Normalizing Pedophilia part 5: Child Models

These children are between 10-12 yrs old.

There’s no need to use children to sell adult themed clothing with full make-up plastered on. The child model, Thylane Loubry Blondeau, was walking the runway at five and was only 10 years old in the Vogue photo shoot.

Brooke Shields was only 10 and 12 yrs old when she posed for full frontal nudes. In an interview given when she was 13:

Brooke shrugs off sex-“I knew all about that when I was 2. Mom told me.” When Playboy asked her what “good in bed” meant to her, Brooke nonchalantly replied, “When I’m sick and I stay home from school propped up with lots of pillows watching TV and my mom brings me soup-that’s good in bed.”

(Warning) the link below is from an EBay listing, it shows more disgusting “tasteful” nude photos from when she was 12 yrs old.

“This auction is for a 1978 French magazine with 12-year old Brooke Shields on cover and more photos inside! She is shown NAKED in a bathtub. Tasteful nude photos such as these were apparently more permissible in Europe than they were in the US.”

Shields had a stage mom Terri, who repeatedly pushed her into sexual film roles. She portrayed a child prostitute in the film, “Pretty Baby” when she was only 11 or 12, which included a nude scene. She was 15 when she filmed the teen sex fantasy film “The Blue Lagoon” and posed in the Calvin Klein ads at 14. The marketing implied that she wore nothing under her Calvin Klein jeans.

Brooke Shields, Dakota Fanning and Thylane Blondeau

Dakota Fanning and her sister Elle, were child models and actors. Dakota was 17 in the photo above where a phallic vase is between her legs. I think there’s a definite link between modeling and sex trafficking. Jeffrey Epstein was just the top of the iceberg. Rachel Chandler is a key figure in that undisclosed saga that I briefly researched, there’s a lot of disturbing information connected with her. She runs a modeling agency and was allegedly working for Wayfair at some point.

Thylane Loubry Blondeau (bottom 2 photos) was only 10 yrs old in these photos. Do any normal people want to see children depicted in this sexualized way? Her mother was quoted making comments about the expensive necklace she was wearing in the Native American culturally appropriated photo, it didn’t seem to bother her that her daughter was topless. Over and over I can see that there’s a pattern of abuse from these children’s parents, they’re the ones that are exploiting and sometimes literally “selling” their children for profit/fame.


  1. Now all men have to do if they have 20,000 dollars is buy a robotic sex doll with AI. In one Country that includes young children sex dolls. A very sad business. I feel very sorry for those very young girls that are being exploited. So true my friend. Disgusting. Hugs and lots of love my friend. ❤️💕Joni

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    1. I heard about those sex slave robots, so disgusting that they’re made to look like children. It should be illegal, anything involving sexualizing kids is sick. All of this has been around for awhile but I’m seeing it clearly now. Hugs and much love to you my friend. 💖🙏🤗Judy

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    1. Totally, connecting the dots is a good analogy, so many patterns that say the same story, leading back to the sick reality. It’s why I feel compelled to share perceptions of pieces of the puzzle. The more you look, the more there is.

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    1. Thanks, Sue. I feel like I’ve been manipulated by the media for so long (which makes me angry about being fooled), the things that I expose here is my way of reversing the social conditioning, but it is depressing. I hope justice will prevail someday.

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      1. We are wising up to it all. (well, I certainly am) You do good work in bringing the darkness into the light, where it can be seen. Knowledge is power. Great post. Thanks Judy.

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      2. It’s amazing what’s being revealed, answers lead to more answers. Thank you for your encouragement, Sue💖. It makes me think I’m not wasting my time :), I want to do what I can to help by sharing what I find.

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      3. You’re doing the right thing, absolutely, and a lot of people appreciate it, including me. You have compassion and integrity, Judy, two quite rare qualities in this day and age!

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      1. They said an intruder broke in and killed her but the police felt that the position of JonBenet’s body and the ransom note was staged. They did actually believe that the mother had written it at one point. I think there may have been systematic abuse going on, within the family, and maybe outsiders had been brought in, to abuse her. That would explain why the family’s DNA had been excluded from the match and there was DNA of an unknown male.

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      2. I was thinking the same thing, even the way they found her body in the basement was very suspicious, (it was unlit but the father immediately found her body), and on the 911 call, you can hear the parents getting angry at their son, they said something like, “What did you do!”. The brother had a creepy smile the whole time during his interview with Dr Phil. I agree with you that outsiders were included but that they had been abusing her on a regular basis. It bothers me that they got away with their crimes, I think their wealth/connections most likely protected them.

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      3. Yes, it was all very suspicious, unfortunately, it seems the family and outsiders were involved. It’s interesting that the mother was also a beauty queen. Perhaps she was abused too. These things do tend to run in families. It’s really sad.

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