Siri knows something

This live podcast aired yesterday, (at the 2:08:35 time mark) Charlie Kirk asked Siri, “How old is the President”; Siri responded, “Kamala Harris was born 56 years ago…”! Who programmed it to say that Harris not Biden, was the President? They’re so overly confident that they don’t even try to hide their schemes anymore?

Here’s a 3 minute clip of Siri’s disclosure, (just in case YouTube takes the original video down). I recommend watching the entire Charlie Kirk/Officer Tatum video which is an interesting discussion of voter fraud. Charlie reads through documented cases, I think this practice has been going on for awhile but I think Covid/mail-in ballots have provided a perfectly convenient cover. It was a scam for states like CA to automatically send mail-in ballots to everyone, alive or deceased, in-state or out-of-state with no need of proof of identity.

“Since California Senator Kamala Harris has now been deemed Vice President-elect along with President-elect Joe Biden, Ruby Bridges appears as a shadow of Ms. Harris in an image of her walking. As the first African American woman ever elected as President or Vice President, Harris would be the first to acknowledge that she stands on the shoulders of people like Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks.”
My neighborhood celebrated Harris/Biden by driving up and down the street honking non-stop, all day and evening on Saturday when the AP decided the election, before all votes were counted.

An excellent 9 min video about Voter Fraud:

I wonder what the real End Game is. If Trump wins in court and is officially re-elected, it’s very likely that the radical Left will cause a civil war. They already have Antifa/BLM soldiers that seem to have no ability to think rationally or ethically.“Love + Rage = BLM”, they’re proud of having “justified” rage, proud of enacting “righteous” violence; their logic is extremist and distorted. I think they’re capable of anything because they’re sponsored by the media, celebrities, corporations, public institutions and politicians.

(Click on the gallery photos for a closer view)

It’s strange and disturbing to me that elements of history seem to be purposely reenacting. There are slight switches in the roles, (Democrats are experts at Projection). Crimes that they point out are what they’re guilty of. Here are the parallels that I see:

1) Rise of socialism/communism, embraced by liberals with no awareness of what it really implies. “Hanoi Jane” (Fonda) comes to mind.

2) Rise of totalitarian, Big Brother government, surveillance, loss of privacy, freedom of thought/speech.

3) Reenactment of 60s “activists” in the form of Antifa

4) BLM admitted to being trained Marxists, they’re the new Black Panthers of this generation. Both were started in Oakland, CA. The main difference I see is that Black Panthers cared about the black community, they’re the ones who started free breakfast/school lunches for poor students.

5) Hatred and attack of the police parallels the hatred/attack of returning the Vietnam veterans who were labeled as “baby killers”, rapists and murderers of civilians. Police are labeled as racists who only kill innocent black people.

6) Impeachment of Nixon = Failed impeachment of Trump turns into a coup via voter fraud because the impeachment didn’t work.

7) Ministry of Truth and Reconciliation = Senator McArthur’s witch hunt of communists. AOC wants to blackball conservatives the exact same way that MacArthur blacklisted Democrats.

“McCarthy was interrogating a witness for the Army when finally, the Army’s chief attorney, Joseph Welch, challenged the senator. ‘Until this moment, senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Let us not assassinate this lad further, senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you no sense of decency?’

The hearings ended. The Senate voted 67-22 on Dec. 2, 1954 to condemn McCarthy for “conduct contrary to senatorial traditions” for abuse of his powers. It was only the third time in 165 years that a senator had been condemned.”

Big Brother is here. AOC is compiling a blacklist of people that supported Trump. She openly intends to punish them. Our freedom of thought, speech, choice are all being stolen away.

How is Pelosi still in office? I think her antagonism against Trump overshadows her judgement. She and her former nephew by marriage, Gavin Newsom have nearly destroyed California. If and when Kamala Harris takes the Presidency, will Pelosi become VP? Worst nightmare ever. According to a USA Today article, if Harris became President she would nominate a new VP which would then be confirmed by the House and Senate. Pelosi would be “crowned” President only if both Biden and Harris were incapacitated or dead. Wouldn’t that be a perfectly devious coup? Luckily she’s not well-liked even within her own party.

“Only if a president and vice president become simultaneously unable to serve as president does the speaker of the House ascend to fill the office. That’s because Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution empowered Congress to set a line of succession to the presidency.”

I used to subscribe to Joe M’s YouTube channel before the censors deleted it. He’s now on bitchute. I’m going to write a post about Joe M and Q, I’m still gathering information but I think it’ll be a shocking post. This last clip is a creative montage of Trump’s speech, “The Best is Yet to Come” which was given on February 8, 2020. I think it reveals a gentler side of him that was never covered by a biased media that loved to demonize him. As I always mention, I’m not a Trump supporter or a part of QAnon but I think he was the lesser of two evils. Trump accomplished more in his four years than Obama, Clinton or Bush in my opinion. The others were war mongers who personally profited from their time in office. I think Biden is mentally inept and that’s why Harris is propped up and ready to replace him. I don’t think this election was fair, from the biased set-up of the debates, to the stuffing of ballots at 4 am, to the malfunctioning voting machine “glitches”.


  1. This is a spectacular post, Judy.

    There’s so much information you’ve shared here, I’m going to have to come back and watch the video and listen to the audio you’ve shared here once I finish writing my own blog post tonight.

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    1. Thank you, DiosRaw for your compliment and reblogging. I was shocked to hear Siri’s response, I think they’ve changed it by now but it was recorded live on the air. I’ve been on WP for a few years, I think 2018 was when I started blogging.

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      1. I had a short story published and I wanted to keep up the momentum of writing. I started out writing memoir stories and poetry, I was a liberal then :), but I began noticing media bias and got into writing about politics and hidden information. Writing has always been a therapeutic outlet for me.

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      2. Thanks. I like having a community here at WP, I’ve blogged on Medium before and although there’s a community there too, it’s not as cool there. I like being able to share my perceptions and have discussions about topics. I feel freer blogging, otherwise I have to censor my thoughts at work etc. what do you enjoy about blogging?

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      3. Cool. I enjoy the community, discovering different types of blogs, sharing my true thoughts and having many others who resonate with them, having a place to publish my research and investigations and photography, having somewhere to find inspiration, motivation and beautiful souls.

        Medium just isn’t the same for me either.

        Have you managed to form any connections with people on wordpress? 🙏

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      4. I agree. I’m not posting as much as I used to but I like having a community here, it’s great to comment and read comments, I think the interaction adds something interesting to the posts.

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  2. I find it ironic that they are only alleging fraud at the Presidential level but not the Senate or House of Representative level when all of the options are on the same ballot. Also since each state regulates its own election how can we get enough people to agree on pulling off a massive mail fraud when we can’t even agree on mask wearing?

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    1. I think a few Republican are suing too that were effected, can’t remember their names though. I’ve been hearing that the software glitches effected many voting districts so I don’t know how it’ll be resolved. I think they’re asking for an audit vs a recount, in the battleground states to make sure there aren’t dead people voting or duplicate ballots. I agree we as a nation are tremendously divided on many issues. I’m worried for our country.

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  3. Excellent post — so much worthy albeit frightening information. How anyone could believe the hateful rhetoric of the Dems should be blamed on Trump is beyond me. Such an inspiring speech from him…I’ve never heard anything near that positive from the Far Left. And Savage is right…when the Antifi/BLM violence was not stopped this summer, it’s only emblazened them to keep going and take more and more of our liberties. The mob is Biden’s and quite frankly, I think the Dems orchestrated all events of 2020 to get their own way. Yes they are that evil and I yes, I do mean colluding with China to release the virus, ruin Trump’s economy, lock down Americans to scare them into thinking we needed mail-in ballots (only to commit massive fraud). To even suggest Truth & Reconciliation, and AOC wanting to punish patriots is more evil than I ever believed I’d see in America. God help America.

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    1. I think covid was definitely a plandemic, Gates’ Event 201 and the Olympics, Madonna concerts all had portrayals of a pandemic. I wouldn’t be surprised, I’m non-partisan but I think the Democrats, especially the Clintons are criminally corrupt. More lockdowns ahead, more frauds but perhaps finally the riots will stop, at least until the next elections.

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