Poem: Every Mother is a Queen (tanka in 2 variations)

There are fair, kind ones
There are psycho, wicked ones
God bless the good ones.
Regardless of how them seem
Every mother is a queen.
Her heart is a light
A lighthouse singing you home
Shelter from the storm
No matter where you will roam
Every mother is a home.


    1. Thank you💖. This morning I placed a tiny Swarovski crystal hairpin set on top of a portrait that I have of her holding me as a baby, it fit on top of her head like a rainbow crown, that’s what inspired the poem.


  1. Beautiful poem. I have a feeling you are missing your mom. Especially now, during these very trying times. Mine has been gone for 8 years and I always find myself missing her maternal comfort. Love and hugs to you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, my friend. The deep connection with moms is so strong, primal. Your mom feels your love all of these years, I believe that Love never dies. Yes, I was looking at a photo of her holding me as a baby. She was beautiful but didn’t think she was. I placed a set of tiny crystal pins together above the tiny 4×4 canvas photo frame as a crown for her. She liked sparkly hairpins. I miss her, wish I could’ve told her I how much I loved her before she passed, but I know that she knows. Not easy being the black sheep of the family but that’s the role I chose. Love and hugs to you too💖😘🌷

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  2. So sweet that your mum liked sparkly hairpins. As you say, love never dies, and she knows you have always loved her and she has always loved you. The bond endures forever and you will meet up again some day.

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