A Walking Tour of Venice 💋

Screenshots from the YouTube channel, “I love You Venice”, Live walk around Venice 08/Jan/2020

On a different subject, a mini-break from the insane politics…I used to love walking around in cities; people watching, window shopping. I loved traveling without a set agenda, but I was so busy paying bills that I hardly ever travelled. I think travel is best enjoyed when you’re still relatively young, not during retirement after hip surgery :(.

These days I’m worried that future travel won’t be possible, or would be restricted, perhaps dependent on a covid vaccination. I’m not getting vaccinated unless it’s forced on me. How did we lose our freedoms so fast? Scam of the century, the Crown’s virus—will I ever get to see Venice in person or return to Seoul with my son for a long lost visit? I hope so, hope is what we have, as long as we chose to perceive it. 🙏💖

Screenshots from the YouTube channel, “I love You Venice”, Live walk around Venice 08/Jan/2020
Our world is so gorgeous, if only we had good leaders that would help us to protect each other and our planet, our only home.


  1. Hey Judy,
    Happy and Healthy New Year!
    Forced to get vaccinated? Even if we don’t have the virus? I don’t know. Now I am not feeling well.
    Hope is alive and you will soon travel to Venice and Seoul for sure. Just belief.

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    1. Hi Kritika,
      Happy and Healthy New Year!
      I’m worried that they’ll say we can’t travel on planes or even go to work unless vaccinated. I really hope that won’t happen. Thank you for having hope that I’ll travel, we will get through this💖

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  2. Being vaccinated sounds like taking the Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13.

    “No one shall buy or sell unless they take the Mark of the Beast”.

    Who knows what they put in these vaccines.

    Possibly some DNA from animals making it literally a mark from a beast.

    I do know taking a mRNA vaccine changes one’s DNA forever.

    Maybe that’s why Mike Pence has turned into such an asshole this past week.

    He did get vaccinated.

    On the more joyful side, those are beautiful photos of Venice they shared.

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    1. Christopher, I just saw a video that is taking me to the edge. They’ve already built internment camps in the US and Canada, (Rebel News covered the story and their clip was included). The area is fenced off with barbed wire. I think they might be covid camps similar to when the Japanese were interned in the US. I’m going to post it but I know people will think I’ve gone nuts. I feel deeply sad. There was mention of the Nashville bomber…I feel overwhelmed with this information. God help us all.

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      1. I’ll have to take a look at that Rebel News Canada video, Judy.

        Yes, things seem to be happening fast. 🙁

        Last night my Twitter account was suspended for saying “Mike Pence is an idiot”.

        I had mentioned that in a message to a friend of mine who lives in Huntsville Alabama last night and he replied, “You know the world is being turned upside down when the leftist controlled Twitter suspends someone for saying that Mike Pence is an idiot.”

        Yes, God help us all.

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      2. I’m going to post the other video that included the Rebel News clip, people will think I’ve gone insane because of the clip but I don’t care anymore. Mike Pence is an idiot! And a traitor and literally a shithead fly magnet! Have you seen the envelope video of Bush Sr funeral? Pence got an envelope along with the other traitors.

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