The Neuro-linguistic Programming Techniques of MSM and Freemasonry: Part 2

Was Kanye West MK Ultra programmed? During interviews he repeatedly covered his head when stressed, he even described his stress—as if his head was cut open and his brain was touched.

Stranger Than Fiction inspired this post, I’ve watched most of their videos on YouTube which are both very informative and sometimes visually/emotionally disturbing. Some of their videos contain a Christian message but I’m not religious. The video below isn’t triggering except for brain surgery scenes 😱 watch the other videos with even more discretion. But I think it brilliantly shows how Kanye West is a potential example of MK Ultra programming. Operation Paperclip information is at the end of the video, 1:15:45 (original footage interviews).

The interviewers/hosts/handlers seemed to use hand signals like a non-verbal language. They strategically touched Kanye’s knee which seemed to trigger sadness of his mother’s death. During interviews they used memories of his mom’s death to manipulate him. When asked what he had to sacrifice for his success, he replied, “my mother”.

Kanye’s eyes were always looking at the handler’s hands. Maybe that’s why they’re called handlers? They seemed to point their feet towards him like daggers, invading his space. I think their body language was a show of force.
Jay Leno’s hands seem to form a horned demonic face shape! It’s very subliminal but the hand movement draws the target’s attention.
Do celebrities bleach their hair after rehab aka reprogramming?

Personality Alters caused by MK Ultra trauma?

Lohan’s mood suddenly shifted after seeing the hand signal. Creepy red nail-polished fingers 😳
The spaced out, confused trance seems common among celebrities, the sports casters couldn’t help but laugh at Eminem
They all held these frozen positions like mannequins for what seemed like forever, even the basketball was held up in this position for several minutes. Shaquille O’Neil is the funniest at glitching. Where they accidentally hypnotized by a trigger?
Notice the golden bird or butterfly on the handler’s jacket, looks very similar to her Hunger Games inauguration gown.

Winona Ryder seems to be in an alter personality. She has the same kind of look of fearful bewilderment/disorientation and tries to cover it up with smiles. Notice how Matthew Modine’s hands are firmly vice-gripped on her shoulders. Is he her handler?


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