Poem: The Road to Hell is Paved with Virtue Signaling: videos + a haiku in 3 stanzas

Racist activists
A generation of groomed
Brain dead angry fools.

It would be funny
If it weren’t so frightening
This is our future?

Hatred is failure
But narcissists won’t listen
Too busy posing.

All of these images were from Tyler Zed’s YouTube channel, Zeducation. Here are a few highlights from his collection of SJW virtue signaling cringe.

Punched face:

Sucker punched by self
I hope she didn’t use a sharpie

Black face:

“Corona virus is the new messiah” What?
Virtuous blackface in the name of BLM
This generation is dangerously clueless

White self-hatred

Look in the mirror much?

Fat and Riot positive:


Posing for sympathy:

Harvard grad, fired from her job for saying, “Imma stab the next person that says All lives Matter”.


  1. Insanity seems to have spread en masse in today’s world.

    As for that airhead who says CORONA IS THE NEW MESSIAH, George Soros, Bill Gates, WHO’s Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Pope Francis and World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab are saying much the same thing but not in those blunt terms.

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  2. These are such crazy times my friend. Those pictures are all about anger and perhaps their angry at themselves. I wouldn’t want to be any where near there.

    Hope you are well my friend. I was excited to see you on my reader this morning. So nice to hear from you. Sending love and hugs. 🦋🤗💕❤️Joni

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    1. Hi Joni, thank you 💖🤗, your comment is a hug that I can feel 🌸. I sometimes feel like I’m on an island without any allies mostly because I’m in California but my online audience doesn’t like my anti-BLM posts. I’ve always been an outsider though so I can take the isolation. Hugs and love to you my friend💖🙏🌷❣️

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      1. I am a part of your island my kind friend. I went into several post this this morning and it said an error has occurred. I will try again later to read those post. You may want to check and see if other people have responded. Love to you my dear friend. 🙂 Joni 🤗💕❤️

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      2. I’m thankful to have your support and intelligent conversation about what’s going on. If I didn’t have any support I’d probably stop writing about controversial topics, I’d be too depressed.

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      3. Likewise, Seoul Sister. We need to be able to speak with others who are unwilling to drink the kool-aid and discuss what is really happening in America. BTW, I read one of your earlier posts and hadn’t realized you’ve suffered from racial discrimination. So sorry. What really gets me is that so many talk about equality yet keep talking in divided terms. If we would just stop looking at others as Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc., requiring special treatment, and saw each other instead as human beings with unique characteristics, perhaps we could finally be united.

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      4. Thank you my friend. I experienced most of the discrimination as a child, but I often saw my parents being treated badly for having an accent. I was my parent’s “translator” to store clerks etc, they would give them a hard time for no reason. I was a precocious kid so I’d say, “You’re just pretending to not understand my mother. It’s clear what she asked you…” the clerks would turn red with embarrassment :). Mostly the racism I experienced was subtle, it always seemed to stem from an inferiority complex/power tripping. Culturally Asians were taught to suffer in silence/not complain but I purposefully speak up. I think that if we acknowledged that our differences could be a good thing (diversity as strength) and recognize that we’re also fundamentally similar as fellow human beings we’d overcome this invented conflict. Revolutions are extreme reactions and they tend to backfire after awhile. The natural empathy that I had and would’ve given to BLM stopped when I figured out that they were lying. I think the false narrative triggers more discrimination, faked hate crimes like the Jussie Smollett hoax invites actual racism. I’m proud of my Korean heritage and proud of being a US citizen. I don’t know what the solution is, reparations? but it’s definitely not looting and rioting.


      1. Yes, and I blame Big Tech for that. Isn’t it great, that while they pay no taxes they brainwash the population with their agenda and people can no longer think for themselves? One very significant reason why I’ve consciously chosen to use minimal tech…a real neo-Luddite I’d say. 🙂 The thing is, just about anyone can do this (I understand employers now make it difficult) but it’s kind of like Nancy Reagan’s old saying, “Just say no.” Yet sadly too many fall prey to tech under the “this will make your life more convenient guise,” (while giving up privacy, the ability to reason, and free thought for instance) or they do it because everyone else is doing it. I prefer marching to the beat of my own drum…

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      2. I have and use the tech but I often have the ringer and all notifications on silent so people probably think I’m being rude when I don’t answer the text/call all day :). I explain that I haven’t looked at my phone all day but I think they don’t believe me. I never check my voicemail ever ha! But before covid my work constantly texted me. It’s awesome that you’re a Luddite:)


      3. Yes, very happy to be consciously non-tech (aka non programmed, able to think for myself) although I believe the current term is “Neo-Luddite.” 🙂 I realize culture is trying harder and harder to force us to use it and use it more but I still RESIST. As said, most people do have a choice although I suppose it’s easier for me not growing up with it…but for anyone with children, I hope they severely restrict usage… I’ve longed to move to a non-tech place where people still converse face to face, are mannerly, and I walk to pick up my daily mail. Unfortunately, that is most likely somewhere in my past and with the One World domination upon us I doubt I will ever be able to return… 😮

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      4. I miss the pre-cellphone days, it feels like another lifetime so much has changed. I agree that manners have gone away with the rise of tech, I think it’s related to the narcissism that tech encourages: selfies, photo filters, constant social media people aren’t Present anymore, we’re distracted from life by artificial stimulation.

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      5. Yes, I agree completely. I had hoped that one gift of COVID would be that people would realize what is truly important…but have now read that cosmetic surgery is on the rise because they want to look good on Zoom. Sheesh. Sometimes I think they are too far gone to ever really live real life.

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      6. People are so indoctrinated to be shallow! Surgery to improve the zoom experience? Yuck. So much narcissism! I think seeing themselves on camera in comparison to others causes some people to self-hate, (body dysmorphia which is similar to anorexia), pampered Americans create problems where there are none! I think the most harm that covid has brought wasn’t sickness/death, the fear/anti-social behavior/blame is killing us slowly. Neighbors are so unfriendly now and everyone looks like gagged prisoners to me. I always wonder about people who wear a mask on their profile photo, hopeless!


      7. I’m freaked out about the “Great Reset” and NWO, people think it’s a joke/baseless fear, but the structure has already been laid out, very scary times. I’m going to post about predictive programming, it’s a very creepy theory/circumstantial proof of a pre-set agenda.

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