystopian film, The Hunger Games I couldn’t help but notice the WWII tone of the film right from the opening scene and onwards throughout the entire trilogy. I thought the films were entertaining and had emotionally moving moments but I could sense that there was a strong level of manipulation within the narrative. On the surface it’s a coming-of-age love story of survival and victory over a corrupt government, but if you look more closely, the heroes are represented as Nazis, they display and wear their symbolism openly. Why would the creators of the films deliberately do this?

Katniss is the Mockingjay/*Mockingbird:

Katniss and Peeta both represent the Phoenix:

The Hunger Games Quarter Quell mirrors WWII’s 1936 Olympic Games and the nature of propaganda.

What is predictive programming? What is propaganda? What is social conditioning? Does the CIA influence Hollywood films? What is MK Ultra? What is Project Mockingbird? What is Operation Paperclip? What is Monarch? What is Celebrity?

The capital is reminiscent of the elegant, decadent style that was popular among the SS Elites during WWII.

The people in district 12 are impoverished coal miners, and all the districts with the exception of the Capital, are continually controlled and punished for losing the previous war. This situation parallels the “oppression” of the Germans after WWI which fueled their “rebellion”, which launched Adolf Hitler and the nazis into totalitarian power.

Fraulein Katniss?
Holding three fingers up, doesn’t alter the Nazi salute by much. History repeats through the ignorance and compliance of people. Effie even wears a Monarch butterfly dress.
Nazis were occultists, their scientists developed MKUltra and they escaped punishment through Project Paperclip.

MK Ultra wasn’t directly acknowledged by Bill Clinton when he formally apologized to the victims of government controlled experiments but I think his apology was meant to extend to them also:

The Eye of Horus and the Monarch butterfly symbol is frequently used by elite celebrities. Monarch slaves are allegedly the top shelf “presidential models” among MK Ultra victims.
The one-eyed occult symbology (Eye of Horus) is everywhere in the entertainment industry. Katniss also often has glamorous Egyptian makeup on. In this poster her eye is covered with a white rose and is bleeding, there’s no scene of her eye being injured in the film so this image is especially strange.

Whenever I bring up the occult, black magic or Satanism I think it triggers certain people. Some people even try to make fun of me for exposing this information but I think they’re secretly afraid that I’m right. Denial of traumatic concepts is an automatic response, but denial doesn’t make a negative reality go away. It’s like how little babies think that you disappear during “peek a boo”, (I can’t see you, so you don’t exist mentality).

I personally don’t believe in a literal devil, but I think that many people actually do. Just because it seems fantastical doesn’t mean that there aren’t people that devote their entire lives to a belief in Lucifer/Satan. I believe that evil exists as a choice that people make, and I think there’s Karma (cause and effect of the choices we make). Many celebrities have admitted to being Satanists but the general public views it as a joke or a publicity stunt. They display symbols and seem to communicate with each other in code. I live in the Bay Area and there’s an official Church of Satan here that was started by Anton LaVey. Satanism exists whether we want it to or not and it’s gaining in mainstream popularity.

“Crazy conspiracy theorist—It’s just a coincidence”! Hmmm Do you really think so?
Two or three fingers, same difference! Reminds me also of the Baphomet sign.

Baphomet’s hand sign also resembles the Hunger Games nazi salute. In other versions of this sculpture, the Baphomet is naked and has an erection. It makes me sick that children are portrayed as the worshippers.

Occult/supernatural creatures and imagery:

Elites/Pedophilia/Child Trafficking:

I searched for “predictive programming, propaganda and Hunger Games” and found the article below. I don’t agree with all the information presented but I came up with similar observations.

Predictive Programming, Nazis, & Illuminati symbolism in Hunger Games

Predictive Programming/Riots/Mockingbird Propaganda:

In an interview with The Guardian, Donald Sutherland, the actor who portrayed President Snow admitted to the propaganda intention of the film, of young people in revolt against an unjust government:

“Donald Sutherland wants to stir revolt. A real revolt. A youth-led uprising against injustice that will overturn the US as we know it and usher in a kinder, better way.”…

“The Canadian actor has a venerable record of leftwing activism dating back to support for the Black Panthers”…

‘Hopefully they will see this film and the next film and the next film and then maybe organise. Stand up.’

“It is a neat marketing pitch: go see the movie not to swell a Hollywood blockbuster’s box office but to fan a flame that will make the world a better place”…

‘I just think they’re not organised. It’s not something that’s happening in the universities, which is normally the breeding ground for that kind of activity.’

“The Hunger Games, Sutherland suggests, is a coded commentary on inequality, power and hope. ‘It just puts things out in the light and lets you have a look at it. And if you take from it what I hope you will take from it, it will make you think a little more pungently about the political environment you live in and not be complacent.’

‘Four films spread over as many years can have a cumulative impact,’ he says. ‘Young people may not revolt,’ he concedes, ‘but they may effect profound change. They might create a third party. They might change the electoral process, they might be able to take over the government, change the tax system.’”

Aryan Utopia/Fairytale Ending:

Hunger Games Prequel, Sympathy for the devil:

In the new prequel book, “The Balland of Songbirds and Snakes”, the villain President Snow (Hitler) is the hero.

“The “Hunger Games” prequel, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” has revealed its protagonist, and it’s sending the internet into a tizzy — because it’s none other than creepy President Snow.

Entertainment Weekly reported this news on Tuesday, writing, “But what if there was more to him than we knew? What if he could be — crazy as it may sound — a hero?”…

President Snow — played by a sneering Donald Sutherland, 84, in the movies — is an evil dictator who threatened to murder Katniss’ family if she didn’t stay in line. He also forced Finnick (played by Sam Claflin, 33, in the movies) to be a prostitute, and had Peeta (Josh Hutcherson, 27) tortured until he was a hollow shell of his former self.”…

“I couldn’t be more disappointed by the next HUNGER GAMES being about f–king President Snow and trying to paint him as a ‘misunderstood hero’ are you kidding me,” wrote another fan, garnering over 2,500 likes, and adding, “the very last thing i’m interested in is humanizing a fascist dictator because he has a ~tragic past~.”

Predictive Programming has a worldwide effect:

The SS Girl Scouts?

Look what’s happening in Thailand:

Why did the people of Thailand adopt the Hunger Games/Nazi salute? Even if their revolution is justified, I think they’ve been manipulated by Hollywood/CIA programming.

The power of programming within a popular film can deeply effect people’s psyche and can inspire people to re-enact the actions and symbols of the film. When fiction inspires real life, the programming has succeeded.


  1. An excellent blog post, Judy.

    I never saw any of the Hunger Games movies but I did study Nazi Germany and the Third Reich extensively in History classes in University.

    And when you showed scenes and posters from the movie, I immediately recognized the absolutely striking similarities between them and the Third Reich.

    I’m shocked to put it mildly.

    Nazis were recruited by the OSS (forerunner of the CIA) through Operation Paperclip.

    The CIA was a continuation of the Nazi SS mind manipulation techniques just like NASA was basically a continuation of Werner von Braun’s Nazi rocket program.

    I do believe in a literal Devil but I follow the 13th Century English Fransciscan monk Roger Bacon (the actual father of the Baconian Scientific Method used as the basis of all empirical science today and not the 16th Century Protestant Freemasonic Rosicrucian Francis Bacon because Protestant Reformers hated the idea of a Catholic monk being the father of the scientific method) in you can’t blame Satan for all the evil (that old saying the Devil made me do it) because humans have free will and Satan just takes advantage of those who have already embraced evil paths.

    And sadly so many of our global elites have already embraced the evil path.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I really appreciate the historical knowledge that you have, I agree with you that the CIA continued Nazi techniques, and about NASA. There’s a great documentary about the moon landing and I found clips of Buzz Aldrin that are amazing. I’m not sure if demons exist, some think that both angels and demons are actually aliens, which makes sense to me. I’m open to different theories, I believe in God as a creative, benevolent being so I guess there would be an opposite force. The Freemasons/Rosicrucians have been a negative power for awhile their influence seems to be everywhere in politics and entertainment. It’s like a legitimatized cover for Luciferianism.

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      1. I found a copy of a version of the documentary, they keep getting deleted. I’ll look for the Aldrin clip, not sure if i can find it but he’s talking to a child and he said something strange. This documentary takes awhile about 20 minutes to get going but it’s worth watching, this clip is a shorter version though. The original had interviews and went further into technical impossibilities. Let me know what you think.

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  2. Excellent post Judy. I’m interested in MK Ultra and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I believe Mark Chapman was programmed to assassinate John Lennon. He attended a camp in his youth where MK Ultra was used. Also, ‘Catcher In The Rye’ is connected with both the assassination of John Lennon and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. Yes those topics are packed with revelations. It’s so sick how governments have used brainwashing on its citizens without any punishment. They gave innocent people overdoses of LSD and basically tortured them at Psych hospitals in the US and Canada. I agree that Mark Chapman was programmed. I think many other assassins/mass shooters were the hypnotized scapegoats of CIA. Great point about Catcher in the Rye. I think also the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland films seem like they were used for MK Ultra. I heard that prisoners were tortured (by the US) by playing the “I love you” Barney song non-stop and using sleep deprivation, making them stand and keeping the lights on or using strobe lights. They figured out how to break people’s minds.

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      1. I’ve read ‘Catcher In The Rye’ and I didn’t find anything usual. I guess it’s hidden trigger words married with a programme. I’d love to find out what it is. I loved Wizard Of Oz, I was obsessed with it as a child and teenager. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. It doesn’t have the allure as it once did, maybe it’s meant to just catch kids minds. That Barney song is insane. I wonder if it was premediated. Such a simplistic tune, seemingly benign, but would grate on you if you had to hear it a hundred times. Actually, it grated on me just hearing it once.

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      2. Yes I remember reading Catcher in the Rye and didn’t notice anything either but I think they said that Chapman was obsessed with certain lines in the book. I loved the Wizard of Oz too. I think we’ve all been influenced subtly. I think movies shaped my thinking. I think Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange revealed MK Ultra. The victims disassociate and form alter personalities to cope with the torture which causes amnesia. The Barney song and show were awful! I’m suspicious of most children’s shows, the kids get abused and turn out drugged/insane like Amanda Byrnes, Britney Spears etc.

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      3. I agree, some movies are very influential. I have always avoided watching the Clockwork Orange movie all the way through, as I’ve always found it too disturbing. And, at the time I read it, I was overwhelmed by the Nadsat register that Burgess used. It was also just as disturbing as the movie and I couldn’t finish it. Maybe I’ll try reading /watching it another time.
        I will check that out though, about it revealing MK Ultra. ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is also very revealing. Strange how Kubrick died just before it was released.

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      4. I actually have never seen Clockwork Orange all the way through or read the book for the same reasons. I don’t think you should read or watch it, the images can be affecting I think. The scenes I saw were so awful. Once you see something you can’t unsee it. I think Kubrick tried to disclose information through his films, the Shining has clues about Apollo 11 moon landing. I just posted a documentary about it in the comments here. Synchronicity. Eyes Wide Shut got him in trouble I think it was highly suspicious that he died. I think he was still editing, I heard that footage was missing after he died.

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      5. Yes, there are scenes in Clockwork Orange that stay with you years later. It’s depressing. Kubrick intended, to make an impact, one way or another. He had so much more to say. It’s unfortunate that we’ll never see that extra footage. I’ll check out that documentary. Thankyou Judy.

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  3. Mind blowing in-depth analysis. Admittedly, I’ve never seen the film as I’m careful of what I put into my mind (aka garbage in, garbage out). Not, that insidious darkness doesn’t enter at times… I knew I didn’t want to see the film when it came out and grow more and more disgusted with Hollywood, Disney, Netflix, etc. forcing their agenda on us at every opportunity, but your in-depth revelations are even more disconcerting. Kudos to you for courageously telling all. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind compliment 🙂. You’re wiser than most people to be aware of what you allow into your head. I had no filter for the media junk until the last decade or so I slowly started waking up. I used to love watching movies and admired the celebrities, until I realized that there’s an agenda/message in almost all mainstream entertainment. When I understood that, I felt betrayed, fooled, even depressed. The message that Hollywood gives isn’t just good vs evil, they manipulate people with the basic things that we love and value and then they twist it. Now I watch films with a discerning eye, I’m looking for the hidden meaning now so I can disclose it. Once the symbolism is noticed, it’s shocking how you never noticed it before because it’s everywhere.

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      1. And you are a wise soul as well and hopefully teaching your children to be as discerning. Yes, when you see how far reaching the twisted messages are, and how deep the powerful network runs, it is disconcerting at best. And to think the youth do worship celebs, rather than practice more wholesome values in living life. One more reason why I also don’t support social media or any other propaganda feeding machine… Everyone has a choice. I only pray enough people will make it while they still can, and parents will stop giving their kids smart phones. We are becoming a society of programmed robots in human bodies. I’ll take the outdoors and Mother Nature any day, and communicating with sensible people like you. 🙂

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      2. Thank you. It’s amazing to me that so many intelligent people believe in a false narrative, they won’t even attempt to listen to alternative information even if strong evidence is in front of them. Studies has shown that after being exposed to propaganda for just a few months they won’t accept truth even if it’s obvious. I think that’s why they don’t believe in Hunter Biden’s laptop or voter fraud. I wish we could get rid of smart phones but it’s already too ingrained in society. I worry for our future. We are becoming like robots.

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      3. I haven’t fallen prey to the “smart” phone per se but do see how I am being pushed into it more and more. When my flip phone (that I only had for emergencies) wouldn’t work anymore and my camera broke, I (mistakenly) got a Google Pixel. To be honest, I rather resent the phone and rarely turn it on. Thankfully, my camera is working now too. The less we allow tech in our lives I think the better off we are…but I fear the day will arrive when we can no longer escape…

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      4. That’s great that you don’t use your phone often. It’s an invasion of privacy, I think everyone’s data is spied on, very creepy how ads target us. I was one of the last of my friends to get a cellphone, but one of the first to get an iphone/smart phone. It’s very addictive, but I have to have one for work. My eyes always feel tired. I’m worried about the effects of 5G radiation, even without a phone, we’re being exposed to radiation from the towers. My sleep is effected by the blue light from the screens even though I use blue light blocking glasses.

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      5. Yes, it is an invasion of privacy. It’s saddened me greatly to see how many people so willingly give up their privacy…and eventually the ability to think for themselves. Physically, yes, just the PC is bad enough on the eyes (of course they didn’t state that when convincing everyone it would make their life easier). I’ve learned to run in the opposite direction when someone wants me to buy something for convenience (it usually is really an annoyance). I sleep better and am much better off if shutting everything down then reading (yes, I like to read and turn the pages of real books) for an hour before falling asleep. Life is so much less stressful and appealing without all the nonsense provided by Big Tech. Too bad your job requires you to have a cell phone.

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      6. I wish I could disengage from technology, I’ve disliked it for awhile. I think the term is Luddite, I wish I was one. I hardly write by hand anymore, there was something very human about it, every handwriting was unique and reflected the writer’s style. I think society wants to remove our humanity, turn us into robotic drones.

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      7. So disheartened…the censorship is up against people who declare the election bogus and want a valid recount. I am unable to post on any SM. I’ve never liked being forced into anything and it seems this election is exactly that.

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      8. I think the censorship shows the state of politics now, media is no longer unbiased. I quit all SM awhile ago except for this blog, it depressed me. People should be able to express themselves. I think the fraud has been going on for awhile but the mail in option has allowed it on a large scale. AOC is creating a political blacklist which is a very totalitarian thing to do, I think we’re entering a dark period of unchecked corruption. History does repeat due to people’s compliance. They boarded up businesses in case Trump won but now they aren’t needed. Conservatives aren’t going to riot like the crazy liberals would’ve.

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      9. I have heard of a SM site called Parler where supposedly one can openly express views. I haven’t checked it out yet because I am already losing so much time in being engrossed in the trampling of our rights. That doesn’t surprise me about AOC. She is Evil capitalized. It’s becoming harder and harder to remain optimistic when you see what is being allowed to happen and how sheeple are willingly accepting it. Perhaps the conservatives do need to become more vocal as I feel the Far Left’s actions are calling for civil war… Admittedly, and as you may see in my post today, I am becoming more and more disheartened — yet I can’t tear myself away. I am grateful for people like you. 🙂

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      10. I knew msm was enforcing censorship but when they deleted popular YouTube channels I felt the drastic shift. It was comforting to know that others were seeking the truth, not on auto pilot but now it’s more isolating for truthers. They will take more and more of our freedoms until it’s a dictatorship. The more that people accept the false narrative and don’t question things, we are allowing this. I remember before 911 how airports were and how it permanently changed. Once freedom is taken it rarely returns. Covid was an excuse to ruin the economy, steal the election and see how obedient/gullible we are. If somehow Trump wins in court I think that’s when a potential civil war would start because a large majority of the left is violently radicalized while the majority of the right are law abiding. I think as long as Trump is in office they won’t stop attacking the US people with more mandates, false events and fear.

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  4. You always deliver some great interesting post, Judy. As I said, some things are so obvious that they are unbelievable. All people need to do is take a real honest look at history and you’ll see the same dark issues continuously repeating themselves. Just layers of propaganda. Thank you for all you share here.

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    1. Thank you, Sylvester 💖. That’s a very good point! I think it’s the reason why some people refuse to believe things that are right there, (just because something’s strange doesn’t mean it’s not true) :). I agree history does keep repeating but then people seem surprised when it does! 😟

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      1. You’re very welcome!! Some of the things seem so farfetched that you wouldn’t believe it was true but it is and designed to be that way. That’s amazing how surprised people are, like it’s something new.😐

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