Differentiating what’s real

Screenshots from OAN, via Scotty Marr’s video before YouTube deleted it. The statistics of the CDC death count from 2020 are lower than the death count in 2019, why? because the Covid pandemic is a hoax.

6% of Covid deaths were from Covid, 94% of listed Covid deaths were due to other factors/co-morbidity. Covid listed deaths that were actually caused by: Influenza/Pneumonia 88,208, Chronic respiratory diseases 17,795, Adult respiratory stress syndrome 26,365 just to name a few examples. Hospitals benefitted financially from covid deaths this is a fact. How many patients were killed on ventilators due to malpractice? Here’s a my previous post about nurses exposing covid malpractice:


I was going to link to a video by Scotty Marr but it was only up for only an hr before it was censored by YouTube. I’m glad I recoded a clip from it (which was originally from OAN) before it was deleted:

I’m amazed and impressed that OAN told the truth

Warning: sick images of child trafficking (in bondage, cages or in makeup/lingerie) are in the video above including a disturbing image of Hunter Biden with what seems to be a child.

Am I pro Q? Not exactly, but since Q released both valid intel and purposeful disinformation (which Q admitted to as a necessity), instead of blindly following everything that’s released, I’m choosing to filter through what I think is true or false, instead of dismissing it all away. Q’s posts are being deleted for a reason.

I know that Trump’s ultimately a part of the Elite system, but I enjoy seeing him fight the Swamp, whether it’s all a political show or not, he’s definitely not boring. Trump is an alpha and Biden is a beta.

For months the Truth movement disclosed information about Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom sending covid patients to death camp-like nursing homes but the msm was silent. Now they’re finally having to admit to what we’ve been saying the whole time, they call it “Breaking News” 10 months later, but we’re still the stupid, conspiracy theorists?

The truth community also knew that cloth masks weren’t protective against microscopic viruses and again no one took us seriously, but now goal-post-moving Fauci changed his mind for the third time with ridiculous double masking recommendations. One useless mask is already too many! Virtue-signaling via double-masks and vaccination is the newest way to display your sheeple programming. Breathing, one our most vital aspects of life is now seen as: dangerous, criminal, toxic. It’s not the NWO but Clown World Order, idiocy rules our planet.


  1. Very true, Judy, about New World Order being Clown World Order and idiocy ruling our planet.

    This evening I was watching one of the cable channels from Spokane (it’s Spokane’s TV major network TV channels that are broadcast on cable networks in Calgary) and they mentioned a TV show host who’s refusing to take the vaccine and so now everybody on Twitter and Instagram are dumping all over her calling her a whole bunch of nasty names.

    I now see why totalitarianism is able to triumph again and again throughout history.

    There are so many brainless morons out there incapable of thinking for themselves who believe everything that governments and so-called experts are telling them.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I’m just saying the same old truth over and over, I should quit but what else is there to do? Mob mentality rules nowadays, not logic or common sense. People are foaming at the mouth, trying to out virtue-signal each other to be at the top of the pyramid of poop, a thousand masks aren’t enough for the brainless horde. I feel badly for the tv host, but she’s brave to speak the truth and be a positive example of resistance.

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  2. Absolutely, great piece Judy.. Never did I think I would see this in my lifetime.. History repeats itself and the transhumanism agenda is here..

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      1. I am actually shocked.. it’s sinking in that this is not going away.. yes, it’s blatanty right in our faces yet few see.. I don’t know anymore.. 🌹😘

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