Poem: an ode to growing old and grumpy 😑(tanka in 4 stanzas)

Tanka poems are like haiku but the lines are in syllables of 5,7,5,7,7.

I feel so tired
Warped by life’s tragic magic
Mad Max future bleak.
I used to feel so hopeful
But hope has grown old with me.

Don’t worry, I’m fine!
Just ruminating too much
Worrying’s my crutch
Empty glass, grumpy badass
I’ve become a curmudgeon.

Like those old puppets—
Remember the two muppets
In opera seats?
They booed, chuckled and gloated
I think they’re hilarious.

How Time changes things—
I used to think they were mean
I guess they still are
But now I can’t help but laugh
At their sarcastic attacks.


      1. Oh thank you so much. I am hyperactive and post a lot because I have so much to share and there is so much in my mind to get out onto on page, I keep getting downloads of information.

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      2. Thanks. A mixture of information, truth bombs and personal tales..

        One way to help awaken the planet is finding humour in the insanity and sharing that or adding inspiration or solutions to problems in posts. It gives me a purpose, to help as many souls as I can. ❤

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      3. Humor is a great way to communicate, I totally agree. I think people close up when they feel their ideas are different but open up when they can connect in some way. Thank you for reminding me of that, I can get overly serious with sharing information 🤗

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  1. This is pretty darn cleaver my friend and you sure make quite the point as well. Hope all is going well with you besides the obvious, that which haunts us all. Sending lots of love, hugs and always my prayers. Stay safe, love you, Joni

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    1. Hi Joni, thank you! I think I was feeling guilty for feeling so grumpy ha, so I wanted to lighten the mood a bit. Funny how perspectives change in time. I’m hanging in there, what’s going to happen next in the fiasco of 2020? I hope you’re well too. I’m thankful for your kindness and your prayers. Much love, hugs and blessings to you my friend💖🤗❣️🌸🌿

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