Why did Joan Baez write a SRA song “if it doesn’t exist”?

“You don’t have to play me backwards/To get the meaning of my verse/You don’t have to die and go to hell/To feel the devil’s curse”


“Let the night begin there’s a pop of skin
And the sudden rush of scarlet
There’s a little boy riding on a goat’s head
And a little girl playing the harlot
There’s a sacrifice in an empty church
Of sweet lil’ baby Rose
And a man in a mask from Mexico
Is peeling off my clothes

I’ve seen them light the candles
I’ve heard them bang the drum
And I’ve cried Mama, I’m cold as ice!
And I got no place to run

So I’m paying for protection
Smoking out the truth
Chasing recollections
Nailing down the proof

Joan Baez “Play Me Backwards”: You don’t have to play me backwards To get the meaning of my verse You don’t have to die and go to h… — Read on www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/joanbaez/playmebackwards.html

If SRA is a hoax why did Joan Baez write a song about it? The title of the song says it all, “Play Me Backwards” refers to back masking which is supposedly a technique of inserting subliminal messages into music. Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is a classic example, it has many clearly audible messages about glorifying “sweet Satan” and they’re not the only band that did this.

From the same album, another song about child sacrifice, “Issac and Abraham”:

“Trouble in the mind of a man
A voice came whispering softly to him
Go offer, offer up the lamb

Abraham took his only son
High up on a hill
His test of faith had finally come
As the wind, the wind begin to chill

Cold steel, cold steel in the father’s hand
Tears falling from the sky
The angels, the angels did not understand
Why the righteous, the righteous boy should die”


During the 1980’s the phrase, “Satanic Panic” was used to discredit information about SRA (satanic ritual abuse). It was used in the same way that the “conspiracy theory” label is weaponized today. Diverting attention away from the topic and gaslighting is a classic technique to silence freethinkers. All conservatives aren’t racists, feminists aren’t lesbian man-haters, truthers aren’t crazy and strong women aren’t bitches.

No one wants to believe in SRA, because it’s so horrifying. I don’t want it to be true either but the facts keep piling up to confirm that it’s not a hoax. It’s human nature to dismiss a disturbing reality out of a sense of self-preservation—out of sight out of mind, but when we do this, we’re enabling evil to continue unchecked. I think we’re ultimately complicit if we do nothing to stop it. Evil thrives when we close our eyes to it.

It seems like people selectively care about injustice: they riot, burn, loot and beat those that disagree with them; all in the name of “racial injustice” but they ignore the modern day slavery that’s happening right next door. I don’t understand one-sided virtue signaling. Me Too focused on elite celebrity’s casting couch complaints, boohoohoo, I don’t give a s*** about their privileged lives. What’s more important than rescuing children from sex trafficking? This is why I write about these uncomfortable topics. Please unfollow my blog if you don’t care about this topic, I’m not going to stop writing about it until the issue is universally acknowledged or I stop writing this blog. Unfortunately I think I’ll probably stop blogging before SRA is publicly exposed. I feel powerless to help the victims but in my small way, I’m speaking for those who cannot speak.


  1. Speaking for those who cannot speak is beautiful. We are all one consciousness and we have to care and truth for those who cannot speak.

    Be good to read some more posts on subliminal messaging in films and songs.. Great work, you are fully supported along the way.

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    1. They are! It makes you wonder how many more song lyrics we aren’t even aware of carry messages of exposed truth.

      Are you both aware of Kurt Cobain’s song “Polly”?

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      1. You should take a listen Kurt Cobain’s song, you feel it once you know the context. Can you imagine how many people listen to songs and don’t even know what they are really listening to…

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      2. I liked Kurt Cobain, felt sad when he died. His death was very suspicious, many think that Courtney Love hired a hit on his life, (I dislike her, think it’s very possible that she had him killed). I heard about the song “Polly” but felt too scared to listen to him sing it. The real victim’s name wasn’t Polly, but I think she was only 14 yrs old. She was kidnapped after a rock concert, was raped and tortured but she miraculously escaped when the rapist was refilling his car with gas. I think he would’ve killed her if she hadn’t gotten away. I’ve realized that the “monsters” in fairy tales actually exist in real life, disguised as regular people. That’s what the fairy tales were probably about, I always wondered why the stories were so violent, they were warning kids about molestation.

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      3. Yes, I agree, highly suspicious.. actually it is probably true that he was assassinated, he was a danger to the elites..

        Wow, what a story, so painful.

        Ah, you know about the orgins of fairytales? The Grimm Brothers?

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      4. Metaphors are a great way of disguising truth.. Give them a check out and see what you think, I think you’ll find it very interesting.. that is if the information is even avaliable now.. it has been years since I studied them.

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      5. There was a book I read awhile ago called “Women who run with the wolves” it talked about myths/fairytales, that’s when I first saw the metaphors. Little Red Riding Hood is an obvious one about kidnapping/rape. Btw, your comments aren’t being deleted by WP, I was experiencing trolls before so all comments have to be approved before they’re posted. I’m guilty of censorship too 🙂 but I don’t feel guilty about it. I don’t think I have to indulge angry people making trolling comments on my blog, they’ve a right to their opinions but they should find their own platform to rant on, ha 🤗!

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      6. Yes, it is very suspicious but I think we all know deep down what happened to him. He was a threat to the devil, to the elites.. It is very very sad and makes me feel sick but I’m not turning a blind eye.

        Have you read about the original fairytales created by the Grimm Brothers? Fairytales are based on horror..

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