Poem: The Red Pill Has No Cure

The red pill has no cure 
it’s opposite is amnesia.
Clues arrive like strays
but once you feed them
you can’t look away
Hungry ghosts
are here to stay.

Insomnia days merge into the same
half awake trance
researching past midnight.
There is no antidote for this
but freedom and justice
that’s the only place we can rest
Knowing we did our best
to expose the truth.

Clown world pimple blister zit
Expel the toxic crop of bullshit.
Save the tortured world
from tyrannical vipers
Aristocrats are nosferatu
Parasitic cannibals.
Whether it’s figurative or literal
same difference—-
They’ve been feeding on us for centuries.

Vampire lips
bloated silicone hips
Diamond dog S&M chokers and whips
plastic twerking ass and tits
Fountain of Youth vanity shit.
Harvesters of our ruin
just like in “the Matrix”
adrenochrome junkies.

The more that’s leaked
the less I know
All I know is that I don’t
Which way is right?
Where’s the doorway out of this
rotating labyrinth?
Cryptic clues with no keys
searching for the legend
with imperfect intuition
I have the ability
to discern, theorize and question
but that’s about it.

Real news is fake and fake news is better
Research who owns them to see their agenda.
There’s no one fighting for us, but us.
The Red Pill’s a curse without solace
but I’d rather know
what’s killing me secretly in silence.

Ignorance is slavery dressed in gaudy gold.
We’re set up and divided
ready to fold
mere pawns of their high society show
at war with a hidden enemy—-
ourselves in apathy and envy.
Fighting each other like gladiators
we destroy ourselves for them
with skateboards, Molotovs, umbrellas
and rainbow glory flags as weapons.

Fear steals the truth away
while we remain compliant
slowly suffocating
double masked, censorship gagged
vaccinated and sanitized stupid.
Will History remember us
as the fools
who trashed the hard won freedoms
that our heroes died for?
Will we be detested by our own children
for “just following orders”?
Will there be anyone left to remember?

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen the original Planet of the Apes, don’t watch the video clip, this is how I’ve been feeling lately 😖:


  1. That daunting and heartbreaking scene in the original Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston is one of the most memorable scenes in human history.

    This excellent poem of yours certainly covers all bases as to how I feel in these times.

    That line Will we detested by our own children for “just following orders”? reminds me of some discussions in my High School and University classes as to “How the German people allowed Hitler to do what we he did?” implying that there was something particularly wrong with that particular people in that particular time.

    Yet the past year of Covid shows that people in our own time and people all over the world are no different than the German people of the 1930s and early 1940s.

    Willing to give up our rights and freedoms, willing to snitch on our neighbours, willing to embrace censorship and silence dissenting voices whose opinions differ from the mainstream narrative, and willing to give all encompassing power to our leaders and technocratic “experts” all in the name of fighting a virus which has a 99% recovery rate.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I remember watching the original Planet of the Apes when I was a child, the ending was horrifyingly perfect, how the humans ruined their world.

      I always wondered too how brain dead the German people were to embrace Hitler and do inhumane things to the Jewish people but history proves that most humans don’t know how to think for themselves, so conditioned to trust in a government that rules over them. We were warned over and over in novels like 1984 and Brave New World, but we never listened.

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  2. I love that you referenced Planet of the Apes, such an amazing scene. Fitting. Great poem! Now I’m going to spend all night, once again, trying to solve the unsolvable riddle… what could possibly be done to derail the loop we’re all stuck in, watching the world slip away.

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    1. Thank you, that last scene sums up so much! I think we’re like the frogs being slowly boiled in water, we don’t notice the danger until too late, we keep acclimating to our own destruction. I keep thinking, we outnumber the corrupt leaders, we should be able to take them down but it’s easier said than done. Mass public outrage/awareness of corruption would bring change but the msm prevents this.

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  3. Your amazing poem sums up the helplessness and frustration of what’s going on right now, but as you say, it’s been going on for centuries. In early Nazi Germany for instance, every single step of the way, people had countless opportunities to speak up, time and time again, about the alarming things that were happening but did nothing. People who had grown up with, and were good friends with their jewish neighbours, didn’t bat a eyelid when it came to snitching on them, so they could be taken away.
    That scene in ‘Planet Of The Apes’ always sends a shiver up my spine. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Predictive of the future and they knew it at the time, which makes it even more sinister.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. Writing out the frustration helps relieve the anxiety a little. At work my coworkers talk about the vaccine with hope and how double-masking helps to “protect others”. They’re otherwise intelligent and kind people but I can’t understand how they’ve been fooled. I’ve always wondered about the people who snitched and went along with brutality too, I assumed they were low intelligence :), but now I’m thinking that many people are easily hypnotized or programmed by the media. They blindly trust it and put their loyalty to being obedient as if they’re doing something good. Mask wearing has become a new way to virtue-signal just like snitching was during the Nazis era.
      I first saw Planet of the Apes when I was a kid and I thought it was very scary—humans as slaves, stuck in a nightmare world that was destroyed by greed/ignorance. I agree, the predictive programming is sinister, they put the idea into our heads and let us preview what’s potentially coming, as if they’re giving us fair warning, all under the pretense of entertainment.

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      1. ‘Mask wearing has become a new way to virtue-signal just like snitching was during the Nazis era.’
        Oh that’s so true! I didn’t think of it like that. That makes me feel complicit. We are complict by wearing the mask. If we haven’t spoken up at the mandatory mask stage, when are we ever going to speak up? That’s a stage that leads on to another stage, just like in the Nazi regime. When Fritz Kleinmann returned to Vienna from six years of untold suffering in several different concentration camps, the neighbour who had snitched on him was still living there and she complained to his father (who also survived the camps) that Fritz wouldn’t talk to her. She genuinely was upset, confused and offended that he wouldn’t speak to her and couldn’t understand why.
        I love the line in your poem,
        ‘Fear steals the truth away’
        We are so afraid, it paralyses us to common sense, rational thought and common garden facts. I’ve always thought it’s more abut fear than ‘bystander apathy’, as the psychologists say, the excuse for why good men don’t do anything to stop evil, although that is also a factor.

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      2. Thank you. I feel complicit too by wearing the mask. I put one on when passing near people while outside, just to not offend them. I wish I didn’t have to wear one at work, I’m so worried that they’ll force vaccinations next. I don’t want to have to quit my job over vaccine refusal. Something changed in people’s thinking, we’re so afraid to be politically incorrect. Yes, when will we ever speak up? If only the whole world could see the full picture, all of this nonsense could stop. I’d never heard of Fritz Kleinmann before, thank you for sharing his incredible story. It makes me furious that his neighbor snitched then was offended that he wouldn’t talk to her! He had a lot of self-control to ignore her vs get revenge. Ignorance seems almost like a conscious kind of evil.

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      3. I’m not getting the vaccination, neither is my husband, his brother, his wife…there are quite a few of us. The vaccine changes your DNA. We don’t want anything to do with it. Only a third of health care workers in the U.K are getting it. They know it’s dodgy as hell. I have some good friends who have got it, who are over 65. I wish them the very best of luck. This is what the law looks like in the U.K so far. I should imagine the U.S will have similar laws. lhttps://www.gardencourtchambers.co.uk/coronavirus-legal-news-views/coronavirus-act-2020-does-it-permit-mandatory-vaccinations

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      4. I’m glad to hear you and your family are not getting it, me neither and I won’t let them vaccinate my son. All the vaccines have toxic components but these ones are especially strange. I think they mutate our DNA permanently. Mandatory but we can’t sue the companies for any injuries?!

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