Poem: artist‘s expose

Michael Carruth, unsplash.com
I’m not afraid to be an artist
I’m not afraid to seek the truth
I’d rather be wrong trying to improve
Then be immobilized while being praised and abused

I’ll follow rules, but not if they keep changing
I’ll play a game if they stop moving the goal
Otherwise I’m here to observe and disclose
Truth’s often right under your nose
and it doesn’t appear smelling like a rose

It’s Decomposed and hidden
It’s shit you’re smelling
That you want to run away from
But you can’t run away from your nostrils

You can’t unsee it
But you close your eyes to unbelieve it
Ignoring it makes you an accomplice
That’s how justice works
You’re complicit in the denial of truth.

True heroes don’t wait for a prize
They live their life in disguise
They do good for the sake of it.
They’re not posing for an audience.


      1. He nodded in agreement. I’ve shared with him about my theories of life being about evolving/being a force for good. I think he thinks in a similar way, he’s always been a spiritually conscious person. He brings a lot of sunshine and kindness to my life.

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      2. Thank you, Sue💖. You’ve described my connection with him very well. He’s a reminder of what I love about life, and he teaches me about my blind spots in a non-critical way. I’m grateful for his presence.

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