PBS Lawyer Suggested Re-education Camps for the Children of Trump Supporters

I’m sure Michael Beller would say he was only joking, but in order for jokes to be “funny“, they have to have an element of personal belief in them. I think Beller actually subconsciously believes that kids should be sent to re-education camps, which he called “enlightenment camps”. He’s pompous, stupid and mentally ill with TDS. PBS is partially funded by government grants, our taxes help to fund them. I know cancel culture is dangerous, but I’m glad he was fired.

Force them to watch “Elmo” all day?


Elmo Exits Sesame Street Amid 2nd Gay Pedophilia Charge, Lawsuit, and Failed $125,000 Payoff


  1. This Michael Beller must be a real idiot.

    I think the only reason people ever watch PBS is because of the British TV drama shows they show on there as well as the occasional Italian opera.

    I don’t think they ever watch it for the drivel spouted by American “analysts” and commentators.

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      1. I’m impressed with Project Veritas, they’re getting attention for their old-style journalism, a woman was recently arrested for voter fraud because of their undercover work. If they are punished by msm I think they’ll fight back hard.

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