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Once you start researching, more questions are raised, along with more confusing answers. No wonder truth researchers say they’re “going down the rabbit hole”.

007 isn’t what you probably think it is. Does it make you think of James Bond and espionage? There’s more layers to the story—

Ian Fleming used John Dee as a model for his 007 James Bond character.

I always thought the 00 stood for double agent and assumed the 7 was a numerically assigned designation to code each individual agent but that’s just the surface facade.

The original 007 was John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s personal advisor. He always signed his letters to the queen with the image of two circles with dots in the center, which represented eyes (for your eyes only) along with a seven (a mystical number to him) which also represented a cane. He was her “eyes” her Merlin-esque spy, I think this was where the phrase “her majesty’s secret service” came from.

The 007 was also adopted by the Masons who referred to it as Two-ball Cane or Tubal Cain. John Dee’s “eyes” were the two balls and the seven was the cane. Interesting that golf is the favored sport of the elite, (the golf club represents the cane). Two ball cane is also a sexual joke, a reference to male genitalia.

If Tubal Cain was a descendent of the biblical Cain who was the first murderer; why do Masons use a villian’s name as a password to their club? Was Albert Pike, founder of the KKK and modern day Freemasonry, a Satanist? Supposedly only the highest level of masons (ranked 33rd and above) are given the true information, the lower levels are unsuspecting pawns.

Why are Google and Facebook using Masonic logos as their brands? Even the FB “likes” were from the Masonic Tubal Cain logo.

This is scary to me…has freemasonry infiltrated every major institution? How many officers, military, politicians, judges, priests are masons? All of them?

There’s even a Tubal Cain (beverage) Facebook page. Is it a wine?

I watched the tv show, “News Radio” and saw the episode mentioned below when it first aired on tv. I wasn’t completely paying attention to it, but I distinctly remember not understanding the ending—but now it all clicks together in place! This is a letter from a (naive) mason that describes the “offensive” episode:

“Last week (Friday Dec 6th 2002) I watched re-runs of one of my favorite TV sit-coms: The NewsRadio on A&E channel. The show is easy to watch, doesn’t require viewers to follow it religiously, characters are witty, plots simple… I like it (or should I say, I once did).

I was unpleasantly surprised by the plot of the episode which aired on Friday Dec 6th 2002 around 9:30am ET on A&E. The jest of the plot was: The owner of the radio station, Mr. James, purchased movie memorabilia form an unreliable source and wanted to sue since the merchandise turned out to be fake. As his legal council in Mr. James’ case against the seller, who turns out to be a minor to make the matter funnier, appears the radio station’s electrician–Joe. Why? Why would an electrician make a good legal council? Because Joe knows a certain secret and knows how to harness its power. Joe claims that all, or most, of judges are Masons and that there is a certain word which when spoken makes judges find in your favor, after which verdict judges must go off to a secret cave and paddle themselves with large paddles with letter “M” on them. At first Mr. James was skeptical and I had hoped that this would be the end of it, but when Mr. James insisted that Joe disclose the secret word, I was unpleasantly surprised to hear Joe speak out the word which many of us would find very familiar and which sounds a lot like: “true-bowl-cane”. The show goes on, and we are laughing at the display of junk Mr. James had bought and is trying hard to present to a judge as evidence of con by the youngster, who is defending himself with calculations of a full fledged lawyer… The sentencing is upon us and the show is near its end and I am hoping that it will be objective and dismiss Joe’s wild allegation and sure enough the judge is criticizing Mr. James for wasting courts time by listing all the evidence and having all this brought to court in the first place. And when the judge gives a mean look and asks Mr. James if he has anything else to add, Mr. James’ “legal council”, Joe, quickly leans over and whispers something to Mr. James who carries out loud: “TRUE-BOWL-CANE”, to which to my surprise judge turns from disliking Mr. James to say that he finds in Mr. James’ favor and convicts the boy to one year in juvenile detention. And while the boy is being dragged away by the court’s clerk, and while Mr. James is shaking hands with Joe, while I am shaking my head in disgust, the judge is leaving the court room with a big red paddle with letter “M” inside a circle on its top.


    1. It’s very deep information, I’m amazed by what I find while researching. I think many wealthy people join the Freemasons, it was even on the Flintstones cartoon, I think that most are never given the secret doctrines, only the highest levels receive it. I think many celebrities/politicians are masons that are at the highest levels. I briefly dated a guy who said his dad was a mason, he seemed nervous about it like he knew it had a creepy element. I might write about that :). So much to write about, life is full of mysteries.

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  1. There was an episode of TruNews (a video podcast hosted by a Florida pastor Rick Knowles and two professional investigative reporters) which not only investigated and analyzed current events but used History to do it as well (needless to say their channel has now been banned by YouTube for not fitting the mainstream media narrative and worldview).

    But they did an episode showing the historical origins of James Bond 007 and his connection with John Dee.

    They mentioned much of what you wrote here about the Dee-Bond connection.

    In my study of British History back in University, I discovered that England’s Queen Elizabeth I was a tyrant (like her father King Henry VIII was) and that John Dee headed her all seeing eye foreign and domestic intelligence network (although I didn’t know about Dee being the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond until I watched that particular Rick Knowles TruNews episode).

    As for Elizabeth herself, her Catholic older sister Queen Mary (who died childless) is called in most children’s British history books Bloody Mary because she executed 500 Protestants during her reign.

    Queen Elizabeth who executed over 50,000 Catholics during her reign (a fact ignored in British children’s history books) is still called Good Queen Bess by most British historians as well as the mainstream British media.

    It’s interesting while I was reading your analysis of Freemasonic symbols and images, a TV commercial came on advertising for Len T. Wong a Calgary real estate agent (I was reading blogs during commercials while I was watching The Young and The Restless which actually aired today putting me in a better mood than I was yesterday when the provincial Premier pre-empted it to announce he was suspending civil liberties in the province and calling in the Canadian military in conjunction with the Premiers of the two other Canadian Prairie provinces to enforce the lockdown – no doubt a prefiguration of what will happen in the U.S. if Biden-Harris take office in January), the commercial started out showing the numbers 33 (just as I was reading your sentence about the number 33 in Freemasonry).

    The commercial which showed the number 33 for about 20 seconds while the announcer asked, “What’s so great about the number 33?”.

    Then finally the announcer answered his own question, “Len T. Wong and Associates is celebrating 33 years of being in the Calgary Real Estate market.”

    That’s weird.

    Usually most businesses make much ado about milestones with years ending in the numerals 0 or 5.

    Usually not milestone years ending in other numerals.

    And why 33?

    I can think of only one organization where the number 33 is important.

    Anyways, I think the commercial being played right at that time was either God’s or the Universe’s way of confirming what you have written here.

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    1. I love synchronicity 😀, I think there are no accidents. I’m in the process of re-editing my previous conspiracy theory videos because I realized that I no longer want to use the derogatory label and all the videos I linked were deleted by YouTube. Also I have to shrink my usage of media, running out of space in my blog.

      I appreciate your knowledge, Christopher. I hadn’t heard of the connection between John Dee and 007 until I saw a video by Juan O Savin that mentioned Tubal Cain/Dee, then I researched more information. If you’ve heard of Q, I think Juan O Savin is part of the Q team. He published a book called “Boy by the side of the road” recently. I’m researching QAnon’s “breadcrumbs” it’s fascinating and complex information. Q purposefully reverses the Gemantria that masons use, I think 33 is the occult level where the mason receives the secrets. Walt Disney was a mason and he had an exclusive 33 Club.

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      1. Yes, Walt Disney was certainly one of the most influential 33rd Degree Freemasons of all time.

        His full length animated films were just loaded with occultic imagery.

        His movies have certainly influenced generations of children into embracing the dark side.

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  2. This is brilliant, reposted on @DiosRaw. Thanks for all your hard work, it means a lot to discover and unravel the bullshit in this world.. X

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  3. This is very interesting post Judy, especially the whole Tubal Cain thing, having multiple meanings. I would never have thought it could be both a biblical villian and a sexual joke and the whole James Bond and John Dee connection. Fascinating that they use masonic logos in Google and Facebook. They’re exactly the same as each other!

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    1. Thanks Sue. I thought it was super strange that FB/Google used the same logos, but it makes sense since they spy on us through their sites too. I think Ian Fleming who wrote the Bond stories was trained as a spy in England also.

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