The Neuro-linguistic Programming Techniques of MSM and Freemasonry

Here’s Fox News’s “breaking news” ten months later—stating the obvious, that covid patients who were released from the hospital were forced into NY nursing homes which ended up killing the residents there. The official stats they released were wrong by 50%, Cuomo should be recalled/taken out of office! Family members couldn’t say goodbye to their loved ones and funerals weren’t even allowed, but he wrote a self-congratulatory book about how he successfully handled covid in NY and he even won an Emmy for his theatrical news briefs, (which featured him in a thin, white shirt which exposed his metal, S & M nipple rings). Absolute Clown World we’re living in.

The Stranger Fiction is one resource of information that helped to wake me up, the videos are non-partisan and focus on exposing the hidden agenda of the Elites. Warning: The video sporadically contains brief but violent images. There’s a blurry, b & w footage of a ritual sacrifice of a goat at (30:10-31:33) that you might want to fast forward through. The video also contains a montage of violence and nudity from Hollywood films, (skip from 12:24-14:20 to avoid these images) please watch with discretion.

Hannity using the 666 hex is neuro-linguistic programming
He’s trying to discredit and belittle him by holding up his pinky finger, psychological manipulation

I specifically recommend watching the sections, “How Illuminati control the press” (5:48-7:30) and “How media uses neuro-linguistic mind control programming” (31:34-1:01:25), which explains msm propanganda/programming techniques of how neurolinguistic programming is used by newscasters. Once you’re aware of how hand gesturing and verbal manipulation/redirection is used, you can un-do the subliminally hypnotic effect. Knowledge is empowering.

Especially during this past year, I’ve admittedly wavered back and forth with Trump; I disliked him initially but warmed up to him because of Q’s disinformation intel. I hoped that he was a political outsider that was fighting against the Clintons and the Deep State Cabal but I now believe that it’s all a game of misdirection and false hope.

Trump is undoubtedly an Elite, he has golden sinks and walls in his international palaces—he is obviously part of the Elite Club. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to gain status and excessive wealth without joining the Masons in the first place. This is how the world is really run, through alliances and powerful connections. Masons are everywhere: within the government, colleges, law enforcement, military etc. Trump constantly displays the Illuminati/Masonic hand signs without fear (although many of his supporters follow QAnon and know about Masonic signaling). He was beloved by the liberal left, befriended the Clintons, Epstein/Maxwell etc, it was only after he became President that the animosity began. I think Q says “Enjoy the show” because they’re mocking our ignorance.

The Baphomet, 666 and the Diamond sign

Elites signal through hand signals and colors. I’ve been noticing that Biden is wearing a lot of purple (blue + red/unity). If you pay attention to what the politicians are wearing, they often color-coordinate to deliver a message. During the 2020 rallies and Christmas celebrations from several seasons, the Trump administration wore black and red. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Pagan holidays were changed into Christian holidays and allegedly the Winter Solstice is the most popular time for Satanic sacrifice rituals. Black and red are classically used by occultists, I haven’t seen demonic Marina Abramovich wearing any other colors except red and back clothes.

Christmas scenes from 2018 and 2020 (what’s up with the blood red trees)?
I think Black and Red relates to the concept of occult sacrifice, I couldn’t help but notice that they were all wearing black and red at rallies and interviews towards the end of 2020. They’re signaling that they were the sacrifice or were they showing occult alliance?

Freemasons like to announce what they’re doing, it’s increases their power/status to get away with their schemes. In the speech in the video clip below, I think Trump was secretly referring to himself as the snake while conveying his border security message. Double-meanings are also a popular technique within programming.

I think Trump is a genius manipulator, he wants NWO as much as They do. He is not for us, we’re all peasants to Them. Live your truth and stand for good, I think it’s the best thing we can do in this corrupt world.


  1. I supported Trump for the same reasons, wanting someone to fight the bad guys, fix the system. After he forced the lockdowns and pushed the vaxx, I decided he was just another globalist. Sucks that we all got scammed. They use our own virtues against us.

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  2. That picture of the Christmas trees – that’s the first thing I noticed- the picture of the blood red Christmas trees and I thought “WTF?”.

    Who has blood red Christmas trees?

    The Trumps apparently.

    Thanks for sharing those videos.

    I’ll look at them later tonight.

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  3. Great post Judy. That was a very interesting interview with Fox News with Sean Hannity and Prof. Kevin Barrett. Pure character assassination, through neuro linguistic programming and manipulation. He wouldn’t let the guy talk or say why he thought it was an ‘inside job’ and just treated him like something on the bottom of his shoe. These types of interviews are becoming more widespread, especially in the U.K now, where they just demoralise and dehumanise someone and won’t even let them say their piece and keep interrupting. I’m going to check out more of Thanks.

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    1. Thanks, Sue. Yes Hannity and all those newscasters are experts at shutting down the guests. Now it makes me pay attention to when they move their hands so much. 911 was such an obvious cover up but whoever was responsible got away with it. Stranger Fiction is full of amazing, revealing information but I have to warn you that the info is very troubling at times and also he doesn’t censor the images. There are photos of autopsy or death scenes that are super difficult to see. I’ve watched most of his videos, it’s kind of addicting in a way to see the truth revealed. I thought his documentary about Kanye West was very well done and very sad and the one about Michael Jordan was also very good. You might want to watch his videos in small doses, the information really depresses me but it’s like I can’t ignore it anymore.

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      1. Thanks for the warnings regarding some of the images on Stranger Fiction. I’ll probably put my hand over the screen at those times, so I’ll get the maximum amount of knowledge with the minimum amount of stress! Sometimes, I think it’s important to gain knowlege, at the expense of a little discomfort. Thanks again Judy, for all the valuable information you post.

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      2. I agree with you, good technique! I try to put my hand over the screen too, good to not desensitize from violence. I’m going to post another Stranger Fiction video soon, thanks for your encouragement and support :).

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