Dystopian Fashion: Life Imitates Art

It’s been awhile since the bizarre Inauguration of the Usurper-in-Thief ;). I didn’t watch the show so I didn’t notice the optics until recently. The predictive programming of The Hunger Games and The Handmaid’s Tale was on full display.

Handmaid’s Tale:

“The so-called “Wives” would be in blue. The “Aunts” in brown. The “Marthas” in green. And the “Handmaids” at the center of her story, whose job is to bear children for the Wives, in a deep red-colored dress, like a nun’s habit, and white bonnets, called “wings,” around their heads.”

I thought the similarities were hilariously comical, even the children’s pink dresses were displayed.

“She had nothing, and slowly, slowly, she comes into strength again by her clothing changing tonality and brightness. The very last teal commander’s wife dress we see her in is the brightest she’s ever worn, and she misleads her husband by the way the clothes look. I took her from that sort of ’50s housewife shape, and brought her into things that were very tight to the body, almost like an armour…

Bronfman’s deeply historical approach to costume is fascinating because it gives a real artist’s insight into the symbiosis between life and art — how art is given context through our lived realities, and then the stories of our lives imitate art in return. “I was always looking to history because, even Margaret Atwood always said that, whatever happened in the book has already happened”, she says, and one could also consider that the masked reality we are currently living is following a very similar trajectory.”


The Hunger Games:

GagGag is a perfect addition to the Hunger Games. She’s Biden’s ideal Project Mockingbird Propagandist

My post last year about the Nazi symbology and propaganda of The Hunger Games https://seoulsister.blog/2020/11/03/the-hunger-games-propaganda-works-best-when-you-dont-notice-it/

Lady GagGag said the golden bird was a sign of peace 🤥
I guess the chaste virginal white Handmaid Tale’s haute couture is part of the new normal for sleazy celebrities: Perry, GaGa and Lopez
Lady GagGag seems like a Presidential MK Ultra prostitute. She was mentored by Satanist, Marina Abramovich.
BFFs 🤮she seems awfully chummy with the old geezer. Allegedly on HB’s laptop, there’s a photo of Lady GagGag and Hunter Biden that looks like a post-coital photo.
Satanic Red + Black = 💩, the favored colors of the Lucifer-loving elite.


  1. I had to 🤮too when I saw that photo of Lady GagGag cosying up to the Old-Geezer-In-Chief.

    I can only imagine what that photo of Hunter and GagGag post-coital looks like.🥴

    I always knew GagGag was a strange far out person but I didn’t know she had been mentored by satanist Marina Abramovich.

    That says a lot.

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    1. The HB/GagGag photo was on a video I’ll try to find it again. It looks like she’s in the background. Hunter’s laptop also supposedly has Malia Obama sex tapes/photos with him, (there’s a photo of her credit card with white residue on it that looks like cocaine, with lines of it laid out on a table). Did he take the photo the blackmail her? I’m going to post about his laptop soon.

      Abramovich trained her in something occult, (this was after she was famous). Gaga said she was left naked in the forest and had to find her way out, sounded very creepy. Abramovich’s cannibalism rituals/spirit cooking was directly from Crowley’s teachings.


    1. Yes, so true, that’s how they trick and confuse. They assume people won’t believe what they’re displaying right in plain view because it’s so over the top.


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