With the passing of another yesterday, mayhaps we can all move forward again. There was a large group of people who really wanted all the bad guys to…


Excellent post by Crandew. Against my better judgement I wanted to trust Q and even Trump. He was the “enemy of my enemy”. I knew Trump was arrogant but thought his abrasiveness was better than the polite hypocrisy of career politicians. I wanted to believe in a reality of good vs bad. But in the back of my mind I knew that things weren’t adding up, (too good to be true).

I think the sad reality is, there are no good guys fighting for us, we are all we have. Red vs Blue is their game, that’s why Q always said, “Enjoy the show”. They’re all on the same side, not ours. The Great Awakening and the Great Reset are the same nefarious event…Build Back Better and the New World Order are all the same message—Divide and Conquer. I think the biggest hope we have is that we outnumber them, but we’re more divided now than we have ever been. We have to stop fighting each other, we’re not the enemies. They want us to destroy each other.

Child trafficking is real and poor Julian Assange is our living martyr, he revealed a deep truth that inspired a movement. Why didn’t Trump pardon him? Because he’s part of the Cabal. QAnon has expertly discredited the Truth movement, but the truth will not disappear unless we stop fighting for it. This is psychological warfare, we are in its web. Knowledge is power but we are in the dark, analyzing shadows. I’m not giving up on the truth no matter how difficult it is to discern what’s real and what’s illusion but at the moment, I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted.


      1. Yes, I always found it strange that Trump hired Epstein lawyer/pedophile Dershowitz as his first impeachment trial lawyer.

        I’ve always wondered whether Epstein’s death (or escape and exodus to Israel via the help of Mossad agents) back in 2019 wasn’t somehow connected with the Bill Gates/CCP plandemic/scamdemic released on the world in 2020.

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      2. I agree with you. I also think Epstein’s suicide was faked whether he’s dead or alive somewhere. I think the timing is all connected with the plandemic distraction. Nothing’s happened with Maxwell’s arrest either. She’ll probably also fake her death.

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  1. Yes, mentally and emotionally exhausted…not just from recent events but all events in 2020 and continuing. I never followed Q so can’t comment on them. And while it may appear foolish, I will err on the side of patience and wait until April, rather than throw Trump, Simon or other critical thinkers with positive energy under the bus. I am not out to judge anyone; we must all seek and be comfortable with our own truth.

    My deciding factor is asking what makes me feel better — to have a glimpse of hope and faith, or feel trapped and fall into despair? It’s not my timetable; it’s God’s/the Universe. So, I will continue staying away from Big Tech and MSM’s negative programming that creates sheeple filled with hate and divisiveness. Essentially, I have nothing to lose by patiently waiting it out and remaining positive for my own health. The alternative is a deep depression. Warm wishes for peace and good health. 🙂


    1. Use your best judgement WG, but Simon Parker’s information is from Q. All of them are part of it, Steele and the rest give people false hope to discredit the truth movement. Trump is a part of Q whether he admits to it or not, his tweets always reflected and responded directly to Q’s posts. The entire Trump team wore black and red satanic colors throughout the rallies to send a message to the Cabal. You don’t have to reject alt media and msm, just be aware that there’s disinformation in both. Big tech is obviously part of it too, corps, all are part of this. Take care.

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      1. Yes, I must follow my heart and spirituality and keep the focus on light and love. Too depressing otherwise, and horrible energy to put forth into the Universe. And double yes, I MUST reject MSM and Big Tech propaganda as it’s all lies serving to keep us divided with hate, and oppressed. Warm wishes to you for peace.

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      1. Thanks, I’m going to go back to the basics, retracing the thread of truth from Wikileaks. I think it all started with Pizzagate which was never credibly debunked. Interestingly people focus on the guy who brought a gun to Comet Pizza, it’s the same style of distraction as usual. Magician’s trick is to make the audience look away from what he’s really doing. It’ll get harder to discern the truth as tech advances, more false flags. I’m also still going to research Q intel because true info is also leaked from them. Eyes wide open. I haven’t given up the fight. 🙂

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