Poem: We are not the United States (haiku in 7 stanzas)

Bullying tactics
are why I don’t respect them
that and the lying.

Cops don’t kills blacks more
black on black crime is the score.
Why don’t They care Then?

Because They Don’t Care.
Their mission is division.
They’re Paid to Riot.

BLM Antifa jerks
cause violence and looting.
They’re the ones shooting.

They’re the Racist creeps
nothing peaceful about them
attacking shaming

people’s Right to Chose.
Their projections of hatred
prove their ignorance.

Nation divided—-
rallies and counter-rallies
Civil War is next.

It looks like BLM/Antifa left trash in the form of signs to protest the MAGA march. This is the kind of hypocrisy that the left is so often guilty of, they act like champions of climate change but they leave trash for others to clean up. The only rioters are BLM/Antifa and msm condones it as justice. Sad, clown world we live in.

One Nation (under God), indivisible with liberty and justice for all

The Pledge of Allegiance used to mean something. It used to be said by school children every morning before class began. I remember that I felt patriotic and proud to say the oath when I was a child. Now it’s a sign of democracy to burn flags and desecrate statutes. If you display a flag in my neighborhood you’ll probably get a brick through your window for being a “Trumper”. It’s ridiculous that the flag is now demonized and is associated with Trump. I’ve turned away from liberalism because it’s so hypocritical. It’s changed so radically, it’s unrecognizable to me now.



  1. You speak the truth. Personally, I think since so many did not want God in our country that values, respect, common sense, decency, etc. eroded too. To think flags are being burned and these idiots are spitting on America, I’d like to see them all do us a favor; if they don’t like it here, then leave and ASAP. They would feel more at home in Venezuela. I can’t express the level of my disgust and contempt for the people supporting these demonic actions. I love America and I will not denounce it.

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    1. Thank you. I think the public has slowly been programmed towards socialism/communism, I was ignorant about this for a long time, the new generation has been bombarded with false “PC” information. I think people need spirituality, when we remove God from our consciousness society devolves. I think a lack of empathy and accountability is a result. I used to think that flag burning proved that we had freedom, (unlike other countries we here you could be imprisoned for this) but we are denouncing our freedom when we desecrate our flag. It’s like burning a peace or freedom sign, it’s like burning down your own house. I was hearing how the Venezuelan government also had voter fraud using the same software system that’s causing voter fraud here. That’s shocking but no liberals care about that? BLM activists were with Maduro, they praised him. I’m disgusted too. Everyday at work I have to hear the brainwashing from my coworkers who I like but it’s making me exhausted to have to be silent. It’s like people are begging to be abused and enslaved by the government, their level of unawareness is mind blowing to me.

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      1. Yes, I think many people are lazy, just accepting whatever media or politicians feed them…and, unfortunately, the Covid lockdowns are preparing people to be controlled even more and get use to sitting home and collecting a check, let the State “provide.” America has been in a slow decline and getting more slippery all the time. Sometimes I think America is stupid (allowing flag burning, anarchists, BLM, sanctuary cities, ACLU, etc., etc.). China is quietly bidding their time…and once the pushovers get into office, well, I shudder to think. As Savage likes to say, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” I’ve come to completely agree. It would be hard to have to work with people everyday who are brainwashed and totally asleep. Can you get another job? 🙂 My walking partner and I are on opposing sides of the election but there are still things we enjoy about each other so we are able to get around it. I suppose that’s also because we are of the generation of manners, tact, tolerance…but after viewing one of the videos on your site showing examples of BLM insanity, I was filled with disgust at the pathetic behavior…and to think this is the generation who wants to be in charge. God help us.

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      2. Totally. Socialism disguised as benevolence. Andrew Yang’s free money scheme seems to be in our future. I strongly dislike him now although I originally supported him as the Democrat’s “outsider”, now the jerk works for CNN! Charity seems helpful on the surface but government dependency is dangerously disempowering. I like the quote from Savage :), so true! I’m middle aged and don’t think I can start a new career path but I kind of wish I could leave my job and California. I’ve changed a lot in the last decade. It’s great that you can get along with your friend with a different viewpoint, that’s how life should be. This generation doesn’t seem to have a filter or self-control, they’re very entitled and intolerant while preaching tolerance. I think most liberals haven’t seen the violent BLM/Antifa footage because they only watch msm, maybe they’d be horrified if they knew what they were supporting.

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      3. I should have included the BLM/Antifa footage with my request for support on the election fraud. I received a few sheeple replies from suspected lefties (older and younger middle age folks) who have swallowed the kool-aid to become blinded completely. Still, it felt good to do my civic duty for America and receive some positive responses. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t stand up for what I believe in…and seeing now how they are so totally lost and filled with that scathing lefty hate, I didn’t mind deleting them from my contact list.

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