🤔 + Tanka Poem

For some reason the link I created won’t work, (WP’s censorship)? But if you search for antifa.com on DuckDuckGo, it goes directly to Whitehouse.gov Here’s a video of it:

I hope this video plays correctly, WP seems to censor my videos, cuts it off 😦
What is their new false flag agenda?
Socialists in black hoodies
Wildfire arsons
Molotov cocktail lawyers
Insurrectionist posers.


  1. Hmmm…not for me…when I search for Antifa.com on DuckDuckGo, the top 3 responses are USA today, CNet and Politifact. If I search for just Antifa (no .com) the top 3 responses are Wikipedia (untrustworthy and biased; I rarely use anymore), CBS and ADL.org. Interesting results for both of us…are we now experiencing tailored censorship?


      1. Absolutely no ideas… oddly enough, I am on a laptop where antifa.com does go directly to the Whitehouse site. Don’t ya love it? Sounds like a great reason for impeachment, wouldn’t you say? Oh, that’s right. I forgot. The new admin doesn’t see Antifa as “terrorists,” only the patriots who love this country. Antifa are the attack dogs for the Far Left…

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      2. I’m assuming a “hacker” linked the name with the WH site, but I think it’s blatant truth. The current administration has supported domestic terrorism from antifa/BLM without a doubt. It’s their evil game which they win by cheating.

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      3. Yes it’s interesting to think about. It’s funny to see how many dislikes Biden has on all of his videos, youtube even censors/deletes the dislikes, they had to take down the inauguration clip because it was too embarrassing to see how unpopular they are with the public.

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