Monoliths: 2001 in 2020 + the Georgia Guidestones

Add Monoliths to the list of bizarre events from 2020. Strange three-sided metal “monoliths” have been appearing in remote locations throughout the world. The first one was found in the Utah desert (USA) by biologists that were counting big-horned sheep in the area. It seemed man-made, it had rivets along the edges. Then two other monoliths appeared in California (USA) and in Romania; the California sculpture is the only one left standing. Who’s creating these sculptures, who’s removing them and what is their purpose? Is it art, a beacon, a message, a prank?

The monoliths remind me of the creepy Georgia Guidestones, are they related? YouTuber, Jamie Dlux uncovered interesting information about “R C Christian”, a pseudonym for the man who commissioned the sculpture. Eugenics was a popular theory of racial superiority and population control; it’s proponents advocated sterilization of “inferior races”. I’m afraid it’s making a comeback with Bill Gates as its champion. He “accidentally” said that vaccines would help to manage overpopulation, (people assume that he misspoke, but I think it was a classic Freudian slip).

I highly recommend Jamie Dlux’s YouTube channel, it’s full of revelatory information about the hidden, criminal secrets of celebrities. Unfortunately many of his videos are being deleted by YouTube but he has a backup channel on Bitchute.